Ana is a somewhat controversial man because the person who wears it is not always socially correct. If you’re also thinking of using it for your daughter, find out more about the meaning of the name Ana.

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What is the meaning of the name Ana?


The meaning of Ana or Anne is quite clear: blessed or with grace. It alludes to compassion, effectiveness and benefit. That is why many Bible characters used it, as is the case with Mary’s mother.

What is Ana’s origin or etymology?

The etymology of this name has roots in Hebrew, specifically comes from the term «etymology». There is a curiosity about this name that you may not know, as it is not usual: there is a male variation and it is Ananias. This name led to Ananias of Zebedee.

Experts think the origin is quite old, which can be found in the “Old Testament of the Bible”. In addition to Mary’s mother, Samuel’s mother was also called in the same way.

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As for Origin, it is quite old, as you can find it in the Old Testament of the Bible. Samuel’s mother is the first to be called Anne. Also, the mother of the Virgin of many Christians is called that.

 Ana in other languages

As it is a name who has so much history on his back, we can find it in many other languages:

  • We can find it as Anne, With Her variant Hanna.
  • In German, French and Italian, you’ll find Anna.
  • There is a diminutive that is widely used in Spanish: Ani.

Famous with the name Ana:

There are many women who have achieved fame and have this name, like these:

  • Another journalist and television presenter who collaborates many programs: Anna Simón.
  • A singer whose voice shook more than one: Ana Torroja, from Mecano.
  • Another singer who also had her repercussion, with a beautiful voice: Ana Belén.

How is Ana?

As we have already commented, It may be that Anne’s personality is not to everyone’s liking. His sincerity is his main weapon. He will find many men and women who will seek sincerity, but will not be able to accept it from Anne’s mouth. She’s not lying, she’s quite impulsive and she doesn’t like to be beneath the others. He usually tries to be right about everything, but he knows how to back down when he needs to.

Women who have the name Ana give their relatives the best they have: they will spend as much time as possible next to their closest friends to try to instil everything they know in them. If you have more than one child, you will not take a favorite, but will give love to all of them. This feature of his personality will give him honor and respect.

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In relating his love activities, you will not find anyone who has more passion than Ana. He will give himself in body and soul to his partner. He won’t be able to stand infidelity. It will be very difficult for you to overcome this gap in the event of some stage in the relationship. His jealousy, even if it is founded, could end everything.

In addition to all the above, he is a very optimistic person. Whenever a problem arises, you will try to find help or a way to solve it. The way you spin everything is the way you get to success.