David is a very popular name in Spain, incurred in the lists of the most used. It is simple, but it has a natural beauty that is not easy to achieve. In addition, it has a rich history behind it. Read on to find out all about the meaning of the name David.

What is the meaning of David’s name?


The meaning of this name is very revealing as it is «The person chosen by the God». As you can see, it has religious connotations.

What is the origin or etymology of David’s name?

The origin and etymology of David has its roots in Hebrew, the language in which it was written: דָּודד. We find one of his earliest references in the Bible: The King of Israel had this name ( Son Of Jesse). The life of the King was so important that it was dated along different stages: youth, dedication to his hometown, the subsequent flight and subsequently his son would have his own history. He is described as a true hero of the city.

David in other languages

  • In English, French and German it is written in the same way as in Spanish, although the pronunciation varies
  • In Italian you will find the name Davide.
  • In Russia a somewhat complicated form is written Давид.

Famous acquaintances with the name of David

There are many people who have made famous with this peculiar name and that we highlight below:

  • David Copperfield is a magician who has surely blown people away more than once.
  • A footballer and model who has stood out in these two areas: David Beckham.
  • The well-known singers who left «Operación Triunfo»: David Bisbal and David Bustamante.
  • David a character from the Netflix series Travelers.
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How is David?

David’s personality relates to clarity to see things: he has no «hairs on his tongue» to say what he thinks about others. He likes that there is an order as to what exists and try the new things he finds. He is passionate about new challenges, new cultures and trying new foods. David is a person who matures before others, or what we can rely on him if we have any delicate problems.

In the workplace, his jobs are usually related to services, although he is also a good commercial. He wants to know the way people act, imitating them very well, so he can become one of the best sellers. He is passionate about magic and although he knows it is a very competitive sector, he does the impossible to be number one. When a challenge is presented to him, he does the impossible to fulfill it.

In his romantic relationships, the name David relates to loyalty and truth: sometimes he is too sincere, and this can cause him more than one problem. Saying what you think can lead to very important discussions. In any case, he loves his partner and the friends he has closest.

He likes to start a family and he feels safe when he is with her, especially with the affection that his children show him day in and day out. It teaches them not to lie as they always carry the truth ahead of everything. In the event that they have a problem, it helps them to fix them face to face.

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