Below we have prepared all kinds of girl’s names that appear in the bible. Several of them are cited in the New Testament, while others appear in the Old Testament. You will also see that some of them are quite common, but there are also some unusual biblical girl names.

Beautiful biblical girl names

Salome. This feminine name refers to the daughter of Herod and princess of Edom. She confronted John the Baptist for not allowing her mother to remarry.
Delilah was Samson’s betrayer. She took advantage of his love for her to discover his weakness and later defeat him. Its roots are Hebrew and means «woman who hesitates».

Ester. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, she was a prophetess who was crowned queen of Media after her marriage to Xerxes I. Its meaning is «shining star».
Diana was the goddess of fertility. This modern name of Hebrew origin means «divine woman».

Mary. One of the most important biblical characters in existence, since she became pregnant by God and was the mother of Jesus Christ. Its roots are Hebrew and it means «beautiful».

Betsabe. She appears in the Old Testament as one of the women who married King David, to whom she was unfaithful. This word hides its etymology in the Hebrew language (בת שבע) and means «seventh daughter».

Abigail. A beautiful lady who bonded with King David and prevented him from committing calamities. The term Abigail means «My father is pleased».

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Dara. Its origin lies in the Hebrew language and means «woman full of wisdom». It is worth mentioning that the masculine form of this name shows one of the most intelligent men that appeared in the Bible: Darda.

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and was noted for her resounding fidelity to each and every one of God’s commandments. The appellation is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is «promise of the Lord».

Sarah. She lived 962 years, was Abraham’s wife and had a son with him, Isaac. The meaning of this name is «princess», and for this reason the richest classes gave it to their daughters. It is also spelled Saray.

Eva. She was born from a rib of Adam, with whom she had two sons. She was the first sinner in the history of the Bible. However, it means «she who loves life».

Tara. Nowadays it is used as a proper name, but in the biblical texts it is referred to as a place in the desert where the Israelites stayed during their pilgrimage. It means «meeting place of kings».

Biblical names for girls and their meaning

Ada (beauty)
Adela (woman of aristocratic roots)
Adelaide (of illustrious bearing)
Agnes (innocent)
Agueda (pious woman)
Alegría (happiness)
Amparo (protection)
Ana (beautiful and generous)
Angelica (like an angel)
Ariel (she who is in the house of the Lord)
Athaliah (noble woman)
Azael or Hazael (created by God)
Bethlehem (home of bread)
Berenice (triumphant)
Bethany (humble house)
Carolina (strong warrior)
Catherine (pure woman)
Celeste (consecrated in heaven)
Chloe (flower)
Clara (luminous)
Damaris (She who smiles)
Daniela (justice of the Lord)
Edna (Eden)
Elisa (Whom the Lord supports)
Elizabeth (He helps her)
Fabiola (She who has a field of beans)
Genesis (beginning of everything)
Genoveva (white)
Grace (pleasant)
Guadalupe (river of affection)
Helena (ideal for those who want a biblical name that means Gift of God)
Inma (from Immaculate, meaning «she who has not sinned»)
Judith (praised)
Lea (honesty)
Leah (honesty)
Lydia (born in Lydia)
Magdalena (born in Magdala)
Mara (strength)
Marina (from the sea)
Martina (born on Mars)
Micaela (God is impartial)
Miriam (loved by God)
Naara (child)
Naomi (tenderness)
Odelia (the one who worships God)
Olga (the one who will never be defeated)
Ophra (gold)
Paula (little one)
Rachel (lamb of God)
Rosa (as beautiful as a rose bush)
Ruth (companion)
Samara (God protects him)
Samira (gentle breeze)
Sophia (culture, intelligence)
Susanna (lily)
Teresa (her origin is not known with certainty)
Veronica (the one who will achieve success)
Zoe (vitality)

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Uncommon biblical girl’s names

Sometimes we keep all those names that sound the most, that have passed from one generation to another and that we like but perhaps, we would add that point of originality. Hence we have rescued all these, which are less frequent but also need a chance.

  • Zemira: Of Hebrew origin meaning song.
  • Nazaria: For people who have great courage and its meaning is centered on ‘crowned flower’.
  • Janka: It is a feminine variant of the masculine name Yochanan that comes to be translated as ‘God is merciful’.
  • Rinatia: She who is full of energy, fast and very bright.
  • Raisa: Uncommon but it must be said that it is translated as rose.
  • Mahelet: It is the ‘gift of God’ as its most notable meaning.
  • Yaetli: Of course, if we talk about uncommon biblical girl’s names, we find this one that means ‘mountain goat’.
  • Iriel: It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is my light’.