Dreaming of peacocks is a good sign. This animal has gone through several facets in human history, once becoming an exotic bird and only exclusive to kings. But over time, it became a companion bird for many people. Today, it is an animal of great value and appreciation.

From the above, we understand that dreams with peacock value you as a person. That is, it is a sign of your confidence and what you are capable of doing, impressing other people. Although it seems complex to understand, imagine that you are a peacock and that all the feathers on your body will be your letter of introduction.

However, just understanding the color of the feathers, whether it was attacking, calm or perhaps dead, could indicate a different meaning for peacock dreams. Therefore, it is necessary to describe every possible scenario and try to remember most of the details that happened in your dream.



It should be clarified that dreams with peacocks are not common. Sometimes you dream about them because you saw them during the day or were chased by one, since most of the time these animals are defending their territory and do not tolerate strange visitors. If you recently lived an experience similar to this one, it is likely that you dream of a peacock, so describing its meaning, loses some sense.

But if the above is not your case and you suddenly have a dream with a peacock, try to describe mainly its color and its state of calm or aggressiveness in which it was. To properly understand this dream, we will describe the most common scenarios and colors.

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Dreaming of a peacock

If you don’t remember the details, but you dreamed of a peacock, it means that you are someone very self-confident. As it mentioned before, a peacock always wants to show everything it has in its body, so this dream portends that you are ready to take on the world. However, dreaming of a peacock can also be negative for you.

When you go to extremes, you become very vain, self-centered and intolerable. You can become someone who only wants to show off their plumage, forgetting about humility and being sociable. When you dream of a peacock, do not forget that what is important in your life are your feelings, but always count on the help of others.

Dreaming of a white peacock

If you dreamed of a white peacock this calm with your present. It is a way to remember that you have a stable economy, you feel good health and you think you have a good run. Although this dream is descriptive, it does not fail to warn you that peace of mind is based on security and you cannot simply let your guard down.

When you dream of a white peacock, wake up to organize your life in a better way and analyze the investments you have or are about to make, so that unforeseen events are always preceded by a work plan.

Dreaming of peacock feathers

To dream of peacock feathers can be interpreted positively or negatively. In this dream depends a lot on your personality, since it describes your behavior in front of others. In general, you became someone superficial, self-centered, vain and materialistic. You are someone unknown to those who distinguish you for a long time and this begins to annoy them.

If you dream of peacock feathers it is in your hands to decide your future, because for some people vanity and material is the most important thing. Now, if you do not want this way, then this dream tells you that you should control this behavior a little, so as not to scare your social circles.

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Dreaming of flying peacock

Did you dream of peacock flying? Then you have great self-esteem and self-confidence. Regardless of your current situation, this dream describes that you are someone clinging to your goals and objectives. You are willing to overcome the barriers that are appearing in the last few weeks, as you consider that something greater is waiting for you at the end of the road. If you dream of a peacock flying, it augurs good luck, good feelings and pleasant people.

Dreaming of peacock attacking

If you dream of a peacock attacking it attracts good news, even if the path is a little confusing for you. It is a time when news, experiences and new situations come into your life in an unexpected way. In some cases, it is considered an omen for the arrival of a new member to your family, be it a child or a nephew.

Dreaming of a red peacock

A dream vision with red peacock portends thanks to you or given by you to others, as you understand that teamwork and good social circles are key to success. However, it also describes opportunities in your life, that is, constant offers to evolve and get extra money to stabilize your economy.

Dreaming of black peacock

A dream with black peacock means that you are being attacked by bad energies. You are surrounding yourself with toxic people who only want to get something from you and who are jealous of what you have achieved. These people disguise themselves as good friends, when really they just want to absorb your energies and figure out a way to take advantage of your trust and betray you when they get the chance.

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Dreaming of a yellow peacock

Did you dream of a yellow peacock? Then it means that you should be confident in your upcoming business dealings or analyze your life before a new relationship with a partner. In general, it is an invitation for you to analyze everything before proceeding, as success will come quickly, but you need to be sure of what you have in your environment and in the case of a new partner, if your environment is willing to be shared with someone else.

To dream of a dead peacock

To dream of a dead peacock is a bad omen, as it means that something will not let you move forward in the following days. It may be a person, but it is usually a circumstance that prevents you from starting a new project, especially if it is lack of money. This dream warns you that you should be calm and take advantage of the first opportunity you have, no matter how small you think it is for you.


  • To dream of a blue peacock means good luck in the following days, so you can risk small gambles and investments that do not put all your capital at risk.
  • To dream of a peacock without feathers means that there are people or situations that are only delaying your personal growth. It is a way of warning you that you should look for another path in order to take off.
  • To dream of a very small peacock signifies low self-esteem and a desire to be motivated by someone else. It is a good time to look for new friendships and activities to do.
  • To dream that you are afraid of a peacock means that you want to make a positive change in your life, but are afraid of the results. Change always generates doubts, but in general these doubts will prepare you to face reality.