A name relates to kindness, to knowing how to be, to wisdom, and to many other good things. Moreover, it has a rich religious history behind it: yes, we are talking about the meaning of the name Diana.

What is the meaning of the name Diana?


This name is very important, as it can be translated as “woman clearly”, “woman who has a heavenly aspect”, or even “divine woman”.

What is Diana’s origin or etymology?

To understand the origin of Diana we will have to travel to the middle Ages, since it has roots in Latin.  Many parents decided to name their daughters after them in order to continue the tradition.

Diana in other languages

Although this name has a rich history on its back, it is written in the same way in different languages. It does not matter whether we are talking about Spanish, German, Russian, English or French, as Diana was also written.

Despite its long history and the fame acquired over the centuries, this name is written equally in the most spoken languages. Diana is written in Spanish, Russian, German, French or English.

Famous by the name Diana

  • Diana Ross is a popular singer.
  • In the realm of poetry, you may have read Diana Bellessi.

How is Diana?

Diana’s personality alludes to a woman who socializes with everyone. It has a cozy charm and shows affection for the closest people in its circle. She loves to feel comfortable in all kinds of situations.

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We’re also talking about a spontaneous woman. At the workplace level, you may feel the need to change jobs without thinking twice about it. It can be used in virtually any sector, so you can see it working in both social canteens and banks. Besides, he also likes science or history very much. It is able to adapt to any job that can give it the opportunity to develop at a professional level.

On the loving plane, she’s a woman that her partners really love. It will always respect the man or woman with whom it is, since fidelity is one of its main characteristics. No matter the problem you face, try to solve as soon as possible. He likes to listen and propose solutions. In the event of major discrepancies, Diana will be able to adapt to solve the problem as soon as possible. He always likes to have a friend around to tell him about his problems.

Finally, and in relation to his family, he has a personality that prevents him from having problems, especially when his children are teenagers. He knows how to educate them so that they themselves conclude that they have made a mistake and self-correct themselves. It helps them grow up to understand life.