A cab is a vehicle used for transportation. The cab is a means of transportation for hire. Therefore, the interpretation of dreaming of a cab is associated with future events, but only with the temporal future. A cab ride is a prediction of how one approaches the future. If the cab is going fast, it is likely that the dreamer is moving in a fast direction.

When we dream of cab we can expect some change in life. And it may be a change of occupation, or a complete detour to a hobby or even a new relationship. Fortunately, this is not bad news. Often, the negative aspects of this vision are few.

Sometimes it will be an abrupt end to a relationship that requires a sudden departure. But generally, if you have dreamed of cab it is a natural progression and a loss for the better. Cab dreams generally indicate that a change for the better is coming, and that any movement you see in your real life, even if it initially seems unpleasant, will be for the best.


The meaning of cab dreams speaks of opportunities. A dream where you are raising your hand to stop a cab and none of them do, is a reflection of frustration. Perhaps you have missed an opportunity and currently don’t know where to go next. It is advisable to use this dream in order to find inner strength and take flight for the next opportunity.

On several occasions, having a dream vision with a cab announces a stage of change in your life. As if you were on your way to a new destination or to a new beginning, your subconscious part shows you the cab in which you will board to take your next trip. You should get into the cab without any fear, because it is time to start living in a new way.

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Dreaming of a cab

If you dreamed of a cab and the ride was pleasant and nothing went wrong, it is a sign of wealth and prosperity to come in the very near future. However, if the ride was unpleasant, included other people or there were inconveniences, the meaning changes completely. We will go through a period of economic difficulties due to mismanagement.

If you are an entrepreneur, seeing a cab in your dream is an opportunity to invest in new projects. Generally, money and finances are closely associated with cabs in your dreams. It is possible that you may soon find an opportunity that will help you grow. Also, you will have unexpected financial gains.

Dreams with cabs are signs that in our environment there are opportunities that we have not yet taken advantage of, and that are waiting for us to be exploited. These opportunities are not always in plain sight so it is necessary to take a closer look in order to find them.

White Taxi Dreams

To dream of white cab is a dream that symbolizes movement in your life. This movement you are experiencing can be both good and bad. Your life is taking on a different tone, and you may end up unbalanced. Put the good and the bad in the balance, it’s up to you to know which way it will tip.

The dream about the white cab in general is a positive sign. But as long as, we are willing to accept change in our world. This dream may be portrayed as negative by some, and may represent great resistance to change.

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To dream of getting out of a cab

This vision of getting out of a cab suggests that you are coming to the end of your journey. Perhaps you will consider a job change or even a new relationship. This specific cab scenario often portends some positive changes. You will experience some initial unpleasant changes in real life, however, it will be for the better.

Dreams of Riding in a Taxi

The meaning of dreams with riding in a cab signifies a call from our subconscious not to let other people do things for us. Perhaps you are used to having someone else take care of your affairs for you. This dream vision suggests that you be more attentive to the details, and moments that happen to you on a daily basis.

Dreams of seeing a yellow cab

A yellow cab means that there will be big and positive changes. You’d better get ready as a series of positive changes in life await you. Each one will be connected to the other, keep fighting to achieve your goals and don’t be stopped by bad vibes or people who want to hinder your step.

Dreams about taking a cab

The dream interpretation of physically taking a cab, or if you used a ride app like Uber or Lyft, suggests that you need to ask for help to move forward in a real life situation. It’s time to call those people who can assist you before you get completely stuck.

Dreams that I am waiting for a cab

To see in dreams that we wait for a cab denotes that you will receive a very important advice in the near future. It also means a possible hope for the future, you just have to be patient and have faith in what you want so that it can be fulfilled satisfactorily.

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Dreaming of a black cab

A black cab suggests illusions in life, but it also suggests that change is required. Perhaps you are tied to a relationship that brings nothing but trouble, but you cannot yet see all the suffering or bad consequences it brings to your life.

Dreams with red cab

This type of vision means that you have discovered an aspect of yourself that is important to your life. It also has the meaning of being way over your head, regarding some project you are dealing with. You will overcome some difficulties that have been causing you a lot of anxiety. Perhaps there is a situation or problem that you need to overcome or control.

Dreaming of old cab

To dream of an old cab, but in good condition, indicates that you are going in the right direction in your life. It shows that your past goals were solid and that your future looks bright. At the same time, seeing an old cab that is wrecked or in need of repair indicates that you should take a look at your current path. Also, evaluate your flawed goals or whether you really want to head in the direction you are currently going.