The meanings of dreaming of a song are many, but in general they tend to announce bad things. Often these types of dreams represent a person’s emotions. A dream with a song will have many meanings and they will depend on what the person hears in the dream.

The dream, of course, will have a different meaning if you hear music of the person’s taste or some other unknown melody. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the lyrics and rhythm, as they may contain revealing messages.

If, for example, the song heard in dreams is harmonious and pleasant, it tends to mean that the dreamer is going through a happy time in his life. It also announces that soon they will be able to solve those problems and conflicts that do not allow them to sleep.


Dreams with a song can symbolize the level of pleasant or sad emotions that the dreamer has in his life. It is possible that the dreamer has also overcome some trials that were in his way and is getting closer and closer to success.

If the dream is repeated and an unpleasant song is heard in it, it is likely that the dreamer has problems to relate and accept the help of the people around him. This can cause work and family problems.

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Dreaming of a sad song

These dreams usually mean that the person feels distressed and that a number of problems are not allowing him to perform in the best way. Many projects will not be carried out if you continue to have negative thoughts.

Dreaming of a romantic song

Romantic melodies mean an announcement about the sentimental life that the dreamer is leading. This type of dream indicates that the person should pay more attention to his or her partner or, that memories of the past are occupying his or her dreams.

Dreams with songs that do not exist

In general this dream is interpreted as the way in which the dreamer is being carried away by emotions. It indicates a union of feelings that he cannot so easily clarify.

Dreaming of songs of God

These dream experiences are a sign that the dreamer should pay more attention to his spiritual life. It announces that he has not been grateful for the simple things in life for a long time and that he should begin to do so. It also indicates that he should never lose faith. To dream of songs of God denotes tranquility and well-being, as well as upcoming success in work projects.

Dreams with Christian songs

This type of dream indicates that the person is becoming very attached to the earthly life and not to the spiritual. Like the previous one, it invites you not to forget your faith, beginning to pray and value everything that has been given to you.

Dreaming of a lullaby

To dream of a lullaby means that the dreamer has a sense of tranquility and well-being. It is an indication that a time of happiness and prosperity is coming. In some cases it also announces the arrival of a new member of the family.

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Dreams with birthday song

This type of dream reflects joy in the dreamer’s life. In general, to dream of birthday songs means that the person remembers the happy moments of his life and that he always keeps them in mind. It also indicates that he/she needs a touch of joy in his/her life and that he/she will be able to achieve it by going out with friends or sharing with family members.

Dreaming of a wedding song

This dream can be interpreted as the arrival of engagements or wedding vows related to the dreamer. It reflects the good feelings that one has for the couple and the desire for the relationship to be consolidated. Wedding songs are a sign of love, prosperity and happiness.

Dreams with children’s songs

This type of dream reflects the inner child of the person. To dream of a children’s song reflects peace and joy. But that’s not all, since, sometimes the meaning can vary between the good memories you have from childhood or, the announcement of the arrival of a new member.