On this occasion we want to show you the feminine name Adrian. The name Adriana is related to love and to an incredible talent for work matters. If you want to know everything related to the meaning of Adriana keep reading in the information you will find in the following lines.

What is the meaning of the name Adriana?


Adriana specifically means «Woman who comes from the Hadria family». It is known that the name derives from a very old family, so much so that it even derives from the «Roman Empire». It is also known to have originated in Latin.

As for Adriana’s personality, she is a woman who at the first moment may seem a bit distant or cutting, but this is not the case at all. She needs a bit of trust to start letting go: the moment you get her to trust you, she will share all the information with you, her hopes and fears. She helps those who need her, but expects the same treatment in return.

In work matters, Adriana is a woman who works very well in almost any job. She adapts to almost any type of situation, but is somewhat lazy. If she is capable of overcoming, of seeing beyond, she will be able to obtain positions of level and a quite high salary that will serve her to support the family nucleus.

In love, she is much more active than at work. She will never forget her partner, to who she will give pampering, surprises and will have some detail from time to time. This is, in part, because she is afraid that they could leave her. She will try to find new activities so as not to fall into a routine with her partner, she fears that the relationship could cool down. Regarding her hobbies, Adriana likes art, reading books and playing sports to stay in line. She also tries that her children can develop this passion for sports, in addition to exercising the mind so that they learn to think.

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Origin or etymology of  Adriana

Adriana is a name that derives directly from Latin and has the meaning of  «Woman coming from the Hadria family», in relation to a family that was located near the Adriatic Sea.

There is a diminutive of Adriana, Adri, which is used to show closeness.

We also find the masculine form of the name we have already mentioned: Adrián.

Adriana in other languages

Although we may think otherwise, the truth is that the name Adriana does not have many variations in other languages.

  • In German and Italian it will be written as in Spanish.
  • In French it is written Adrien.
  • In English it is written as the masculine form Adrian.

Famous celebrities with the name Adriana

There are many celebrities who achieved fame and have this name:

  • A popular actress, Adriana Barraza.
  • There are also many actresses who have this name: Adriana O. Muñoz, Adriana F. Castellanos or A. Vacarezza. Castellanos or A. Vacarezza.
  • A woman who is dedicated to politics named Adriana Muñoz.
  • We also have the musician Adriana Varela.
  • In the field of science we can find women like the biologist Adriana H. Jacoby.