Honor and honesty, two of the most outstanding qualities of this fabulous name, as you may have imagined it is directly linked to Christianity, so more and more believers are selecting it for their future male descendants, join us and discover much more about this fabulous name of Cristian.

What can Cristian’s name tell us?


As we mentioned above, it is a name that, despite coming from Greek, is directly linked to Christianity, even more when we realize it means «man who follows Christ».

The lucky ones who share a relationship with Cristian will know that he is a dedicated person, very direct and knows how to take care of his own, relationships are always very intimate since he knows how to pay attention to the details.

In the family sphere they are great parents, they know how to instill strong and lasting values and feelings, so their children will never be afraid to blow up because they know that they will always have the nest nearby. They want to have children so they can instill their values and get them to grow up healthy mentally and physically. Sometimes they obsess too much trying to keep their children from making the same mistakes.

In the workplace they are people who never give up, they fight for everything they want, they are very open-minded, so they always listen to the requests and pleas of others, they are great bosses.

Thanks to the strength of their meaning of them name, Cristian’s are always true to their feelings and beliefs, so they never disappoint or leave abandoned anyone halfway, if you are lucky enough to have a Cristian close, keep him, you have a small treasure.

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Etymology or origin of Cristian

As many have already imagined this fabulous male name comes from the Latin more specifically from the term «Cristianus» also this curious word has its origin in Greek, obtaining the meaning of «follower of the Lord Christ».

Being practically intact to this day it hardly has variations in the language, it is for this reason that it retains with great similarity to the original name.

Currently Cristian has several affectionate or diminutive names: Cris and chris. These, in turn, can be used for Cristian’s feminine, «Cristina.»

How Will we meet Cristian in other languages?

As we mentioned above, this name has hardly undergone variations over the centuries, being practically intact.

  • In Spanish it is written Cristián.
  • Christian with that beautiful h interspersed we will find it in English, French and German
  • The french variant is Chrétien.
  • The Portuguese and Italians will know him as a Cristiano.

What celebrities can we meet with the name of Cristian?

  • Handsome and renowned actor with a great career on his shoulders Christian Bale
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, recently a model and better known as a Portuguese football player.
  • Elitist and innovative fashion designer Christian Dior.