Dreaming of a wife is naturally normal, but it is full of various interpretations for your future days. Your partner is the fundamental part of your family, since she will help take care of your interests and those of your children. If you dream of your wife it is generally positive, but in some cases it portends trouble.

Wives are the key to any family. Since history it is women who have caused everything from war to great alliances. It is worth remembering that women were used to join in marriage with men of important feudal houses. Since then, the value of marriage has persisted to this day.

A dream about your wife will define your next few days, although sometimes it simply represents the sexual desire you feel for that person. However, there are cases where infidelity or lies can be predicted through dreams.


Dreaming about your wife has several meanings. Usually it relates to the actuality with your partner, thus having pleasant dreams when they are in fullness. Occasionally, you will dream that your wife is cheating on you, but this is only part of a series of interpretations.

However, if you are being unfaithful or cheating on her with lies, it will be a dream that will haunt you everywhere. Here are the different meanings of dreaming about wife.

Dreaming of a pregnant wife

To dream that your wife is pregnant has several meanings. If she is not really pregnant, it means that you took on new responsibilities and desire a noticeable change in your life. If she is really pregnant, it is simply the mixed emotions about the new challenges that are coming with the arrival of a baby.

If you dream of wife announcing pregnancy it means that new goals will come into your life, especially business related ideas. To dream that your wife hides her pregnancy from you, foretells fears in the face of the new challenges that are coming.

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To dream that your wife loses her pregnancy is a sign that you need to be more responsible in your actions and mature a little. To dream that you are happy about your wife’s pregnancy, means that you are someone who is emotionally charged and will always attend in the most humble way to those around you.

Dreams with my lover’s wife

Did you dream about my lover’s wife? A bad time is coming in your life, especially because of situations of envy and jealousy. If you have a lover, this dream portends discussions with your partner and your beloved. However, these discussions will trigger conflicts in both relationships and you will end up really stressed.

Now, if you do not have a lover, this dream warns of nonconformity and discomfort with your current partner. If you dream of my lover’s spouse without a partner, it means that you desire a sexual relationship with someone, but you are afraid of the uncertain future in your life.

Dreaming that your wife cheats on you

A dream of a cheating spouse is very common. However, it is not a premonitory dream unless you really suspect cheating. In this case, it means that you will soon find answers to all your doubts, especially by the arrival of unexpected news.

Now, if there is no suspicion of cheating, but you dream that your wife cheats on you, then you are insecure. These are either mixed feelings about your ability to make your partner happy or you are starting to be affected by monotony. If you dream that your wife cheats on you, but you do not have a partner, it means that you need a more oriented sense in your life.

Dreams with another woman who is not my wife.

A dream with a lady who is not your wife portends changes and instability. If this woman is your lover, it means that you are someone who lacks emotions and wants new adventures. If this woman is not your mistress, it means that you are looking for an emotionally charged sexual adventure. However, in both cases it will result in great personal instability.

When you dream of another woman who is not your wife, try to think about your future. This dream also portends indecision, intolerance and lack of responsibility. The main affected will be your emotional and sentimental part, without forgetting the tranquility that you wish to have in the following days.

Dreaming of my ex’s wife

If you dream of my ex’s wife, having a current partner, it means that you miss the emotions you had with your ex-partner. It is a way of signaling you that the current routine does not please you and that your partner is not fulfilling you as you would like. Now, if you have a dream with your ex’s wife and you don’t have a partner, it means that you miss that person, especially the love, experiences and emotions he/she gave you.

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Dreams of wife making love

If you dream having sex with your wife it means mutual attraction. You are happy with your relationship and all the emotions that your partner gives you. It is a dream that portends good news, assured success and new job responsibilities. The more intense the dream of your spouse making love, the more good things will come in the following week.

Dreaming of a dead wife

A dream of a dead wife is negative for both of you. If you have a wife and she is alive, it means that soon there will be quite strong conflicts that can even lead to a marital separation. It is the result of constant arguments and lack of dialogue, respect and feelings. Now, if your wife is really dead, this dream would mean that you miss her, and moreover, that in the coming days you will receive good news.

Dreams with a friend’s wife

If you dream of a friend’s wife you are concerned about your friendship with that person. Sometimes it is your friend’s partner who forces or forbids him/her to meet you. In this case, this dream reflects all the threats that woman represents in your relationship. However, dreaming about your friend’s partner is not a reason to start new arguments, on the contrary, it is time to remedy the situation.

Dreaming that your wife leaves you

Did I dream that my wife leaves me? It means your insecurity, arguments and lack of direction in your life. Currently your partner represents your actuality, if you dream that your spouse leaves you, you are representing that everything important to you could quickly be lost. It is time to start planning your goals better, before continuing to make the same mistakes.

Dreams of your wife with another man

If you dream that your wife is with another man it reveals your insecurity. Regardless of your current situation, you are considering that your partner may quickly leave with someone else for not giving her what you consider necessary for her. However, it is a dream that warns about the lack of dialogue you have with your partner, especially asking her about what she is passionate about or would like to live in the future.

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Dreaming of a naked wife

A dream vision of your wife naked has two interpretations. In the first case, you are someone attracted to your wife and the desire to be with her is great. You are passionate about your partner and want to experience every possible emotion with her. In the second interpretation of this dream, you feel afraid, vulnerable and with the feeling that you will be embarrassed in the coming days. In this case, try to control your emotions and measure your actions.

Dreams with wife’s betrayal

If you dream that your wife betrays you, it foretells sentimental and material losses. It is a way of interpreting that everything around you is moving away from you. This dream is frequent when unexpected news arrives, a dismissal from work or any situation that interferes with your peace of mind. Your partner will reflect with betrayal, the greatest loss.

To dream of fighting with my wife

To dream of arguing with your wife means that she will soon find out something you were hiding from her. Your partner is distrustful of what you are doing, therefore, she is investigating your actions of the last few days. If you are being unfaithful, it is time to put that behind you and remedy the situation. If you are not cheating, but lying, it is time to tell the truth, as your wife is very soon to find out.

Dreams with sick wife

A dream vision with a sick wife, who is not sick, means the problems that will come in the coming days related to the family economy. However, you should take care of your wife’s health and well-being, especially related to stress.


  • If you dream that your wife is pregnant by another man, it means that you are full of anxiety and worries. You are worried about your own emotions, your goals and the few results you have in the last few days. However, it is a clear sign that you need to direct your life differently.
  • To dream that you kiss your friend’s wife means that someone is trying to destroy a friendship. It’s probably gossip, hypocrisy or false testimonies, but someone is trying to interfere in your friendship with a person important to you.
  • To dream of an angry and furious wife means that your behavior is getting out of control in situations that warrant keeping your cool. If you have just had an argument with your partner, this dream only reflects her emotions.