Every special moment must be celebrated, that is something that cannot be denied. Whether it’s something as important as a wedding or a graduation, or something simpler like the farewell of a friend moving to another country or seeing you pass on that stuff you thought was lost. You think so much about the celebration that it makes it impossible for you not to dream about parties.

However, dreaming about parties can be confusing when you know there is nothing to celebrate. So what does it mean to dream about parties? Experts point out that this dream experience is usually associated with a real event that is close to happening and that you want to witness and enjoy to the fullest. Likewise, it also has to do with the desire to meet new people, to have a more active nightlife. However, you should keep in mind that this dream can sometimes contain a negative interpretation.

However, that the interpretation of dreaming of a party is negative or positive is closely to the sensations you experience during sleep. If during the dream you can see that you are in the middle of a party where you have fun and meet new people, the meaning is very easy to decipher you need to go out and enjoy good times.

However, there are those who point to this dream as an omen of new times full of love and happiness. The important thing is that you enjoy the moment once it comes to you. If during the party you dream that you dance with a person of opposite sex, it is a sign that you are close to bonding in marriage if you have a partner; if you do not have a partner, then this dream is a sign that you will experience a passionate romance, just go out and look for it.



Once you discover the wonderful meaning of dreaming of parties, you will only want to go out and celebrate with each of the people who want to join your party and have a great time. You will celebrate life and the possibility of living in a beautiful world, you will celebrate the joy of having around you exceptional beings that inspire you to grow in this world and take over it, doing what makes you happy and fills you with life.

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However, you can dream of being alone at a party; at this point, the interpretation takes a darker or negative color. In particular, this is a dream that reveals absences, specifically of people who are far away or of lost loves. It can also seen as a material loss.

When dreaming of parties, you need to pay attention to the details as they play a key role in discovering their meaning. An example is clothing. If when you dream about parties you feel uncomfortable because the clothes you wear are not consistent, this is a sign of your subconscious to indicate your self-esteem problems. Either you have an inferiority complex or you feel like you do not fit into a social circle.

Dreaming of a family party

Maybe your dream is based on a party where your family is the protagonist. This can be interpreted in two ways: dreaming of a family party can portray an early meeting that you eagerly desire to arrive quickly; it can also mean that it has been a long time since the last family party and you are nostalgic for those moments.

Dream wedding party

Experts in onirology point out that dreaming of a wedding party has a close link to the abundance a person can have. For example, if you dream that everyone feels happy and there is food in large quantities, then abundance has come or is soon to come into your life. On the other hand, if during sleep you notice that the party is modest to the point where it is uncomfortable, it may turn out quite the opposite.

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It may be days away and suddenly you’re dreaming of a birthday party. When this happens and it is not precisely, because you have spoken about it, it means that you are living a moment of your life in which you feel very comfortable with your life: who you are, what you have achieved, the people around you, your work, finances, and more. You know that no matter how old you are or will be, it does not influence the way you enjoy it as it is up to you and not a date.

Dream marriage party

This is a dream that many (both men and women) can cause excitement and enthusiasm, because dreaming of a marriage party is a sign that you feel ready and eager to get married.

Dream of a children’s party

If you have not been invited or planned a children’s party, then dreaming of a children’s party is likely to have meaning for you. This dream experience is a sign that excellent news is about to come into your life in a similar amount to the children you saw in your dream enjoying and celebrating.

You’ll feel just like them, happy to celebrate, play and share. It may be the beginning of a new friendship or a new relationship, the arrival of that job proposal you so long hoped for. New things that will make you feel like a kid at a party. If this has been your dream, then get ready because the best is yet to come.