To dream of a lover is frequent when you have one or suspect that your partner is having an affair outside of your relationship. Nowadays, lovers represent the main cause of separation of couples. Either because of lack of affection or because the person has changed radically, couples get used to a routine that ends up suffocating them and it is the moment when a lover takes their place.

To dream of a lover may seem intriguing, but it is a dream that warns that something is not right in the relationship or it is time to take an important step in the life of couples. Often, dreaming of a lover signifies insecurity and fear of being alone in the relationship.

However, the stability of relationships goes a little further than we think and we wish that good deeds become deeds. If you dreamed of a lover, it is time to discover its true meaning.


There are several scenarios to define the meaning of dreaming of a lover. First you must determine whether it is your lover, your partner’s lover or an unknown lover. When you constantly dream of lovers, then it is likely that you feel lacking in affection and very lonely, so you are waiting for someone to come into your life. Other scenarios warn the protection we should have when relating to other people. Therefore, we describe the meanings of dreaming about lovers.

Dreaming of ex-lover

There are several interpretations for dreaming of ex-lover. In the first case, it is likely that you are going through a stage of stress and routine, in this way, you feel dissatisfied with the days you are leading and you need new adventures and emotions.

Another case is when you dream of an ex-lover you miss, which means that you miss the moments you lived with that person, but not the person as such. That is, you would like to have those experiences again, but with your current partner or another person.

If you dreamt of an ex-lover giving you advice or support, then you are constantly looking for the company of people who are close to you and you can share secrets, experiences and stories of life. In addition, to receive a personal opinion for those events.

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Dreams with your lover

To dream of your lover means good changes, as long as you like that person. If you are single, new people will come into your life with similar feelings to yours and who would like to form a path by your side.

To dream of your lover and not feel calm predicts the arrival of moments of insecurity and stress in your social environment. That is, there may be an emotional instability that makes you say or make bad decisions, therefore, it is time to stay calm the following days.

Now, if you have another partner in your life and you dream with your lover, it means that you start to fall in love with what you are living in your affair and the time may come to make clear the feelings with the other person. Dreams with lover are a oneiric prediction, that is, an experience that does not refer to the reality that the person is currently living, therefore, it represents an immediate near future of what may happen in your life.

Dreaming of a lover’s wife

To dream of a lover’s wife foretells a lack of excitement in your life. You are constantly looking for new adventures and experiences, but you do not want to leave your partner behind. In other cases, it is your partner who is immersed in a routine that begins to overwhelm you and you need to look for alternatives so that both of you are at peace in your relationships.

If you do not have a wife, but you are about to get a new girlfriend, then dreaming of a lover’s wife foretells the intimate desire to be with that person and make small adventures as a couple to get to know each other and interpret if a good or future relationship is approaching.

Now, depending on your current context, if you dreamed with the wife of beloved also predicts trust or lack of it, respect or lack of appreciation. Everything will depend on the love relationship, being that you need more or you think you are in a stable stage.

Dreams with my husband’s lover

Believe it or not, dreaming about my husband’s mistress means your own insecurity. It foreshadows or manifests the couple’s problems that became frequent in the relationship. Also, it is the interpretation for a lack of communication with your husband.

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To dream of my husband’s mistress indicates that you feel dissatisfied with the current situation, you are in an episode of jealousy and you think you have a low self-esteem to face or remedy the situation. However, this dream invites you to do the opposite.

When dreaming of my husband’s mistress I manifest the desire to awaken feelings of love and passion in your partner, that is, not to look for reasons to believe that he is unfaithful but to find moments where he really wants to be by your side.

Dreaming of my lover and his wife

To dream of my lover and his wife foretells a bad stage in your life. Moments of jealousy, discord, anger and even strong fights are coming. However, it is a time to keep calm and decide to move away a little from conflicting scenarios at work, home or studies.

If you have a lover, dreaming of my lover and your wife takes on greater force, since it manifests your nonconformity with your own partner and that you want to occupy a space in the life of another woman, this predicts really conflictive situations.

If you are single and you dreamed of my beloved and his wife, it predicts that someone close to you is sick and needs your support, since he does not find anyone to help him in his own environment. This type of dream is not common, therefore, it is considered highly predictive. In case you are meeting a man for the first time, dreaming of lover would represent curiosity to know the future that the relationship may have.

Dreams with lover and his family

To dream of lover and his family predicts regret. If you have a lover in your real life and you dream of this scenario, you are regretting meddling in another person’s life that will end up affecting his or her family. It foretells an episode where you will find yourself very depressed and will only like to be alone, with little self-esteem, but wanting to remedy the situation.

If you dreamed of a lover and his family, but you do not have a lover, then you wish to have an adventure full of challenges, but you feel insecure and tired of the routine, therefore, it absorbs you making you believe that you are going through a stage of loneliness, when really you just need to renew energies.

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To dream that I am a lover of a married man

To dream that I am a lover of a married man means that you are not satisfied with your partner and even you are not satisfied with sexual relations. It is a stage where love and the sensations of living a new experience are disappearing, therefore, you are looking for new adventures, but you are afraid that your current partner will be hurt by leaving you behind.

In the case of dreaming that your husband is your lover, it means that you have some repressed feelings for fear of his reaction, in this case, it is wise to choose the best time to talk to your partner.

Dreams with my lover’s daughter

The meaning of this dream will depend on the relationship you currently have with your lover’s children and also, how you really feel about them. If you dreamed of my lover’s daughter, in a way that you seek to protect her and stand by her side as a parent, then you seek constant happiness in your own relationship and consider having a child to be the next stage of the relationship.

On the contrary, if your relationship is troubled and you dreamt of my lover’s daughter, then there are quarrels coming up in your relationship. In the case of having a lover, the meanings do not change, except that when dreaming of my lover’s daughter you have a desire to be with her, which means that your lover no longer satisfies you and became a problem for you.

To dream that your lover cheats on you

To dream that your lover cheats on you predicts a moment of conflict with your current partner, but it will be solved through dialogue. It is the opportunity to know the new goals of the other partner and decide which paths to take from now on. It is likely that if you dream that your lover transforms you into another person, you are looking for positive changes in your emotional, work and economic life, therefore, you are looking for the support of other people to help you fulfill your dreams.

Remember that dreaming of a lover is dreamlike, therefore, it does not represent that your husband or wife is currently cheating on you, it is more related to the insecurities that a couple may have or a small episode of envy and jealousy against what other relationships live.