Alicia is a woman with a somewhat complicated personality, although she will mature with the passage of time until she reaches an interesting emotional stability. She learns a lot from her experiences, as well as from her personal relationships. Read on to learn more about the meaning of Alicia.

What is the meaning of the name Alicia?


Alicia literally means «sincere and true woman». This can be translated as a person who always puts the truth first, and never resorts to lies to solve problems.

Alicia’s personality is the woman who needs stability in love and to establish a solid relationship of trust. She is clear that it is the basis of a personal relationship, if there is no trust, there could never be a future. She has a hard time maturing, extending the stage of adolescence more than normal. She is a somewhat bipolar person. She likes relationships that have a commitment, not fleeting ones. She gives everything for her partner, and expects the same dedication and commitment to her person.

Returning to her origins, Alicia will go through some complicated moments that will damage friendships. Her time of crisis will affect her skin and her personality, and may even provoke some kind of disorder. However, when she matures everything changes, she will be able to appreciate her own talent and all those around her.

She likes to appreciate details, and is able to learn a lot from any situation. Alicia will become more and more serious, being able to dedicate herself to certain professions such as law or lawyering. She likes law jobs very much. At the work level, she does not always have it easy to get along with her colleagues, and she tends to blame others for what goes wrong.

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Finally, at the family level, she transmits her strong principles to her children to prevent them from making the same mistakes. They may feel pressured, but they will mature from childhood thanks to these values.

Origin or etymology of Alicia

This feminine given name has its roots in Greek. It derives from the concept Alentheia, an etymology whose meaning is «True». This name would not get the recognition it deserves until Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published and then even more so when it was adapted into the Disney movie.

The diminutive of Alice is Ali, and there are no known male variations.

Alicia in other languages

There are not too many spelling variations in other languages.

  • In French you will know this name as Alice, and probably Alix.
  • In English it will be spelled Alice.
  • In Italian it is written as Alice.
  • In Russian you will find it as Алиса.

Famous people named Alicia

  • Alice Cargile, is the personal assistant of a very famous actor.
  • Alicia Galvan, a very famous tarot reader.
  • Actress from Sweden Alicia Vikander.
  • Alicia Machado is another popular actress.