When a name is really like to raise your popularity, this is the case of Carmen, that reached in 2011 the number 2 of the names most popular in Spain, this name has a very interesting story and a history so peculiar that it’s impossible not to keep reading, to know in greater depth the meaning of Carmen.

What can we know about Carmen’s name?


It is not very common, but we can find names that have several meanings in different languages, this is the case of carmen.

On the one hand we have its meaning from Latin, which is “music” or “poem” and the other would come from Hebrew which means “the garden of God”, both are equally valid.

Carmen calls are lucky enough to evoke to those around them the trust and affection they need, always open to new ideas and accepting everything that can help them evolve and be better people either personally or professionally.

They are tireless and are constantly evolving, always learning.

It costs a lot to tie Carmen in a lasting romantic relationship, they are very open and do not concentrate in anyone, they like to live without ties and without being accountable to anyone, except when she matures, as the years go by you can see that the accompanied path is easier and that is when she will feel ready to find her half and start a family.

They love to dance as one of their main hobbies, feel that they have fun either studying, doing a group activity or reading, also enjoys very good friendships because he knows how to keep them very well, is very optimistic and likes to enjoy the good moments that life brings.

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As for individual hobbies, her main hobby is dancing. Going to school or partying with your friends to have fun is the key to your happiness. In addition, she reads a lot of poetry and philosophy books that help her form an optimistic idea of life.

With her children she will be a very applied mother since, she will know how to take the little ones on the path of sanity teaching them the right thing so that they can choose alone without fear of being wrong.

Etymology or origin of Carmen

Carmen began to be known by a virgin who spread its popularity in Israel the Virgin of Carmen, after her veneration were hundreds of fathers who began to use this name for their daughters, in the same way the name has two different origins, in Hebrew its etymology is “Karmel”, and in Latin it retains the name of Carmen as we know it today.

We can find some variants of this popular name although these are used less often as initial name, these are Carmela and Carmina although if it is frequent to find compound names with our dear Carmen in second place, as they can be

Maria del Carmen, Rocio del Carmen or Ana del Carmen and their not so popular male variant Carmelo.

Carmen in other languages

It is a name that has not changed too much in the different languages around us.

  • In French you can chat with Carmine.
  • If we are in Catalonia we will talk to Carme.
  • Its English variant is identical to the Spanish Carmen.
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What celebrities can we meet with this name?

  • There is a famous opera called Carmen which stands out for its beauty
  • Famous and recognized actress who reached the top of Spanish cinema Carmen Sevilla
  • Carmen Amaya is a professional dancer