The assault is known as a form of robbery where violent abduction is carried out or under threat and intimidation. This violence is usually based on the use of white or firearms. Throughout our life we’ve probably had the misfortune to be the victim of an assault or witness to it.

There is No doubt that after witnessing an assault you will have either that same night or on subsequent nights dreams related to this traumatic experience so you do not need an interpretation for this dream. Instead, when you have not lived an experience of this kind and you come to dream of assault, then pay attention because you will need to discover its meaning.

What is the meaning of dreaming about an assault? In the first instance we cannot determine whether this is a negative interpretation of a dream that may be addressed by different scenarios. Everything that happens in the dream environment and the elements that make it up, are factors that will give you a precise interpretation.

In a general interpretation, dreaming of assault reveals that you are a person full of prudence, who likes to prevent evils, so you always act cautiously. In turn, your personality can cause an overwhelming sensation by being surrounded by people. In this situation you cannot control everything around you, which makes you uncomfortable with yourself because you cannot control the whole environment.



Knowing what it means to dream of assault is less complex than you imagine. If you dream that during the assault you will be assaulted with violence, this is a sign that you are a weak and easily convinced person.

This interpretation can be modified when in the dream you end up facing the muggers and turn the situation around. This means you’re a strong person with a great personality and you don’t let anything or anyone influence you. If during sleep you manage to react quickly and escape the assault unscathed, it means that you are a person with a lot of ability to solve situations and you will be able to get out of all the problems that occur throughout your life.

Do you often dream of an assault? In case your answer is yes, then there is a person who is testing you and does not manage to adjust you to his way of thinking or acting. During the assault weapons may appear, it is very common to dream of guns or firearms while dreaming of assault. If so, you will need to pay more attention to the details to get a much more accurate interpretation of your dream.

Dreaming of an assault at home

Dreaming of assault at home is a sign that infidelity is haunting your home. It may also happen that you dream of assault on your job, which means that someone close to you or an incompetent junior is jeopardizing your stability. Dreaming about assault at home also insinuates that you are at risk for a serious accident due to various carelessness and errors.

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Dream of a failed assault

Dreaming of failed assault is a clear revelation that, although you are being prudent and cautious, you are in danger because you are being so wrong. Examine carefully which areas of your life you are neglecting and make the appropriate adjustments.

Dream of an assault and death

Dreaming of assault and death can be an experience that disturbs you and even takes your sleep away. This is no reason to worry, it just means that someone close to you is in need of your advice.

Dream of a bank assault

Dreaming about bank robbery is an indication that your economic relationship is quite decadent and that is why you tend to live dream experiences where you see yourself making easy money, even if the method you use goes against your convictions. It’s the way your subconscious seeks to rid you of your heavy emotional burden caused by your economy.

Dreaming of assault and robbery

Dreaming of assault and robbery is a representation of your shortcomings. This kind of Dream is a reflection of what you don’t have, what you had or what you wish to have, but you can’t. Seeing you in a robbery and robbery is a very bad omen as it reveals that you will go through a time of bad luck, so you need to prepare yourself well.


  • Dreaming of a family member or friend being assaulted is a sign that your bad mood is negatively affecting someone else.
  • Dreaming of being chased to assault you is an indication that there will soon be negative changes in your life
  • To dream that you are being targeted in an assault reveals that a prompt discussion will end with an attack of rage and anger
  • To dream that you get shot in an assault indicates that you feel embarrassed by a specific situation
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