Some dreams may not be very pleasant and dreaming about robbery is one of them. People who have this type of dreams, the only thing they want is to wake up to get rid of them.

Dreams of theft can be categorized as nightmares. However, they actually deserve a little more attention from the dreamer. Dreams where theft takes place have many interpretations.

They usually show how weak and manipulable a person can be. Although on the other hand, these dreams can refer to how brave the dreamer is when facing great challenges.

Dreams with theft, we can also interpret them as «a glimpse into the future», something is coming to your life, and whatever it is, it will act in a fast way, you must be attentive to every dream vision of this type.


The most accurate meaning that has been given to this type of dreams, is the fear that the person feels of being betrayed by someone very close. It is no secret that interpreting a dream can be a big headache, we do not know if in reality our brain is playing a bad joke, or if something is really happening.

However, we can not rule out the idea that the presence of dreaming of theft may be due to the memory of a not very pleasant situation in which the dreamer is stripped of their personal things. Actually there are many interpretations of this type of dreams, whether you dream, for example, of the theft of a motorcycle or a car, they can have several perspectives.

Dreaming of motorcycle theft

To dream of the theft of a motorcycle can be interpreted as the fear that the person feels of losing it, that vehicle has much relevance in the dreamer’s life and therefore, the mere thought that someday he may lose it, produces this type of dream. Now, if in the dream the motorcycle is stolen by someone the dreamer knows, this will try to say that it is time to clarify the problems with that person. It is time to turn the page and meet again.

Dreams with a car theft

This dream has different interpretations than the previous one, although in both the dreamer is the victim of a car theft. Dreams with car theft are a good omen. Good news will knock at your door, you must be attentive. Although, this dream can put in evidence the way of being somewhat egocentric of the dreamer, since with this type of dreams, the person demonstrates how relevant they are in your life objects of great value, such as a car. These dreams usually occur in people who have recently acquired a car.

Dreaming of a burglary at home

This dream will remind you of the disappointment you felt when someone has come along and betrayed your trust. Although it will also try to alert you, since it is very likely that you are the victim of a robbery. If you want to know the object that will be taken from your hands, you must pay enough attention to the dream, pay attention to the small details, in them is always the key. The house represents your being, and when it is stolen, you feel devastated. In addition, your emotions will be interrupted by the bad attitude that you always have present. If you don’t improve the way you are, this will create problems for you, and very serious ones! Both at work and at home.

Dreams with theft at work

The dream vision with theft at work, shows your fear of being betrayed in the work environment, but not only that, you are afraid to realize projects, and although this helps you to avoid bad business, you may be losing the best opportunities of your life. Of course, with this we are not trying to tell you to accept any type of proposal, because you should always be attentive, but you should not let your insecurity take over you. There are people who do not want to see you succeed, but there are also those who want to help you, give them the opportunity to do so.

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Dreaming of burglary in someone else’s house

If during the dream you try to prevent them from carrying out the robbery, but your efforts are useless, or worse, you remain motionless observing the situation. Although it may be hard to believe, this dream represents power, and at the same time vulnerability. However, if the house belongs to a friend, this could mean bad news for that person, you should approach him, because he is about to go through the most unpleasant moments of his life, from the presence of family problems, the loss of someone special, being fired from his job, and more.

Dreams with frustrated robbery

The level of aggression that is observed during the dream, will show how bad you feel internally, there is something you want and need to change, but you do not feel strong enough to do it. The fact that the negative way you have of seeing life at the moment is shown in dreams, means that you are about to reach the limit of everything, you will explode and you will not be able to avoid it. You must work on improving, do it not only for yourself, but also for the people around you, as they may be hurt by what you say or do.

Dreaming of wallet theft

If you experience this type of dream, your feelings are about to come out, and they will, but not as you expected. You will feel that someone wants to hurt you, sentimentally speaking, and you will close all access to you. In your wallet are your most important documents, and feeling that you are the victim of a robbery where your wallet is taken away can make your head blow up. You will be filled with insecurity, you will feel empty and very vulnerable. Things will not be in your favor so, in the presence of these dreams you will have to be very strong.

Dreams with money theft

These dreams are a bad omen, you should be prepared, because bad news is coming, and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to prevent your family from being harmed by the situation. The situation will become difficult, the time will come to show the affection you feel as a family. The support will be almost obligatory. Debts will approach, some very high, so much that, you will have to sell some property to get out of the situation. And if that were not enough, this situation will directly affect your work.

To dream of robbery and thieves

If in the dream, you find yourself being robbed, and you can not see the face of the thieves, this can only mean that loneliness will knock on your door sooner than you imagine. This dream usually appears in people who are going through a bad situation in their lives. Depression will take hold of them, and this will make them vulnerable. They will not be in control of their actions and will need others to make decisions for them. If on the other hand, you are enjoying the best moments of your life, and you have this dream, you should stop your projects, since people with bad intentions will approach you.

Dreams with robbery and police

This can be one of the most controversial dreams, the dreamer must decide whether to do things it or not. It is very important to make a decision as soon as possible. This dream can also originate due to the wrong attitude that the person is taking, and understand that it is time to change. Now, if during the dream you are chased by the police, you should take the precautions you consider necessary because, bad news will be very close to you. However, this dream gives a new opportunity to the dreamer, try to show him that it is not too late and he can still change.

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  • If during the dream you stop the thief, this means that you are not satisfied with the pace of life you lead, you are trying to improve, but there is still something that prevents you.
  • If you dream that you are in a bank and you notice that it is about to be robbed, this dream reveals your concerns, you want to emerge but you have no idea how to do it. You are going on a journey that you do not know what to take, and all the changes will take you by surprise.
  • The dream vision with robbery, where you are also a hostage. It indicates that you should be attentive to your income, there are people very close to you, who are taking advantage of your situation. This dream applies to work and/or sentimental experiences.
  • If in the dream you are the thief. You feel remorse for something you did in the past, you have noticed that this act has generated problems for others, and that does not let you sleep. However, this dream can also originate from the fear you feel of losing something very valuable.
  • If you dream that you are the victim of a robbery and you cannot see anything, you should be strong, the loss of a loved one is coming.
  • In dreams where, you are the thief and you happen to be arrested by the police. It is the perfect time to repent for everything you have done, otherwise you will have to pay for your actions. It is a sign you cannot ignore.
  • If you dream that your house is robbed and you manage to see the thief, this is a good sign. Positive changes are coming to your life. It is very likely that you will be promoted or, if you are single, you will meet someone who will make you very happy. There will be no more obstacles. Luck will play in your favor.
  • Dreams where your house is robbed but you are not in it at the time of the robbery, may mean betrayal, in case you have a partner, it is time to set the record straight. With this type of dreams, you should be very attentive to the people around you, some will not have good intentions.
  • If you dream that your clothes are stolen, including your jewelry, your work life will have a strong impact, you should pause the business you are about to do because you could be harmed. In the same way, you need to be careful with every step you take, there is someone close to you at work who does not like to see you emerge, and will try to steal your ideas.
  • If you are the protagonist of the robbery and during the dream you only want to get jewelry, this shows how superficial you are¸ you like expensive things and the good life, and not according to this, you love the idea that others know you. By having this type of dream, you imply that you need attention, being the center of everything is your reason for living.
  • The dream vision with robbery in places like banks, and also, the dreamer is the thief, he must change his way of living, there is something that is directly affecting your income, if you do not take the necessary precautions you could lose a lot of money.
  • If you dream of a bank robbery, and you are at a «safe distance», this is a good omen. You are looking for a balance between your work and your love life and you will achieve it. Avoid getting stuck in situations that do not concern you, devote yourself to solve only your problems, after achieving it, try to help others, but do it from a «safe distance».
  • In dreams where you steal and also, you have the company of a friend, but he is captured, you can interpret this experience as positive. These dreams are trying to tell you that you can place all your trust in the person who was arrested, as long as the relationship with this person is pleasant. If, on the other hand, you do not have good communication with her, the best thing to do is to establish your own limits. The farther away that «friend» is, the better for you.
  • If in the dream you manage to steal a large amount of money, and you feel happy about it, you should start paying all your debts. Money is important, yes! But if you want to have good fortune in business, you must return all the money that the person close to you lent you, and do it as soon as possible, otherwise, you will lose his trust and you will only gain an enemy. While you have this type of dream, you should put business aside.
  • If you dream that you steal but, you are discovered, you should immediately change your way of being, even if you are being careful, there is something wrong with it and this will affect you in the near future. Besides, your life may be in danger, be careful!
  • If during the robbery you die, don’t worry, nothing bad will happen, this dream is just trying to tell you that someone very close to you needs your help, they are in serious trouble and only you can help them. Although the dream can be somewhat frustrating you must remain calm.
  • Dreams where you see someone very close to you being robbed, show your bad character. You have adopted a negative attitude that will only cause you problems, but that attitude will not only affect you, but also all the people in your social circle.
  • If in the dream you are listening to the experience regarding a robbery that a friend had. This shows your dissatisfaction, how empty you feel, you want to have more things, better income, an enviable love life, but you have not achieved it and you are aware that you have not done anything to have the life you long for.
  • If in the dream someone wants to steal your belongings and you run to avoid it. Gray days are coming, the impact of the changes will be so strong that you will not be able to face them alone. You should be prepared for any news, I assure you that these will not be to your liking.
  • In dreams where you are robbed and the thief points a gun at you, these are signs of arguments. Probably the situation with your partner or at work is not going well, and an argument is about to occur, a situation that will bring consequences for both of you.
  • Dreams in which you are robbed and also get hurt, regardless of the type of weapon used for it, show that you feel ashamed for something that happened in the past and you still can not overcome. Although they can also mean that someone very close to you is trying to play a dirty trick on you, from which you will be harmed and the damage will directly aggravate your emotional state.
  • If in the dream you enter your house and notice that your things are gone, interpret it as frustration. You are a person who feels capable of doing everything you set out to do, but an act you committed in the past prevents you from moving forward. Your goals are fixed, but perhaps you feel the obligation to give up.
  • If you dream that you steal clothing. You feel lonely, and you need to have a sentimental experience. The idea of needing someone by your side keeps you awake at night. If you are in a relationship and have this type of dream, you can take it as a warning, your partner does not feel comfortable with the attitude you have had recently.
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