To dream of a labyrinth is not pleasant. The feeling of being trapped is so strong for humans that prisons were designed in order to deprive you of your freedom. However, labyrinths besides leaving you trapped, give you the feeling of going from one place to another without getting some kind of reward or result.

Labyrinths have been present in human history since the beginning. Many stories, legends and cultures have studied labyrinths as something mystical and not curious. In modern discoveries it was proven that labyrinths were used to escape from certain enemies in caves and mountains.

Since then, dreams with labyrinths have taken on greater importance. Whenever a dreamer had a vision with these passages, it was believed that his own existence would be at risk. Then, the dreamer would take precautions and avoid going out during certain hours so as not to get lost in the woods.

Nowadays, dreams with labyrinths reveal that personal part that is being lost. Perhaps you need to find a new path or rethink ideas. However, it will depend on the type of dream with labyrinth.



Dreams with labyrinths describe your current life. Although not pleasant, some dream visions are positive and will ground your ideas. It is a way of warning you that change in your life will come, but only if you try to make things happen. The worst thing that can happen to you in a dead-end hallway is to sit around waiting for someone to rescue you.

In some cases, it will be necessary to seek help, especially from your family, to escape from problems. Generally, people who dream of labyrinths are worried about finding the way out, because someone is waiting for them at the end of all these problems.

Dreaming of a labyrinth

To dream of a labyrinth foretells personal problems. It does not consist of arguments or enemies in the coming days, since the conflict will be internal. It is a way to warn you about your true purpose in this world, especially in the stage of life you are currently going through. Generally, this labyrinth dream occurs when you do not know what you really want.

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When you dream of a labyrinth where you are trapped, it means that you gave up in the face of problems and do not get a timely solution. Probably, these are days where you feel that in the end nothing was worth it and the rewards never came. However, this is only a feeling, as the reality may be different.

If you dream of a labyrinth you should clarify your doubts, your fears and the way you are making decisions the last few days. In the following days try to seek help, ask for advice or postpone commitments. It is time to begin to value the little you have, to accept the much that will come into your life.

Dreams with labyrinth in a house

A dream vision with a labyrinth in a house foretells trouble. Bad feelings such as depression, unhappiness or feeling despised, will soon begin to appear. You are worried about the stability of your home, your family’s problems, your relationship with your wife or what your children think. If you dream of labyrinth in a house and you are not doing anything to escape, it is time to try and wake up in real life.

Now, if you are trying to find the way out in your dream of labyrinth in your home, it suggests that the current challenges are emotions for you. It is a way of understanding that you will not put your head down for the next few weeks, nor will you take steps backwards. This dream is interpreted as positive, as long as you have a sense of what you are doing.

Dreaming of a Labyrinth with no way out

Undoubtedly dreaming of dead-end corridors is a nightmare. This dream warns that your life is reaching a breaking point and many confusions. Try to clarify your ideas in front of a situation, since it becomes a threat to your future to walk without knowing the goal. It is a dream that warns about all that you are losing at present.

Generally, if you dream of dead-end mazes, it means that your family has turned its back on you. However, it is not a decision to cause you harm on purpose, as you created the path for them to turn away from you. Reconciliation, apologizing, self-analysis and initiative to change is the best alternative you can have.

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Dreams with labyrinth of doors

Did you dream of a maze of doors? It is one of the most complex dream visions and represents risks, challenges, problems and challenges for your life. However, it is a sign that you are on the right path, but you must clarify your ideas. Every door you open will probably lead you to a new place where you will have new options, in this sense, your life is currently in the same condition.

Now, a dream with a labyrinth of fun doors or accompanied by someone else, portends good luck. This dream indicates that you are creating new spaces for yourself and especially for the people who are important in your life. In this sense, it is interpreted as a sign of creativity to achieve your purposes.

To dream of a labyrinth of stairs

Dreams with labyrinths of stairs are the most complex. It is a dream that only people with creativity, confidence, security and optimism get to have and overcome. If you dreamed with maze of stairs it means that you need to show what you know in the coming days. It is a sign that challenges are coming, but you need to clarify ideas about what will be good for your future.

A dream with stairs and mazes portends changes in your personality. It is time to start changing the way you are, so that opportunities will come soon. However, it is not about pretending, because if you are someone who only pleases others, you will never get out of that labyrinth.

Dreams with subway labyrinth

A dream vision with subway labyrinth is bad luck. It means that in the coming days you will not find any support, open door, advice or emotional support. It is a closed cycle, where you cannot count on anyone for whatever reason. From now on, it is part of your personal growth to start finding the answers and solutions to your problems.

Dreaming of a water labyrinth

Although strange, if you dream of a water maze it means positive changes for your life. From now on it is clear to you that you need a break in your professional career. In this scenario it may happen that change comes with a job change, promotion or taking the next step in your love relationship. No matter what happens in the next few days, it will start a good run for you.

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Dreams with mirror labryinth

On the other hand, a dream with mirror maze is a negative sign in your life. From now on you should beware of those people you consider your friends. Some are just trying to trick you and once they get what they want, they will end up attacking you. In this cycle, you should not let your guard down and don’t be overconfident. Act defensively.

Dreaming of dark labyrinth

A dream vision with dark labyrinths is bad luck. It is a sign that something negative will soon appear that will change your life. From an illness, accident, love breakup or losing your job, it can be one of the negative things to happen. The most sensible way to face life in the next few days will be to maintain prudence.

Dreams with labyrinth with exit

Have you dreamed of a maze with a way out? It means that despite all your problems, you will soon find the solution. It is a sign of hope, optimism and positivism. However, this dream warns that you must be very patient, lose the fear of change and accept the challenges. The way out of your current life is very close, but do not push it away with fears and self-injustice.


  • To dream of observing people trapped in a labyrinth means that your personality is elevated and can cause you problems. It is a way of warning you that your current ego is elevating you above people.
  • If you dreamt of a garden or forest labyrinth it means that you are looking for happiness, but you can’t find a way. Although it sounds bad, it is a positive dream, since you are trying to find the things that make you happy.
  • Dreams where you find your way out of a labyrinth mean that you need to stay calm despite the current problems. It is a sign that no matter how long it takes, you will get out of this bad patch, but you need to believe in yourself.