One of the most important elements of the dream world is water. There are many reasons to dream of water and there are many ways it can occur. Example of this is the dream pool. As in other dreams with water, dreaming with swimming pool has different meanings, in addition to the peace and purity that water represents.

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It is the subconscious that through dream experiences tends to give messages, indicating your strongest concerns, showing what your weaknesses are and even revealing your most hidden feelings. It is not easy to discover the meanings of dreams, as they tend to present situations and elements that are unusual in order to make us understand a message.

Dreaming about a pool is a very powerful way in which your subconscious tries to make you see certain features hidden inside you that your conscious brain is not able to show. This is a very interesting dream experience as it has a close relationship with your attitude and emotions in the face of various life situations and the obstacles that often arise daily.

In order to interpret a dream correctly, you must pay attention to every detail of it. Every element and every person that can be shown plays an important role. The meaning of dreaming about swimming pool will also depend on the state of the water, it is likely that the water is clean, dirty, empty, with sharks or more.

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Experts in onirology point out that the meaning of dreaming about swimming pool is related to freedom. Water is an element that adapts to all environments and is one of the most important of nature, but above all it flows in the direction it pleases.

In addition, dreaming of a swimming pool indicates that you are in perfect harmony with yourself, you feel completely revitalized. It also reveals that you have a quiet, friendly and slow personality for anger.

On the other hand, other meanings of dreaming about swimming pool indicate that you are a person who is subjected to the stress imposed by society. It’s time for you to step aside and enjoy a good vacation, get on a plane and fly away to forget about economic or labor concerns.

You have a lot of problems that are probably taking your sleep away. Pools and calm tend to appear more in that aspect in your dream world. Disconnecting from everything will help you renew your energies and improve your health. You’ll come back much harder and do everything with better performance.

As you can see, the meanings of the most frequent swimming pool dream are opposite. If you want to know the exact interpretation of your dream experience with swimming pool, you should pay attention to the context and compare it with your current situation.

Dream of swimming in a pool

Dreaming about swimming in a pool reveals that at this point in your life you have chosen to determine small goals and realize them one by one. You work on one until you get it to materialize as you’ve previewed it, and it’s not until then that you decide to go after another goal.

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In addition, dreaming of swimming in a swimming pool can have a more complex meaning if you can detail the appearance of the water. Pay attention to these details.

Dreaming of a swimming pool

Dreaming about a pool is the way your subconscious reveals that you distrust people around you. There are certain reactions or attitudes on the part of those around you that make you feel misunderstood and uncomfortable. It is time for you to learn to adapt to situations and do not let this negatively influence your feelings and thoughts.

Dreaming with blue water pool

Dreaming with blue water pool shows you have very good links with other people. You must be someone who values these friendships and don’t let them be affected by small problems. It may also indicate that you need to resolve certain issues that you have been postponing for some time. Don’t let them build up, they can end up causing a big mess.

Dream of clean water in a pool

Dreaming of clean water in a pool is the way your subconscious shows you your most spiritual “I”. You are in the middle of a period of happiness and stability after having lived through various difficult situations. Enjoy that bath in the pool with clean water, it’s a dream of very good omen.

Dream of a pool empty

Dreaming of an empty pool is an alert from your subconscious about your next economic decision. You need to think carefully about the next step because it probably won’t come out the way you expect.

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Dream of a big pool

Dream of a large pool is related to your professional and academic successes. This is your way of appreciating the opportunities you have in life. However, it may also indicate that you feel disoriented and do not know which direction to take in your life.

Dreaming of a pool with crystal clear water

Dreaming of a pool with crystal clear water reveals that you are about to enter a very good season financially where you will know well how to manage your finances correctly. The bad expenses have been in the past and that’s what you’ve been avoiding for some time now.

Likewise, dreaming of a pool with crystal clear water is a good omen, you will receive unexpected money. In addition, this dream experience also refers to the virtues necessary for you to lead a full life where in most cases you will be able to see the glass half full instead of seeing it half empty.

Dream of sharks in a pool

Dreaming about sharks in a pool is a warning message from your subconscious. You have enemies around you waiting for you to lower your guard to attack you. Note that they are intelligent enemies, they seek to attack you in a moment where you are distracted. Stay alert at all times, even in your relaxation time.

Dreaming of a dirty pool

Dreaming of a dirty pool is an oneiric experience that reveals a bad omen. You’re about to get into a slump. Depending on how dirty the pool is, the worse the situation you’ll have to face. It is your mission to stay strong in order to overcome this bad time, so your subconscious has begun to warn you about this event.