Meaning of the color blue is usually related to the sea and the sky. So many of the definitions that we will see, is defined by this relationship, although there are some more, such as the meanings of blue according to Feng Shui, which add a new point of view to the definitions of colors. We will also comment on the effects that blue has on people’s moods, and the physical reactions they can have. Finally, we will finish with a small commentary on the color blue in marketing and the commercial world.

Because of its relationship with the sky and the calm sea, the main meaning of the color blue is tranquility and stability. Many times this color is related to sincerity, to «not hiding» and being open to new ideas. An example of the meaning of blue as the color of honesty is the old saying «to do blue», which means to do an honest deed or to work in an honest professional field.

When it came to clothing, the color blue was closely linked to the high status of the individuals who wore it, since until the 13th century it was one of the most difficult colors to synthesize and very expensive. So in many ancient artistic works, blue represents economic power and status. This value is no longer relevant in today’s society, but we have given new meanings to blue in clothing, among them these two stand out:

  • Tranquility
  • Solitude

Following these lines, those people who consider blue as their favorite color, usually have a calm and stable mind, but it should be noted that this varies greatly depending on the shades of blue. For example, dark or navy blue tends to appeal to more relaxed people, while light blue represents a more intellectual touch, as does yellow.

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The meaning of the color blue according to the chakras: Blue represents the first spiritual chakra, the Vishuddhi.

Blue, according to Feng Shui philosophy, has a strong relationship with freedom, independence, sense of security, organization, and also represents the meanings we have already mentioned, such as loyalty. The most remarkable meaning of blue according to the philosophy of the chakras, its relationship with the will.

According to mood studies, and the relationship they have with colors, blue favors patience and kindness, even serenity, but overexposure to blue, especially in dark shades, can generate fatigue, and in extreme cases depression.

To finish this entry, we will comment on the meanings of the color blue according to marketing, and the main uses of this color. In general, the meaning of blue most used by marketing professionals is: «high technologies or high precision».

A curiosity of blue in this field is its relationship with increased sales, although this effect is seen when combined with dark colors such as gray or even black.

If you want to know other meanings of blue, it is recommended that you read the entries on its chromatic relationships, such as violet or pink. You can also see the colors that combine with blue to know more properties of blue such as black and white.