We are going to show you today a name in which its main meaning is «noble man». This is a person whose great characteristic is nobility, therefore he will always be able to get a woman through his way of speaking and his humility. Here you can find details and origin and meaning of Bryan.

What is the meaning of the name Bryan?


Bryan has the meaning of «Man with the gift of strength». In general, you could say that the name Bryan has a very similar meaning to the names Fabian and Albert.

In Bryan’s personality we can associate a man where he will be endowed with great honor and nobility, as well as humility. In love or friendship he will need a girl who can always support him in a way in which he can have a great emotional stability. With this girl he will always consult about his doubts or in life or possible decisions, besides he will ask her advice for the most important decisions that he can take.

In the subject of love, Bryan or Brian has the gift of being able to perfectly cope with all the differences that you can have with your partner. He will never argue or raise his voice, but will always use the path of dialogue and negotiation to find the right balance between the two. In addition Bryan is a man who is very sincere, detail oriented and always a great romantic. He has a very kind and friendly tone of voice, and becomes very close if the relationship he has becomes very close. He likes his better half to have a personality similar to his own, to be able to listen when talking and to show him the affection and respect he deserves.


In the work environment, Bryan loves the fact that he can motivate people. He knows perfectly how the human mind works, which is why many of them are working as psychologists or in the HR department of a company. He can also work as a teacher or in professional coaching.

In the family, Bryan always wishes to have a family with many members, that his family name can last in time. He will educate his children with his principles so that they can lead their lives through dialogue and good manners.

Origin or Etymology of Bryan

The origin of this masculine name is Celtic. As we commented above, the meaning of Bryan is associated with strength. It is somewhat difficult to find the name Bryan or Brian in Spain since it is a more frequent name in the English culture.

Bryan in other languages

Bryan is written the same in any language because it has no variants. Therefore, it is written in the same way in English, Spanish, German, French or Italian. There is a variant that is rarely used (Brian). It lacks any diminutives and does not exist in feminine form.

Famous people named Bryan

  • The actor Bryan Cranston, played in Breaking Bad.
  • Bryan Adams, is a singer became famous in the 70s.
  • Bryan Ferry, is a singer-songwriter and musician.
  • Bryan Ruiz, is a soccer player of great renown.