Today we are going to talk about the meaning of Antonio, one of the most common names in Spain that although it may seem that it is a little old, it is a name that is still very fashionable even in this country.

What does the name Antonio mean?


A meaning as strong as can be expected “the brave man who stands up to his enemies” Antonio’s courage is known for its meaning, evoking Honor, Defense of his own and a lot of daring.

If you deal with any Antonio you will realize that you do not show their feelings openly to everyone they know, they are very reserved and somewhat introverted, so to get to know them you will really have to investigate and earn their trust little by little and without any hurry.

Professionally they are very organized people with exemplary mental planning, they are very gridded and they like very much to keep an order of absolutely all their work, they are great accountants and get very good productivity in chain jobs.

Reserved, very analyst and with a gift to observe everything around him Antonio is a man of few words, those who know him will know that he is always in deep analysis, that he likes to observe everything and everyone around him and draw very thoughtful conclusions.

Great entrepreneur and excellent scholar Antonio will always want to start businesses that he knows will produce great benefits because his level of analysis allows him to know the risks before starting.

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Sentimentally Antonio has a hard time starting a relationship, he is very shy and embarrassing, so it must be she who helps him open his heart, once he gets it, he will give himself in body and soul sharing absolutely everything with that person and making her his faithful partner for life.

With his children he will be a great counselor, giving the best advice and leading them through what he considers the most appropriate path for their education, letting them learn from their mistakes and make their own decisions, but with the right supervision.

Etymology or origin of Antonio.

It is not clear its origin although the belief more strong is that it comes from Greek, so its meaning is also somewhat dubious, what if you know for sure is that it comes from the term “Antonius” whose meaning is “man who is facing his destiny” from there your personality, it also means “Brave man”, hence his great spirit defender.A small percentage of people believe that the name comes from “Anthos” also from Greek.

Like Carmen, Antonio was the name most selected by parents for their children in 2011, according to the INE.

The diminutives of this great name reflect tenderness, affection and confidence such as Toni, Toño, Antón, Toñi. Her fabulous female variant is: Antonia.

Can we find Antonio in other languages?

This name likes it so much that it has received numerous translations.

  • In English We will meet Anthony.
  • Antoni will be your name in Catalan
  • In Italian the name does not suffer any variation.
  • In French it is written Antoine.
  • Anton will be his name in German.
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What celebrities can we meet with the name of Antonio?

There are many lucky ones with the name of Antonio who have reached the top.

  • Antonio Banderas great actor recognized in Hollywood despite being Malaga.
  • Antonio Machado one of the best poets of our times.
  • One of the best flamenco singers to mark an era Antonio Flores.
  • Antonio Orozco an unparalleled voice and a spectacular talent.