When we receive a visit from a person in real life, certain emotions can be triggered. From joy, sadness, rejection or even discomfort. For that reason, dreaming of a visit is directly associated with the person we see and the feelings that he or she makes us feel at that moment.

Visits are a way of relating socially. They are a starting point to forge better bonds with our friends and loved ones. In dreams, visits can be from friends or family, even animals! And each one of them has a different connotation because our bond with that person is different.

Those who frequently dream of receiving visitors, is a person who is characterized by having a sociable, charismatic and kind personality. Well, we can not only receive a visit to socialize. But also, in case that special person requires a helping hand. Therefore, these dreamers are very human beings.


Dreams with visitors can sometimes, depending on the context, also symbolize aspects of our health. For if we feel discomfort towards that person and do not even let him or her in, it means that our physical well-being is getting worse. You should pay attention to this warning, to avoid possible diseases that may pose a danger to your health.

Likewise, visits can also be made by us to certain specific places. And of course, all scenarios and people who are present at the time of the dream manifestation must be evaluated. Therefore, the meaning of dreams with visits to places such as a hospital, the hairdresser, a cemetery, a house, a prison and even a town, we describe them below.

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Dreaming of visiting relatives

Those who dream of visiting relatives at home and it is messy, it is a sign that unfavorable events or situations are about to happen. You would have to face these problems head on and resolve them before dealing with anything else. If you talked to that family member, it could reveal your state of mind after dealing with those problems.

If the relatives who visited you were your parents, it might point out that some future events might take place regarding one of them. Your mother or father, in this case, could become the source of some surprising news that could change your opinion of her and perhaps cause you to feel disappointed or embarrassed.

On the other hand, if the visitors you received were cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or children, they probably reflect your low self-esteem. You may need to recognize your own strengths and unique qualities in order to gain confidence and conquer your fears.

Dreams that your ex visits you

The dream interpretation when your ex visits you, means that you will find a creative means to get the attention of someone who is important to your plans. Because of this, you will be able to solve business problems through the help of other people.

To dream of a visitor

If you dream of a visitor it reveals a fear of having your privacy invaded. This is probably a reflection of your anxiety about being discovered or losing your personal space. The visits we are given are symbols of goodwill. And usually, they refer to kindness and nurturing, strength and well-being.

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Dreams with surprise visit

To dream of a surprise visit could portend certain problems in your upcoming relationship. These future problems could be similar to those you had with your ex-boyfriend and could have a similar origin. Be careful how you choose your next partner when starting a new relationship, and make sure you know what you are getting into.

Dreaming of visiting friends

Being visited by your friends during a dream vision, whether at home or at work, usually alludes to positive events taking place in your future. This is especially true if your friends looked happy or in a good mood when you saw them. If they looked tired or upset on the visit, it may suggest negative or unfortunate circumstances that would make your daily existence more difficult. If they were wearing white or black clothing, it may specifically indicate a single event that would change your life for the worse.

Dreams of a visitor in my home

Having your family visit you in your home at some point during a dream could reveal an occasion where you will spend a lot of money. Depending on the circumstances of this vision and the other symbols present, it may be for a good or bad reason. For example, you may suddenly and unexpectedly have to pay a fine or have to have some repair work done on your vehicle.

Dreams of visiting a house

Dreams of visiting a house and discovering that it is in good condition and comfortable to live in, mean that you will be the recipient of good news. In addition, you will experience a happy and prosperous life. The house in good condition is a symbol of balance, blessings and a full life full of abundance and prosperity.

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To dream of a visit to jail

Prisons in dreams do not bode well. They are a symbol of upcoming negative events. This dream may be a representation of someone close to you who you think is harmless and possibly even idolizes you. This tendency to underestimate this person could backfire on you, as illustrated by the imprisonment.

Dreams of visiting a village

This dream reveals your tendency to create an alternate reality in your mind, as a way of escaping their problems. It may also mean that you recognize that certain attributes of the town you are visiting may add to your personality. In other contexts, it symbolizes an escape you must make from your work or professional life in order not to collapse.

To dream of visiting a school

If you have dreamed of visiting a school that may seem unfamiliar or old to you, it means that you are endowed with the ability to become a great writer. You could compose rewarding and well-written novels and also be a very successful author. Conversely, if it was the school where you used to study, you may receive a juicy professional proposal.