Alberto is a man’s name that has meant a lot to society: his mind is very curious, and is always halfway between good and bad. He has a personality intermediate between innocent and aggressive. Let’s say his mind is normal, although, depending on the occasion, the scale can be tilted to the mad side. If you are interested in this name, we recommend that you continue reading everything about the meaning of Alberto.

What is the meaning of Alberto’s name?


Alberto has the meaning of «man who stands out with his nobility». He is very similar to the name Samuel, standing out for his nobility and for carrying honor in his veins.

Alberto’s personality relates to a good man, to a person who has no problem showing his affection for the people he loves most. He likes to be with his loved ones; at the moment when he is a long time he only begins to despair. He likes to spend time in groups, either with his family, or with his friends. He treats people very carefully; he would never want to harm anyone’s psychological integrity. He may get angry and have a strong argument, but it would not take long to apologize for your behavior.

In the love sphere, Alberto will need some space to prevent the relationship from becoming very boring. You need to be time with your friends: if you are a lot of time with your partner, they will most likely end up arguing and their relationship will end up cooling down. However, it is difficult for him to take the step to end the relationship. He knows how he uses his word to seduce and, the moment he is going to live with his partner, he gives everything for the other person.

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At a work level, Alberto is a person who likes to teach: he wants to be a teacher or monitor. He knows how to handle his students well and teaches them to think: he follows the guidelines of the established education, but at the same time he wants them to come to conclusions with their own reasoning. He wants his children to grow up maintaining their own way of thinking, without any external manipulation.

What is the origin / etymology of Alberto’s name?

This name has its roots in Germanic. In relation to etymology, this name comes from Adalberto, which as we explained at the beginning of the article, translates as «man with brightness and nobility».

He has two saints, one is on November 15 and the other on April 8.

It also has several diminutives: Albertin, Berto, Tito or Albert.

In addition, Alberto’s name has female variations such as Alberta or Albertina.

Albertao in other languages

There are some important variations on the name of Alberta.

  • In Valencian it will be written Albert.
  • In English, German and French, the way to write it is Albert.
  • In German, his name is Albrecht.
  • In Italian it is written in the same way as in Spanish, Alberto.

People known by the name of Alberto

Over the years, all kinds of people with this name have appeared who have become famous:

  • The scientist, and theoretical physicist who formulated theory of relativity, Albert Einstein.
  • Cyclist Alberto Contador.
  • Alberto Vázquez is a well-known writer.