In dreams where we see present carrion birds specifically dreaming of vultures, indicates that in the workplace, we need other people to act in order to take advantage of it, This type of dream represents us as incapable and opportunistic people.

To imagine that the dream does not bode well for this type of animals that feed on carrion, even though they are necessary to sustain the natural balance. It should be noted that dreaming of vultures can mean something that really scares the dreamer, since this type of animals are clearly related to fear and clearly distrust.

Now we are aware that vultures are animals that feed on carrion and unlike other types of birds of this type, they are not very loved or appreciated by the people who see them.



It is worth noting that all animals are necessary in order to maintain the natural balance in the food chain, but that will prevent some of them from giving us the feeling of shivering.

This may happen to us with vultures, when you see one of those birds flying over you, we sense that something bad is going to happen, like a premonition. First of all, we should not get carried away by superstitions, but we must remain alert.

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Dreaming of vultures flying

One of the ways to be able to analyze the signs and messages that attribute dreaming of vultures flying over a forest, is a very specific sign that the dreamer should be very cautious to beware of people who are possibly seeking to harm the dreamer and who are watching him to the point perhaps they are waiting for the owner of the dream to make the slightest mistake to take advantage of it.

Dreams with large vultures

If the vulture is of large size and visits the dreams, it means that the dreamer is at a time when he needs to be patient, it is necessary that he has time to consider the alternatives in order to decide the right choice for the dreamer and his future.

Dreaming of vultures attacking you

When the dreamer experiences that the vulture attacks him, it means that you have already faced someone considered as an enemy, but if the result is that you end up winning is because soon will come successes, and as it is you have managed to get those bad people out of your life forever.

Dreams with white vultures

When at the time of the dream appears in the same a vulture whose color is white, it is a symbol of great luck and success, this implies the homology of maturity in your life, a sign that you will achieve many good things on account of that maturity in life.

Dreaming of giant vultures

Similarly, when dreaming about the size of a vulture can mean the symbolism of the magnitude of the circumstances around us, therefore a giant vulture means that, according to those decisions we make in life will have a much greater impact, where if the choice is for positive, this result will be obtained in an impressive way.

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Dreams with a vulture in a tree

If we dream of a vulture perching on trees is a perfect reflection that there are people who are looking for evil from us, it implies that they are watching every step we take to guide us to take a wrong step, thus stumble as many times as necessary to fall.

Dreaming of small vultures

To dream of a small vulture and in the nest represents that the problems can tend to multiply if the dreamer does not finish nothing about it while they just started or while they are too small to be considered to come to harm him.

Dreams with beautiful vultures

The beautiful vulture indicates good moods, focused on success, the dream represents, in general, that the person will manage to overcome obstacles and solve problems that have long been bothering him, good news, right?

Dreaming of vultures at work

Now we have to pay attention to dreaming about work because it can announce changes at the professional level, for better or worse, on the subject of finding vultures in our work means that these changes will depend on the situations that we take from this moment, and that we are well observed in this regard.

Dreams with vultures falling from the sky

When having this type of dreams we can not stand still, this indicates that possibly we are waiting for the solution to your problems to fall from the sky, dreaming this is an indication that is a warning that time is passing and the dreamer needs to find a way to solve.

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Dreaming of vultures and horses

Now dreaming with the presence of vultures and horses is a very good sign, since this according to our attitudes and decisions we will have to take them with a cool head as it is indicative that reflects our strength and ability to enjoy every moment and squeeze every minute to the fullest either in the family or work.

Dreams with feeding vultures

The fact that we find ourselves in the dream and we are feeding the vultures is of good symbolism, since due to this it can represent the value and the power that we have to the friendship.

To dream of raising vultures

As far as taking care of vultures in the dream either in cages or not, it means that the dreamer is surrounded by a lot of love and unconditional friendships for the future.

Dreams of hunting vultures

When we are dreaming we see ourselves hunting vultures is a symbol of the arrival of abundance with respect to earnings, if you find it in your hand is close to the arrival of the success of your financial project, which was so much expected to achieve.