Today, one of the celebrations that has the most social impact is the celebration of the union between two people: marriage. That’s why it’s so common to have dreams in wedding dresses if you’re in a relationship. This simple garment represents in the life of the woman the most significant costume of her life, as it involves intense emotions and a before and after in the course of her life.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make in trying to interpret their dreams is that they assume that they have concrete meanings. For example, if a married or engaged woman and a single woman with no intention of getting married dream of the same type of wedding dress, it would make no sense for the dream to give the same meaning for both cases, even though they involve similar details and the context is basically the same.

For this reason, dreams must be interpreted under the magnifying glass of the dreamer and taking into consideration small aspects of the person’s consciousness in order to obtain a correct interpretation. This is because people have different beliefs, values and ideals; so it would be absurd to assume that the same dream will have the same meaning at all times.

It is also necessary to clarify that not only do women dream in wedding dresses, as men can also experience such dreams, although the meaning for both varies greatly.



Wedding dresses as symbols within dreams imply that you long to be part of a society or an ad eternum relationship; that is, that it has a perennial duration in time. If you dream of wedding dresses, it means that you feel emotionally attached to people close to you or behaviors you usually perform. Wedding dresses on the dream plane are not only a reflection of the feelings sheltered about marriage, but also of the general commitment to any kind of project.

Similarly, dreaming of wedding dresses can be a reflection that you are mentally or emotionally prepared to engage and “marry” some specific behaviors, being a clear reflection of your thoughts about taking responsibility. Although, on the other hand, on the negative side the wedding dress might represent that your personality is indefinitely assuming a behavior that goes against your good intentions; even knowing how harmful it may be for you to take such a stance.

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Despite, the wedding dress, according to the connotation it possesses within the dream, can throw a different meaning, so below is taken into consideration the different panoramas in which you can visualize a wedding dress.

Dream of a white wedding dress

The dreams in which a white wedding dress appears are often the most recurrent. If you are about to marry or are considering the possibility with your partner, the fact that you have experienced this dream shows that you are prepared or ready to acquire such a level of commitment, and that you will do everything possible to maintain a stable relationship.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a vision of getting married in the near future, the white wedding dress in your dreams represents for you that you are about to take a totally significant step and that will represent a positive turn in your life, as you are in every desire to take it forward.

Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress

If you dream that you’re wearing a wedding dress, the main logical explanation is that you really want to get married. If that is the case, then perhaps this is the correct interpretation. Sometimes dreams are the person’s specific desires. If this is not your case, it may be because you are dedicating yourself with great effort to something that requires a high level of responsibility and dedication on your part, so that dress becomes the esoteric representation of that thing or project that so much asks of you.

Dream of a black wedding dress

Dream of a black wedding dress represents an excessive attitude on your part to permanent decision-making. You may be feeling pressured to make a perpetual commitment to your partner or any other long-term obligation in your life. The symbolism of black wedding dresses in dreams reflects that panic is motivating you to make permanent decisions and you are feeling that you must do something enduring and stable over time.

Dream of a red wedding dress

The red colour on wedding dresses within the dream plane becomes a representation of the negative intentions of making a decision. These negative intentions can involve lies, deceit, theft or intimidating others to get something in return. Red wedding dresses in dreams are not a good sign, because of their indications that you feel compelled to accept a situation that is not positive.

Therefore, if you are about to get married or are formalizing your current relationship, be sure of the type of person you will be with, as you have unconsciously noticed details in your personality that make you doubt your integrity, so you should study your partner more carefully. Acquiring such a level of responsibility is not a game.

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Dream of broken wedding dress

If you dreamed that the wedding dress was broken, it can symbolize your fears and strong prejudices about engagement. It can also mean that some past events may cause your marriage to be imperfect. For example, women who dream of a wedding dress that in addition to being broken is dirty, they tend to have lost virginity, and have been pregnant before marriage, what makes them feel terrible about themselves, due to the social prejudices that abound with regard to chastity.

On the other hand, if the dress is also stained, it means that you feel that certain details of your personality that you consider defects can bring problems when you acquire a responsibility or commitment with similar importance to that of the marriage. Whatever the situation may be, be frank with your partner and expose your uncertainties, if it will be your partner for the rest of your days it must accept you as you are.

Dream of seeing wedding dress

If within your dreams you are seeing a wedding dress in the distance, it can be a reference to a successful bond that has been generated between male and female values within you. Some married women when visualizing bridal dresses in their dreams often mistakenly assume that it is a premonition that their current marriage will fail, assuming that the wedding dress captured on the dream plane means that they will remarry; but in reality it is not, as the esoteric meaning of the dress is completely different.

Now, if the person who dreams of the wedding dress is engaged, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, it represents the nerves that this commitment carries. If it’s your situation, there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s normal to feel a little apprehension as you take such a big step in your life, and being the focus of attention at such an important event can generate some insecurity.

Dream of your wedding dress

Just because you’re dreaming about your wedding dress is a positive thing, it means that you and your partner are focused on your relationship. If the main image of your dream is the wedding dress itself, you should evaluate your relationship in conjunction with your partner, as the wedding dress in this context is considered as an outward appearance.

On the other hand, if in your dream you also visualize your partner, the dress goes to the background, because unconsciously you find yourself giving more importance to your partner and to the life together they have in sight.


  • If in your dreams someone else ruins a wedding dress, it can symbolize that you feel like you haven’t made the right decisions in your life, so that person in your dream who ruins the wedding dress represents your fears. You need to study the context of sleep, to detect what the problem is and how to remedy that situation. For example, if it is an animal that destroys the wedding dress, it means you have the feeling that someone you place great trust in can betray you in the future.
  • Usually, if you dream of someone else wearing a wedding dress, it usually means you’re a little jealous of the lifestyle that that person is wearing, especially if that person you dreamed of is close to you.
  • On the other hand, if that woman who stars in your dream uses the wedding dress outside of a wedding, it represents a sense of inferiority that you are harboring for that person unconsciously. Despite, you may also be dreaming of someone wearing a wedding dress because you’re willing to marry.
  • Dreams in which pink dresses appear, usually represent in an esoteric way love, fun or enjoyment, affection, happiness, affection and kindness. The feelings of being in love or being in a romantic relationship are often represented through this color. This implies that, if you have not yet married, your wedding will be like a fairy tale, as the love you feel for your partner is all that matters to you, and more significantly, that affection you are living at this time is reciprocated.
  • If you find yourself dreaming that you buy someone else’s wedding dress, it means that someone is using you for their own interest, and unconsciously this is becoming evident to you. However, you feel a level of responsibility towards that person to such a degree that you cannot get rid of that commitment. Try to find a way to keep these kinds of people out of your life, as they bring nothing good to your personal development.
  • Using a wedding dress in a dream out of the context of marriage, understand the event itself, means that you are experienced airs of greatness, which is turning you into an egotist person. This means that you feel like you’re on top of the rest, putting yourself on a pedestal and glorifying each and every one of your triumphs.
  • This is because your environment is becoming aware of your effort and abilities, which is giving you a somewhat vain attitude, as you want to be the center of attention; you want people to admire you. Of course, this kind of feeling is counterproductive. It is a good thing that you are aware of your value within the society in which you live, but you must not neglect values such as humility and modesty, after all, they are the ones that really manage to beautify a person.