Dreams are the language used by your subconscious to give you a message through situations that may seem to be strange or unusual. You should know that dreams are a representation of your memories that is attached to a personal interpretation. This makes it important to take the interpretations of dreams from two aspects: on the basis of experience and according to the universal definition. Dream man, in beginning it looks related to the need to bring a man to his life, in the case of women.

Since ancient times, man has been stereotyped as the pillar of the family, a symbol of strength, respect, virility and aggressiveness.

However, it is necessary to take into account that we currently live in a society that changes constantly, making the customs and mentalities of the people evolve. This is the reason that probably the role of the man in the home has undergone a transformation. The man, along with women, are those who are the foundation of the bases of the progeny, thanks to this union it is possible to give continuity to the humanity as a civilization.

To enter in the field with the dreams of men, you must know that this is a revelation about a season full of important events which can be very significant to your life, a future full of positive events.

You may find this hard to believe, but this is a dream that occurs frequently in men as in women, not going to stop having an important meaning for you. It is a dream foreboding and, therefore, it is good to know all that this has for you.

About the meaning of dreaming about men in the first place, indicates that you are an intelligent person, but that still leaves guided by low instincts which has not ceased to cause complications. It is time to leave behind all of the problems in trying to find ways so that these no longer affect you.

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DREAMING OF A MANThere are many meanings of dream man. If in the dream you see a young man, want to say that you have an adversary. On the other hand, dream of an older man, speaks of protection and security.

A clear example of this is: if in the dream you see an unknown man accompanied by family members, wants to say that you feel protected by your family and you know that accounts with their support. On the other hand, if you have a dream of an older man driving, then you should know that someone is overprotective, probably someone that also go inside of this vehicle.

Another factor that you must bear in mind, are the elements and details that you can remember of the dream. If a young man is a sign of adversary, in the case of the doctor, the meaning changes completely.

Another clear example is: if a woman dreams that she falls in love with a stranger, then it is necessary to understand the meaning of love dreams to get an interpretation that is more specific.

To dream with an unknown man it is a sign that you have not yet managed to find your true identity. There are characteristics in your personality that are missing for Polish, this makes you feel underestimated when you compare yourself with others.

Keep in mind that making comparisons only brings result in low self-esteem, distress and despair.

To dream with a naked man want to say that you’re seeing someone as they really are.

It is likely that you have discovered a secret about a person, or that you have decided to accept that person as is, in spite of their defects and imperfections. If, during the dream the man tries to hide his nakedness, then you’ve discovered that someone lies to you.

To dream with a handsome man has a close relation with the scope of work. You will be successful in any area that you decide to undertake, the only condition is that you take advantage of this opportunity that you have right in the front.

To dream of a werewolf is linked with the suspicion, the restlessness and concerns. However, certain experts in onirología ensure that dream a werewolf is a symbol of beauty, loneliness, and self-confidence.

Dream with a man dressed in white reveals a harmonious co-existence in the development of the dream. This indicates that you possess skills, intelligence and cunning to defeat each obstacle that life will present.

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To dream with a black man destined for a season of negativism in your life, because the black is symbol of darkness.

The dream looks for to make you see that it is time to stabilize your emotions, you’re about to discover the truth of all that just now you is affecting you. From then on, your feelings will take the right course. What is important is that you find yourself in a period of evolution, which goes from the negative to the positive.

Dream with another man is an oneiric experience that reflects the need for attention and affection in your sexual life. Probably you’re not having relationship problems, but that does not mean that you are at ease with the care you are receiving.

To dream with a man that I like is a clear signal that right now you are thinking of which is the type of relationship you have with him. It is important to analyse thoroughly, which happens in the dream and you feel during this, so you will understand in detail what your subconscious wants to tell you.
To dream with a man that is pregnant, has two interpretations: If it is a man who dreams, then that means that you are facing a situation that requires a lot of responsibility and you don’t have the certainty of being fully prepared.

If who has the dream is a woman, this is a message from your subconscious indicating that you need your partner to share with you your responsibility with the children.

Dream with an unknown man that loves me can be an oneiric experience a little confusing, maybe you think that is related with the fact of seeking love or a suitor. The true meaning of this dream is aligned to your ambitions.

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You ever thought about goals in life, in every area of her and for you there is no failure. There will be nothing or no one stopping you, is why we dream with unknown man who loves me is a clear indication that you’re also able to master your feelings to achieve your dreams.

To dream with a dead man seem like a dream of evil omen, to dream of a dead man has a meaning completely opposite. This oneiric experience indicates that you are a person with the necessary capabilities to face the difficulties and overcome them  

To dream with a fat man can mean that soon you’ll be affected by a decision that they have taken other people close to your surroundings. However, this can also indicate that you are about to enter a season of abundance. To discover the true meaning, you have to pay attention to how you felt during the dream.