The male name we are analyzing this time will be very interesting for you. He is associated with a calm, easy-going personality and gets along very well with all members of the household. Adrian is a man who is very successful at work because of his great leadership gifts. Without further ado, read on to find out all about the meaning of Adrian.

What is the meaning of the name Adrian?


Adrian can be translated as «The sailor man», or «The man near the sea». That is, it is related to good relationships, cordiality and synchronicity.

Adrian is a very calm person. Some people think he is passive, but nothing further, he is completely in control of everything he does, he just doesn’t want to be in a hurry. He takes things little by little, but his mind does not disconnect, he is active at all times. What he does always has positive benefits for everything around him.

As for his work, Adrian loves new technologies. Therefore, most of his jobs are related to computer science, he likes to develop applications for cell phones, or specialize in the creation of some video game. He likes programming and, taking into account the ability he has to lead, he can become a good manager specialized in this area. If he manages to reach important positions, the company will not stop growing.

He likes to play sports, especially those in which he uses a racket. He likes to play tennis with his cousins, at least once a week. He also likes animals and disconnecting in nature.

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In love, Adrian stands out for being a faithful person, incapable of getting angry unless he is given good reasons for it. He is a somewhat shy person when it comes to meeting a woman… But, once he gets to know her, he has many details with her. And with his family, Adrian will share his hobbies with all the members. He likes those hobbies that are related to new technologies, and he wants his children to like them too.

Origin or etymology of Adrian

This masculine proper name has roots in brass. The etymology comes from the term «Hadrianus», for the well-known Hadria family.

The most popular diminutive of Adrian is Adri.

There is also a feminine variant that we have studied in this blog, Adriana.

Adrian in other languages

With the passage of time, this name has been derived in many others:

  • In English and German it will be written in the same way as in Spanish, obviating the accent, Adrian.
  • In Italian you will find the name Adriano.
  • In French it will be spelled Adrien.

Famous People named Adrián

  • Adrien Brody, is an independent and studio film actor.
  • Ferran Adriá, is a chef of reputed success.
  • Adrián Gual is an artist who specializes in painting.
  • The emperor Publius Elius Hadrian.