In this post we will know in depth the amethyst stone, for this we will detail what is the meaning of amethyst and what are its greatest virtues and properties that you can benefit from.

So take good note because we are going to present it to you both in the scientific field and in the spiritual and mystical field.

What is and what is the meaning of the amethyst stone?

The amethyst stone belongs to the quartz, in fact we talked about it as the mineral amethyst in the post you’ll find on the web where we discuss all about «the meaning of quartz stones.»

But to what we are going… as we have said it is a quartz and within the composition of the amethyst is the iron (Fe+3) of it depends on it that varies its color, because as it contains more or less amount so will be its violet color more or less intense.

Did you know that…?

Amethyst is resistant to acids but high temperatures can make it change its color from violet to yellow if it reaches 450ºC or orange if it reaches 500ºC. Like aventurine quartz, it is a magmatic mineral that originates in veins with solutions rich in iron oxides.

Another curiosity of this mineral is its name and is that the meaning of the violet amethyst stone is «not drunk» because the word amethyst comes from the Greek amethystos which means just that «sober»; in fact one of the qualities attributed to the mineral amethyst is to eliminate drunkenness.

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Of course that would correspond to the time of Greek culture, because for example, in the Middle Ages the amethyst became the symbol of the renunciation of earthly goods and the acceptance of chastity and mysticism; in fact the rings of the bishops have this stone embedded in their rings.

If we had to define it briefly in terms of its mystical and esoteric part, we would define it as the symbol of reflection and divine wisdom.

Properties of amethyst

The amethyst stone has great powers that we are going to detail below, although in broad strokes we could say about it:

It favors creativity, promotes courage and self-esteem and helps in the purification of energies.

Spiritual properties

As we have already said, the amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone, which prevents negative energies from reaching you; in fact if you place an amethyst stone in your house as decoration, it will absorb all these bad energies and will release positive energies, because it will transform them inside.

  • It is the ideal stone for meditation, because it takes away the insignificant thoughts and focuses you on what really matters, helping us to get out of the confused thoughts.
  • It favors the improvement of memory, motivation and promotes emotional balance.
  • It improves our self-esteem and patience.
  • It also has the ability to promote intuition and inspiration.
  • It will make you recover the balance between body, mind and spirit.
  • It helps in cleansing and repairing the aura.
  • It is the stone that you have to use if you think you are being attacked psychically, it will help you defend yourself from such attack.
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It is the stone to use if you think you are being psychically attacked, because it will help you to defend yourself from such an attack.

Emotional properties

As far as emotions are concerned, amethyst helps to be at peace with our conscience, purifying it and opening our mind to reach this calm with ourselves. It has the ability to eliminate the negative emotions that we may feel as rage, anger ….

Another of its capabilities is to reduce the feeling of fear, driving away those fears that may be tormenting you.

Physical properties

As for its physical healing properties we can tell you that amethyst helps you to calm physical and psychological tensions, getting the stress you may have to block.

If you have sleep problems, the amethyst will help you to recover it, it will also make nightmares disappear and will help you rest peacefully, for this you only have to color the stone under your pillow. It helps to calm the nerves and reduce stress and anxiety that you may have. Eliminates headaches, for this you will have to pass the amethyst on your forehead and temples while you breathe slowly and deeply so that you can achieve a total relaxation that does not make you think.

How to use amethyst?

Of course, this is the question you may be asking yourself after having seen all the properties and virtues that this mineral has, well, take note that it is very simple:

  • If you want to sleep, we already told you that you have to place the amethyst under the pillow.
  • If you want to absorb the bad energies and protect your home, place an amethyst in every room of the house; and if it is not possible, change the stone every day.
  • When you go to perform meditation you can carry it with you in a pocket or embedded in a piece of jewelry or place it as an ornament in the room where you are going to perform the exercise.
  • If you want it to protect you as an amulet, you just have to wear it close to you, the closer the greater protection, so if you do not have it as a necklace, bracelet or ring, then carry it in a pocket or purse.
  • Remember that for the amulet to work, you don’t have to tell the real reason why you are wearing the stone.

Oh, and do not forget to activate it, for this, you will have to leave it one night with the moon in a glass of salted water and the next day charge it with the sun for a few hours.