The subconscious is a mysterious and magical world. And sometimes, it can bring us to the dream world dreams that relate to our daily activities, such as sleeping, going to work to school, etc.. For that reason, dreaming about backpack is usually common if you use it on a daily basis. But if not, this dream acquires other important interpretations.

Dreams with backpacks usually have to do with the past. We long for people, moments and places that we no longer see and that were marked in our mind. Longing, desire and happiness are reflected in this accessory that although it is usually associated with our school days, it can be used in other situations.

The interpretation of dreams with a backpack carries a very intense emotional baggage. It is possible that we are currently immersed in the busyness of life, and we need a break or respite to rest. The backpack then, represents that trip that we long for so much and that for certain situations we have not been able to materialize.


To have a dream vision with a backpack usually leaves us with a feeling of peace, but also of inconformity. If we take into account that it is an archetypal traveler symbol, we can interpret it as the need to escape from reality. A backpacker, for example, travels the world without planning. He or she lives from day to day, using his or her creativity to survive. This, then, is what is reflected in the dream of backpacking.

However, depending on the conditions of the dream and who accompanies us on that «trip», the meanings can acquire other nuances. Since the interpretation of dreams with backpack, would then depend on the context in which it is visualized, the feelings and the people we see with us. For that reason, we tell you more details below.

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Dreaming of a backpack

If you have dreamed of a backpack is an indication of good changes coming into your life. These changes, although it may not seem like it at first, will bring you happiness and a carefree life that you will enjoy immensely. It is time to appreciate the things that the cosmos gives you, and put into action your most inspiring desires and projects.

Dreams with a lost backpack

A dream where we lose our backpack, is a harbinger of some unexpected news that may make you feel disappointed and worried. Losing our dreams and hopes is something really demotivating. The loss of this complement is an unfavorable sign that indicates the struggles and difficulties of a project or undertaking. There is a possibility that you may not be able to complete what you have recently started.

If your backpack has been lost without a trace, you will feel disillusioned with yourself and resent the people you thought would guide you along the way, but who in the end didn’t measure up. Your superiors and co-workers may question and doubt your abilities. You need to focus on your abilities.

Dreaming of a black backpack

Do not panic if you have dreamed of a black backpack, on the contrary, seeing this colored accessory in your dream is a hopeful symbol. It is a promise of better times to come. If you have been experiencing a bad time in life lately, the black backpack predicts that despite the difficult and gloomy times, you will find the courage to move forward.

This archetype is also a reference to your personality. Specifically of your optimism and bright character, when even in tough times and endless challenges, you manage to remain kind, generous and down to earth. Incredible dream this one, full of high hopes.

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Dreams with red backpack

Red backpack dreams often suggest a period of success and optimism immediately following a long and challenging experience. A series of unfortunate circumstances may push you to the point of giving up, but before you reach your lowest point, things will take a turn for the better. In most cases, even in the bleakest of hours, you can fervently cling to a glimmer of hope.

Dreaming of a yellow backpack

A dream with yellow backpack points to a series of failures due to ineptitude. There may be a mismatch at your workplace and with your co-workers, which is the reason why you are underperforming, or it may be entirely your fault because you tend to ignore responsibilities or don’t take your work very seriously. At the end of the day, you have to be able to do your work justice so that you can be proud of your accomplishments.

Blue backpack dreams

Those who dream of blue backpack will face problems and eventual failures. This is probably due to some lack of skill or understanding, which means you cannot progress until you learn something new. A blue backpack on the other hand, symbolizes receiving good news and finding success in your endeavors.

Dreaming of a new backpack

To dream of a new backpack may point to an inner power or special ability, which would allow you to solve all your problems. Exploiting that talent, however, is another matter. A brand new product represents your reluctance to try new experiences or work outside your comfort zone, the possible source of your true ability. This could get you into trouble.

Dreams with backpack with money

Dreams with backpacks of money refer to wonderful opportunities in your future. However, there is a downside to this archetype as a symbol in dreams. Images of abundance, mean that your enthusiasm for accomplishing your goals may go to your head. There is a likelihood that the amount of blessings you receive will make you feel entitled or arrogant in the eyes of others.

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Dreaming of a heavy backpack

This dream manifestation may foretell some kind of misfortune or trouble in your social circles. Unless you find a way to overcome what is affecting you, other areas of your life may begin to suffer more and more. This dream recommends you to make a thorough analysis of your personality, and the way you treat others.

Green Backpack Dreams

A green backpack reveals your desire to reach your full potential and find your true purpose. The path to getting closer to your ambition will be within your reach if you play your cards right, as the color green symbolizes success and the high possibility of getting a better paying job.

Dreaming of a dirty backpack

Having a dream vision with a dirty backpack predicts a series of failures and disappointments in reality. You and another person close to you, could experience some financial difficulties and this would pose many problems in terms of paying daily bills. However, certain friends or loved ones will help you in some financial way to get you through this difficult time.

Dreams with a broken backpack

This manifestation alludes to uncertainty and self-doubt. There may be people in your social circle who make you doubt your decisions and your ability to succeed. If you allow that to influence and diminish your enthusiasm, you could miss out on unique opportunities in life. The recommendation is to stay focused on your goals and continue to believe in your ability to triumph over adversity.

Dreaming of a wet backpack

This dream has some positive connotations in social and career matters, but it also contains a small warning. You will soon have a good opportunity to make contacts within your field or community. The wetness of the backpack in your dream foretells much success through your efforts.