Black is the total absence of color, but this does not mean that the meaning of the color black is null. Black has very broad and interesting meanings, which we are going to analyze from the points of view of culture, psychology and marketing.

It is very likely that you already know the meaning of black as a color of mourning, death and mystery. These are the most known and used meanings of black, but not the only ones. Black is not a very active color, so although it is a color with strong negative denotations, it does not actively convey these emotions. From a more positive point of view, some more «cheerful» meanings of black are: strength, serenity, prestige, and depth.

When it comes to dressing, black reflects individualism, although its use as a gala and mourning color has transformed the color into something much more formal. Black is one of the few colors that combine well with all other colors, both when dressing and in design, although dark colors should be avoided, always combine it with bright and warm colors.

Those people whose favorite color is black, usually have a dominant attitude, and try to evoke an aura of mystery or enigma. A meaning of the color black in this case that many people ignore, is the state of guard. People who favor black tend to be more attentive to personal or physical attacks. They tend to act in a defensive manner with ease, this does not mean that they are aggressive.

From the point of view of psychology, black acquires another meaning that we have not mentioned before: power. Many studies say that those people who favor black tend to have dominant attitudes, or seek positions of power, and have also concluded that those people who are in these positions favor black. Many think that this relationship of black comes from its meaning as a defensive color, since people with ambition or in power, are more accustomed to having to act defensively, and / or being assaulted.

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Meaning of the color black in marketing, its uses, and the most common mistakes that are usually made with this color.

The meanings of the color black in marketing are quite wide, for this color, we can divide its meanings in three categories, according to its predominance in the content, logo type or web:

  • As a main or secondary color, black means: silence, elegance and power.
  • As a color of details and minimum, it transmits: peace and simplicity.
  • In excess it is an intimidating and distant color.

Combining black can be a challenge, since it highlights the most negative sides of the colors, for example, combining red and black in equal parts, highlights the aggressiveness of red, and can transmit a lot of violence. To avoid this, it is recommended to combine black with cheerful, bright and positive colors such as yellow and green.

This is the end of our little entry on the color black. This may be one of the most important pages on the meaning of colors, since the total absence of these, has many more meanings than we can imagine. In addition, its innate ability to highlight the meanings of other colors can be very useful.