The simple fact of jogging is everyday and surely nothing extraordinary. Above all, if you do it as an exercise or sport, it is not unusual to dream of running. This is a physical activity that has everything to do with the health and well-being of the body. But when it’s shown through dreams, it can be talking about something deeper and more relevant.

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Did you know that the meaning of dreams of running could be related to the desire to run away from something? Or could it represent the success you may have in some area of your life?

Real world races are held in order to reach a goal. So it’s normal that you want to know what the purpose of running when you’re sleeping is. We tell you since this particular dream abounds in symbolism. Since, what really matters in these cases is not the race as such. If not the direction you’re taking, where you’re going and what awaits you on arrival. Similarly, the environment in which it develops can affect the interpretation of dreams. Or if it’s you or someone else running.

So it also has a lot to do with who you are as a person and the way you handle yourself. If you are able to face adversity or just try to escape from them.



Have you ever dreamed of running and would you like to know what it means? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered a series of the most frequent visions related to deciphering a more common question in dreams: running. Running or jogging is very common nowadays. Life seems to move faster, so this rhythm can be translated into your dreams. Although it is one of the most discussed issues, it is a very general one. And it will only make sense if you associate it with your experiences.

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The need to go with more urgency becomes more present with the passage of time. And somewhere in your subconscious you have a desire not to be left behind. So much racing can make you lose track of what’s really important. Sometimes, this is what your head tells you. Or in other cases, like dreams of not being able to run, where it shows you that you feel isolated and stuck in endless cycle. We recommend you continue reading to discover more about this dream.

Dream of running in the rain

The details of this dream will be fundamental to understanding it. You should pay attention to the way the road took, whether it was an easy or difficult route. You should also see if you were running towards a specific goal or just going aimlessly. And more importantly, how the rain made you feel.

If it was a downpour and you just wanted to keep yourself safe, but you couldn’t find where, trouble was coming. They may not be serious or difficult to solve. But they’re gonna affect you more than you thought.

If the downpour makes you feel good, it means you will overcome barriers. The rain can make you feel clean, that means you’ll clear your conscience. You are on the right track and you will soon enjoy good news and fortunes.

Dream of running too fast

The meaning of dreams of running fast can vary from person to person. If you’re looking forward to a meeting of some kind and you have to be on time, it’s normal for you to dream this. Since it shows your interest in the event and how important it is not to be late. The opposite also happens, that you are a person who is always late everywhere, symbolizes irresponsibility. You’ve been getting noticed lately and you’re forced to change.

On the other hand, sleep may be an interpretation of the accelerated way you live. You feel like everything in life is a competition, and you have to fly everywhere. You better take a few moments to breathe. This vision may be a warning that you’re letting the best things go and you’re wasting the years.

Another case, if in the dream you only run for the simple fact of wanting to go over the rest, it talks about your personality. You are an ambitious person and you feel the need to overcome yourself in order to achieve your goals. You also like to get a few congratulations once in a while to know you’re doing well.

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Dream of running barefoot

Dreaming of running, believe it or not, is something more frequent than you imagine within the interpretation of dreams. Most people have dreamed of this once in their lives. And it’s more common in women. Running without shoes is directly linked to self-esteem; or rather, low self-esteem. Even if you don’t prove it on your day to day, you’re an insecure person.

You try to pretend to be safe so you don’t look weak in front of the rest, but it’s just a front. Inside you feel like you’re full of faults, and even though you do your best to ignore them, something in your head prevents you from doing so. You’re afraid they’ll make fun of you, whisper or not take you seriously, especially at work.

This kind of life is taking you to feel a lot of stress and you just externalize it through dreams. It may be important that you consider receiving professional help. For if you have had these chimeras continuously it is indicative that you have suffered these fears for a long time.

Dreaming of running slow

If you often dream that you run slow or that it’s hard for you to move forward, it’s time to change your mind. The interpretation of this dream is that you feel stagnant. It can be from a situation that’s going on at work or emotional. The point is, you’re blocked and you feel like you can’t go on.

It may be a mistake you made, but you have to learn to let it go. If you really feel like running but are still slow, it means that your actions must be immediate. If you wait a little longer, it might be too late. This also speaks of how you react to crises. You’re a person who tends to freeze when things get tough.

Dreaming of running naked

This is a dream that attracts a lot of attention, as it has to do with dreaming of running barefoot. Nudity in dreams is related to mentally uncovering. And if you add to that the action of running, you get a non-positive interpretation. This dream reveals that you will soon be conned by a person you trusted. It’s someone from your closest circle. However, it is worth mentioning that this being came not long ago and approached you not with good intentions. You’re at high risk of being left with absolutely nothing.

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On the other hand, you may be afraid they’re talking shit about you behind your back. Being naked always relates to modesty and shame to what they will say. And if you feel this is your daily life, you may reflect it during your dreams. You feel embarrassed because you think that you do not do things correctly or do them awkwardly.

Dream of running on all fours

You’re currently going through a high-risk period. And in the interpretation of dreams it tells us that your life is being affected and you’re not sure what to do. However, the dream of running on all fours is telling you that whatever happens you will defend yourself.

When they mess with you, you feel like a cornered animal, but you’re a brave person. This means that you are able to fight like the wildest animals, to defend what is yours. You don’t let yourself be overshadowed by adversities and face them with enough maturity.

Dream of running in the dark

This dream denotes despair and anguish. You’ve made certain decisions for your life that you thought were right, and now you realize they’re not. Things aren’t going the way you thought they were, and that’s really bad for you. You don’t know which direction to take and you just feel like you’re moving because you have to.  The feeling of guilt is great, but in order to get out of it you must overcome it. You need to make peace with yourself. Otherwise you’ll be trapped in a perpetual circle.

Dream of running on water

Having this dream of running on water will be interpreted depending also on the type of water. You should pay attention to whether it’s clean or cloudy. If you dream that you’re fast on clean water, it means you want to move forward, but you don’t know how to do it. You may have missed a couple of pretty good opportunities and now you regret it. This is no longer the time to think about it; you cannot go back.

However, soon you may be presented with an option, don’t be afraid to accept it. If the water you run is dirty, it may take longer to recover from this situation. You’ll go through financial trouble.