Some names are very common and fine, being a favorite of mothers. And this is the case we study in this occasion. The meaning may seem somewhat contradictory as they intermingle susceptibility or force, but it is not. Read on to learn all about Andrea’s meaning.

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Video about Andrea name meaning

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What’s the meaning of Andrea’s name?


We can say that in a way Andrea’s meaning is quite similar to that of the name Raul, and that is that it can be translated as the powerful man. it relates to courage and strength, but also to the Hippocratic, that is, to affection and to family relations.

What is Andrea’s origin or etymology?

A very interesting curiosity about Andrea’s name is that it can be used for both men and women, although it is more often used by them. It has a Greek origin, derived from the term “Andréas”. Its etymology comes in its entirety in the andr prefix, from which many other Greek names derive.

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 Andrea in other languages

You can find many variations of Andrea’s name, such as the following.

  • In English the male version varies to Andrew.
  • In Spanish, its male variation is Andrés.
  • In French, you’ll find the name of André.
  • In Lithuanian, you can find her like Andrejus.
  • In Norwegian it will be written in the same way as in Latin: Andreas.
  • Finally, in Russian the have as Andrej.

Famous by the name of Andrea

There are many women who have this name; these are some of the most important.:

  • One of the most famous tennis players in history, Andre Agassi.
  • The famous singer still standing Andy and Lucas.
  • A very famous actress in America: Andrea Anders.

How is Andrea?

This woman’s personality may be a little weak. And the reason for this is that he is not always able to face the obstacles she faces in his life. Especially in those times of the month when you have your period. On this occasion, he is even more vulnerable.

In relation to the working environment, those with the name Andrea have an interesting power of concentration. They will focus on achieving the goals proposed by their bosses, or by the people who trust them. She prefers to work in sectors related to tourism or restoration (and she likes to socialize very much and is very creative). He’s always looking for a way to revolutionize his day-to-day with new ideas.

As for work, those who acquire the name Andrea gain a great power of concentration. They are eager to achieve the goals proposed by their bosses or themselves, if they are executive. It is normal to find it in tourism and catering sectors, because it is very related to people and likes creativity. She understands susceptibility as a way to make art and gain new ideas.

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As for his family, he’s a pretty delicate person. He is able to protect his own and do the impossible for them, even to give his own life. When any member of the family suffers, she sympathizes with him, will stand by him and show him support and understanding. Treat your friends like family, especially because you have very few and value them. However, in love she is not so attentive and this can cause his relationships to suffer.

Another problem with her personality is that she is very lonely, although in solitude she grows up.