Dreaming of hamster became common nowadays. The hamster is a domesticated rodent, intelligent and very curious. Having dreams with these animals, is an accurate sign of what will really present itself in your life the following days. If you have a hamster at home, this type of dream is likely to be more frequent.

Dreams with hamsters manifest your behavior in society. These animals are friendly, relate easily, but are very territorial. There comes a point where stress can cause them to die, so their caretakers keep numerous toys in their cages.

Now, if you observe a hamster in its natural terrain, it makes it very easy prey for predators. All of these behaviors are key to understanding the meaning of hamster dreams.



Hamster dreams are usually very tender. However, some people do not tolerate these animals and even confuse them with rats. If you have a strong fear of hamsters, probably the interpretation for you is not true, but it really describes what will happen in the coming days of your life.

However, just as there are different species of hamsters, there are different types of dreams. Every hamster dream is different. Some are influenced by your feelings, while others are a clear sign of feeling trapped. Here are the most common hamster dream interpretations.

Dreaming of a hamster

Dreaming of a hamster has several interpretations. If you dream of this animal and you have children, it means that you are being overprotective of them. If you do not have children, but you wish to have them very soon, it means that you are ready to take this important step. However, it is likely that you do not wish to have children, so its meaning changes completely.

In this case, having a dream with a house mouse means that you should protect what belongs to you. That is, do not leave everything to chance and start to secure your economy. You must become someone thrifty and calm at the moment of making expenses. It is a time that invites you to economize, especially when your job is not stable.

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If you dream of a hamster on its spinning wheel, it means that you are very tired of your routine and you are not getting the results you expected. It is an ideal time to project your life differently, especially when you accept that your life is a complete routine.

White hamster dreams

Dreams with white hamsters portend good news. It is a way of warning you that soon things will change and that you should be attentive to receive them. However, it will depend on you to accept or reject the offer that is proposed to you. If you dream of a sick white hamster, it means that your illness will soon be over, but you must be patient.

Sometimes these white hamsters are used by scientists. Therefore, if you dream of a test or laboratory hamster it means stumbling blocks in your goals. However, it is all about trying and finding the right way to do things. When you understand this, you will begin to receive the expected news or results.

Dreaming of gray hamster

Did you dream of gray hamster? It means that the goals are very close, but far from easy for you. That is, you are approaching that stage where everything should start to go well, but it requires a lot of effort. This is not the time to bow your head and feel tired, since the goals are closer than you think.

Another interpretation of dreaming of gray hamster refers to personal effort. Sometimes, you let things flow in an irresponsible way. It is time to face reality and begin to properly organize your ideas, problems, successes or failures.

Dreams with baby hamsters

A dream vision with baby hamsters portends a new member in your family. However, it does not really mean that it will be a new child, but the baby of someone you like very much. Nevertheless, if your desire is to have a child, this dream is the clear sign that it is the time to try.

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If you dream of a newborn baby boy, it portends peace of mind in the coming days. You understand the importance of family and being calm, so you always prefer moments of happiness. It is a dream that warns about the importance of family.

Dreaming of dead hamster

Did you dream of dead hamster? It means your preoccupation with the economy, the material and vanity. Probably unconsciously you became someone who seeks the material over the spiritual. This dream warns you that if you continue this way, you will not only lose everything material, but you will end up in absolute loneliness.

When you dream of dead hamsters remember the importance of family. Organize yourself in a way that your professional future is stable and productive, but your family is always first on the list of priorities.

Dreams with escaped hamster

If you dream of a hamster running away, you need to free yourself from many pressures or your current routine. It is a way of warning you that stress will begin to show up more often, causing damage to your thinking. From this point, you will begin to make bad decisions, therefore, you must free yourself from your ties, to change from here the outcome of your life.

Dreaming of a hamster that bites me

If you dreamed that a hamster is biting you, it foretells unexpected events in the following days. An accident, illness or big problem may happen to you soon, however, this may happen to someone who is important to you. To reverse this situation, you must take precautionary measures and be very attentive to threats.

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Small hamster dreams

Did you dream of small hamsters? Then surprises and positive news will come into your life. It is a time to grow professionally, but you need others to give you opportunities and be assertive. In this coming life cycle, good things are about to happen to you, but you must be psychologically prepared to accept them.

To dream of a hamster in a cage

To dream of a hamster inside its cage means that you have found a certain stability that is working in your life for the time being. However, you feel that you need a little more space to develop as a person. To dream of a small rodent that escapes from its cage or you take it out voluntarily, means that you do not control your emotions and you will always try to overprotect everyone, even if some people do not deserve it.

Black and white hamster dreams

If you dream of black and white hamster, it foretells betrayal. However, when the color white is present, it suggests that this event will generate more gains than losses. Discovering the traitor will reveal all those people who are of no use in your life. Therefore, prepare yourself adequately for this cycle where you will discover what you thought impossible until now.


  • If you dreamed that a hamster attacks other hamsters, it means that your environment is about to attack you. Betrayals, arguments, problems and other inconveniences will be surrounding your life. However, you should avoid falling into the game of confrontations.
  • Dreams of a small agitated rodent mean that you are making decisions in haste. If you continue to do so, you will begin to get negative results.
  • If you have dreamed of talking to a hamster, it means that you should let off steam very soon. Being so conservative at times is not good, since advice is what will motivate your mind.