At some point in our lives we have benefited from the particular goods offered by the cow. In many parts of the world it is considered a domestic animal from which many nutrients can be extracted for good food. In other places, cows are considered sacred and untouchable elements, becoming more important their life than that of a person. However, this does not prevent us all from dreaming about cow.

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In the dream world, cows can reveal different situations depending on the context that occurs during sleep or the way cows are presented. In general, dreaming about vaca indicates that you are a person who has great hopes for everything you do and that, in the near future, you will surely achieve everything you have set out to achieve.

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By logic, if you’re a farmer or live near a meadow where there are cows grazing, you’re more likely to dream about a cow. But you don’t need to have a close encounter with this mammal for your subconscious to show you in the dream world.That’s when you have to come up with the idea that your subconscious is trying to give you an important message and you have to pay attention.

There are many interpretations that can be given from dreaming of cow. It’s not the same to dream about a fat cow to dream about a skinny cow. It’s not the same if she’s alive or dead, if she’s sick or she’s brava and attacks you. This is why it is very important to break down all the meanings so that you can draw the correct conclusion that suits your current situation.



In general, the experts in onirología claim that the meaning of dreaming of vaca is strongly associated with periods of prosperity in life, both in the sentimental, as in professional and economic.For example, dreaming of dairy cows grazing in the countryside reveals that you are in a moment of tranquility, the search for money or couple is not something that worries you right now. You have achieved business success, you have created a beautiful family and you have achieved your greatest goals. Best of all, you share this success with your close friends, reflecting in you a generous, compassionate and cordial personality.

In other words, you are a person who cares little about tomorrow as you have everything settled. However, remember that there are different dreams with cow and not everything is positive. To achieve the exact interpretation, you must look at all the details.

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Dream of an angry cow

Dreaming about an angry cow reveals that there is a person close to you who tries to steal from you. If in the dream you manage to escape from the cow without problems, it means that for that person will not succeed. You have nothing to worry about.

Dream of a black Cow

Dreaming of a black cow or Dirty COW indicates a bad omen, in your near future events will begin to occur that are not favorable to you. Try to take the necessary precautions.

Dream of a white cow

Dreaming about vaca blanca is an oneiric experience with a positive meaning. Dreaming of white cows that also enjoy good health indicates that you will enjoy good luck and achieve prosperity.

Dream of a cow chasing me

Dreaming of cow chasing me reveals that you are afraid to take a responsibility that you consider very great. Accepting it means taking care of it and making it progress, but if you do, you’ll manage to master it. This in turn will bring great rewards for your life.

Dream of a cow attacking me

Dreaming of a cow attacking me is the way your subconscious reveals to you that someone around you is trying to steal or betray you. Your mind knows, but it hasn’t figured out who’s planning to hurt you yet. You must not let your guard down at any time or you will end up suffering serious damage.

Dream of cow’s milk

Dreaming of cow’s milk, especially that you take it, indicates that you will enjoy good health. It also reveals that an excellent economic moment and great opportunities are coming for you that will lead you to success. However, if you dream of extracting cow’s milk, this is a sign of knowledge. You are a person who likes to give advice and reach out to anyone who needs your help.

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Dream of a dead cow

Dreaming of a dead cow reveals that you have a deep fear of losing all your assets. You’re afraid that at any moment all that prosperity you’ve achieved so far will vanish and you’ll be left with nothing. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what may come.

Dream of milking a cow

Dreaming of milking a cow indicates that you need some liquidity in your finances to settle outstanding debts. You are also likely to be a person with many charted ambitions and goals, so you seek to get the best out of yourself to achieve greater benefit. You work hard and you’re very creative.

Dream of cow poop

Dreaming about cow dung is the way your subconscious reveals a very big problem in your life. It’s time to pay attention and fix them before they get worse.