To dream of a fetus is similar to the loss of a baby. This dream is usually related to miscarriage or dangerous childbirth. Fetuses are embryos that failed to develop properly and usually died trying. Dreams with fetuses are common, especially when you are expecting a baby.

This dream is associated with the fear that your child will not achieve its purpose in life and will have complications in gestation. Mothers are usually the ones who constantly dream of fetuses, although this does not suggest that their baby is in any danger or will die in the womb.

However, if you are not expecting a child or do not plan to have one, this dream takes on greater significance. From this point it symbolizes negative changes in your life, unfinished projects and many disappointments.



To dream of a fetus usually indicates the beginning of something new in your life. But for this dream to be positive, the fetus must be alive, be felt by the father, the mother or in a medical examination. If the fetus is dead or in trouble, it has several negative meanings.

Of course, every dream with a fetus is different and sometimes inexplicable situations appear, such as dreaming of animal fetuses. To understand these meanings, we will describe the main dreams with fetuses.

Dreaming of a dead fetus

To dream of a dead fetus is not pleasant and symbolizes total failure. It is a clear sign that you are in a period of many economic and social losses. You have become intolerant and will soon be rejected by society. This dream warns about the end of your cycle and the very negative outcome of the things you set out to do.

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If you consider that the above interpretation is not currently happening in your life and if you dream of a dead fetus you should beware of your environment. That is to say, the economic and social losses are being promoted by other people and they will try to make your end come very soon. Although they will not try to take your life, they want to see you destroyed.

In general, dreams with dead fetuses are intimidating. However, it is a clear warning that something is not right in your life. The death of a fetus represents the shortest cycle that something has come to have. Nevertheless, these warnings should be heeded to avoid falling innocently into the trouble that lies ahead.

Dreaming of a fetus in your hand

A dream vision of a fetus in your hand predicts that things are getting out of control in your life. Whether you made bad decisions, the wrong path or bad company, you will soon end up losing control of your actions. In other words, you are on the edge of emotional collapse and will end up taking any chance of success out of your life.

If you dream with an embryo in your hand, you are someone who in the past accepted your responsibilities, but lost the horizon of success. Today you can return to this course, but you need to commit yourself to remedy everything. This is not the time to lament, since it will be useless to try to repair the irreparable.

Dreams with baby fetus

Have you dreamed of a baby fetus? Then your projects may suffer a major setback. You must begin to armor yourself against the negative and enemies, so that you are cautious about the events that may come at any time. In other words, you must play your life defensively, as others try to take what is yours.

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However, the fact that in your dreams you have a baby fetus suggests that much of the trouble is yours. That is, you placed your trust in strangers and now they are against you. In other circumstances, you created false expectations and now you can only regret what happened.

Dreaming of dog fetus

A dream vision with fetus of dogs foretells betrayal and infidelity. You or your partner will soon end up betraying or betraying you. However, it is due to a conflictive situation of which you do not prefer to talk about and let it feed on rage day by day. To deal with this dream, you must establish a conversation, ask for and accept apologies, fall in love again or end the relationship altogether.

Dreams with cat fetus

A dream vision with cat fetus portends loss of power and creativity. In the last few days something is absorbing your energies in an aggressive way. You should stay away from toxic people, gossip or hypocritical people. The farther you stay away from those who bring nothing new into your life, the better the results you will get.

To dream of deformed fetuses
If you dream of deformed fetuses it means fear of failure. It is a sign that you lost your patience or you do not know how to do a certain activity. You have a fear of failure as great as your own lack of hope. You can take this dream as a warning to change or wait for the future that will come loaded with negative emotions.

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Dreams with twin fetus

Did you dream of a twin fetus? This describes your worst fears regarding challenges in your life. It is a way of warning you that you are making the same mistakes of the past and that you need to take responsibility very soon. You are someone capable of achieving great things, but at this rate you are only attracting problems. If you are expecting twins or are pregnant, this dream only warns about the fear you have for your babies, without meaning health problems for them.


  • To dream that you extract an embryo from a woman means that you will soon become seriously ill. It is time for a medical checkup and prudence in your personal health. However, if you have just been given a new responsibility in your job, it means that the new challenge may overtake you if you neglect yourself.
  • If you have dreamed that you miscarry a fetus, it foretells problems in your personal projects. It is a warning that things may go wrong and failure will be the result of this.
  • To dream of another person’s fetus foretells external problems. Avoid any confrontation and do not participate in discussions that are none of your business.
  • However, if that fetus is alive, it means that you will need to provide support to someone you know, but not intimately, in the following days.
  • Esoterically, to dream of a black animal spawn means that an important family member or friend who has died has not made it into heaven.