In your sleep, it is normal for planes to take the lead in your dream, revealing your goals and fears through different situations. That’s why dreaming about a plane or seeing you travel as a passenger in these metal birds is much more common than you think. Even this dream experience can be the illustrative method that your brain uses to convey a specific message to you and can only do so through your dreams.

Usually, it is very common for you to shop to dream about a plane if you plan to travel soon, so this dream would be a reflection of that anxiety you feel about your future journey. Now, if you’re not planning to travel soon, it’s important that you pay close attention to your dreams because your subconscious is probably trying to give you an important message.

We all know that planes are a means of transport that runs through the skies, being able to do what man cannot: fly. The fact of being able to fly has been the perfect symbol of freedom as flight allows us to reach places that by land it is impossible to know. Therefore, this dream in principle reveals to you that you need more freedom in your life, you long to be more independent and lead your life under your intuition. This is an oneiric experience that will lead you to meditate on your current actions.

Now, if you are looking to discover a more precise meaning, you should know that dreaming about a plane is closely related to success, covering both your economy and your professional career. It is very likely that this dream experience will indicate the arrival of a promotion in your work, or that money you invested long ago begins to pay dividends. In case you dream that you fly the plane, you should know that your subconscious urges you to take control of your life, acting correctly in the face of the weight decisions that usually arise in your life.



You should know that while the context of your airplane Dream plays an important role, onirology experts claim that this vision indicates your inner desire to conquer each of your goals and dreams, in the shortest time possible. The best reference to understanding this interpretation is your personality. You’re probably a resilient person who’s used to fighting at all costs to achieve what he’s after.

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On the other hand, you should know that dreaming of a high-flying plane is an oneiric vision that is usually experienced by those who have ambitious goals or very high goals. Don’t forget that it is important to analyze dreams from your personal perspective, only then will you discover your precise interpretation and know what awaits you in the future.

Dream of a plane crash

Dreaming of a crashed plane indicates that you are probably in the middle of a season where anxiety and stress reign. Don’t worry, because this is not a permanent thing, take advantage of learning from this situation, because you have been presented by some situation. In the same way, not knowing how to react to these moments, laden with stress, your subconscious mind shows you in dreams this painful situation with the intention that you can learn to handle situations with more calm. On the other hand, this dream can also be related to a loving breakup or a family member who will soon move away from you; you may also begin to change your habits, so in each of these processes it is necessary for something to die in order for the new to be born.

Dream of a plane falling

Dreaming of a plane that falls reflects a strong dependence on fear and the opinions of third parties. Dreaming of such accidents is the way your subconscious tells you that in a much deeper sense you are someone with a great fear of life. Where you are right now you are only waiting for what can happen. Remember, if you only expect the bad for your life, sadly that’s all you’ll get.

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Dream of a stopped plane

Dreaming of a plane standing indicates that something in your life is not marching in the right way and as much as you try not to achieve the necessary impulse to raise flight and make everything work again. In this case, this dreamy vision tells you that it will not be entirely easy for you to achieve what you have planned and you will probably need to look for other ways to achieve it or simply pause it until the right time comes. It is not a good dream at all, as it can relate to real failures. You can be affected in different areas of your life, both personally and professionally. You need to keep your mind active and try to avoid these failures. Staying alert will help you see the situation from a different perspective and minimize the consequences.

To dream of an airplane landing

Dreaming of a plane that lands is an oneiric experience that presents two interpretations, however, both speak of the end of a stage. If during your sleep the plane lands without any inconvenience it is because you will have the joy to see how this stage ends without any problem. You will achieve the goals you have set yourself and enjoy the results. On the contrary, if during the landing you see inconveniences and it is difficult to take the plane ashore, then you must prepare yourself because soon you will have to face some problem in order to achieve your goals.

Dream of a plane being bombed

Dreaming of a plane that is bombed reveals that you are a person with many thoughts going around in your head and you don’t stop thinking for at least a second. You need to find someone to talk to about it, or you’ll get so saturated that you’ll explode.


  • Dreaming about a plane taking off is an oneiric experience that marks the beginning of a new adventure or project in your life. Your mission is to keep the plane in the air and bring the journey to a successful conclusion. So you know that your adventure or project will end on good terms. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that you need to get out of the monotony that leads your life.
  • Dreaming about transshipment at an airport talks about a possible situation where you have no escape because you are facing a situation with different simultaneous decisions. It’s important that you pay attention to the airport planes in your dream and be sure that the plane you get on is the right one.
  • Dreaming of planes that fly to the ground is the way your subconscious does not indicate that you lack ambition or interest. On the contrary, you are the kind of person who even though he has his goals set high, he also keeps his feet on the ground, which gives you the advantage of practicality and realism when acting.
  • To dream of traveling on a plane and during the dream you feel free and full of happiness, then you must know that it has started a stage of your life where the opinions of third parties are not necessary and much less are the habits that in the past characterized you. This dream indicates that you have evolved exponentially and your goals and ideals are focused on the development of your being.
  • Dreaming about a toy airplane tells you that right now you have a childlike attitude when right now you need to take your life more seriously as an adult. It is possible that your inner child to feel displaced, and it is correct that on occasions give rise to your inner child, but you can’t let this take over your life, and let that take the limelight in everything that you do because you might regret the future consequences.
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