Like everyone else, you get up, go to the bathroom and clean your teeth while you look in a mirror, it’s your turn to go to work so you take your clothes, dress and look in a mirror, even as you walk down the street, you look at your reflection in the display cases.

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Video about Dreaming of a mirror

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To criticize or flatter ourselves, we always have this need to look at ourselves in a mirror, so this time we will reveal the secrets hidden behind our dreams with these reflective surfaces. As has already been said on previous occasions, the secret to interpreting dreams lies in the details, try to remember, they were dreams with broken mirrors or maybe they were mirrors without reflection, however here we will show you the meaning.

In the majority of cases, as might be expected, dream of mirrors is a message from your mind telling you «Hey, stop, analyze yourself», dream of mirrors could be a reflection of what we want, long for or want to be, or as we truly are, but it doesn’t stop there, since medieval times the mirror has been interpreted and linked with the magic so that the spectrum of dreams with respect to them can be very broad. So, for the most part, mirrors have a very symbolic or allegorical interpretation.

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Stories say that the mirror is the reflection of the soul. However, the reality is that the mirror is a tool that allows us to go out on the streets decently wearing a dressed face and a hairstyle. It also allows us to recognize ourselves and see ourselves as we are, showing any stain or wound anywhere in our anatomy where the eye cannot see on its own.

Dreaming with Mirror is an oneiric experience that has a great variety of meanings since in the dream we must take into account the characteristics existing in the dream, a very common example is to dream that you see your reflection in the mirror.

This has as meaning the way to see us, the magnitude of our acts, be good or bad, but if you dream of a mirror without reflection, do not fear, as this means protection, but we must take into account the physical aspect of the mirror, if you are in a bad state, it does not mean protection, but a warning that something is coming.

Dream of broken mirror

The meaning of this dream depends on when the mirror was broken. If the mirror breaks during sleep it means that you want to break with old habits or the image of yourself. But if in the dream the mirror is already broken it is a sign of bad omen, even death.

To dream of looking at yourself in the mirror

To dream of seeing you in the mirror your reflection is completely clear, symbolizes a perfect union with yourself, your spirit and your body and the possibility of carrying out your projects. On the other hand, if looking at your reflection causes you anxiety, it means you are afraid that some aspects of your life may be discovered.

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Dreaming of a mirror

This is a good sign for your life, since dreaming of a mirror means you have emotional security and high self-esteem, you are not afraid to be ignored or rejected by people who are not equal to you, you show yourself as you are and you show your sincerity

Dreaming of a mirror without reflection is a pretty strong dream experience as it can mean that you are a person with low self-esteem, that you don’t feel, don’t reflect and sometimes don’t think that you exist, you probably don’t know much about yourself at the moment, or what others may perceive about yourself.

To dream that you break a mirror

To dream that you break a mirror is not a bad omen. If it’s you who breaks the mirror, it probably means that you want to break with the image you have of yourself or that others have or may have of you, you don’t like what you see, and that’s why you’re trying to break your reflection.


  • Dreaming of known people in a mirror: be careful, it means that you have to pay more attention to this person’s true attitude since you don’t really know her.
  • To dream that animals appear in a mirror: this is a warning, means that in the immediate future you will have certain problems, but calm, take a deep breath and face them.