To dream of an elevator is nothing strange, since it is a machine that you use on a daily basis. It is a dream that usually involves your economic activity and the way you respond to the dangers that are approaching in your professional career. It is generally a positive dream, but it brings some challenges and questions for the dreamer.

If you dream of an elevator you will understand that you are going up and down in your life, which is a natural movement. The problem lies when people go to extremes, which can unleash a crisis of anxiety, despair or work stress.

Another way to interpret these dreams is the clarity of your goals. When the results are negative, you should not insist that they should be otherwise, as you are approaching a struggle between emerging or remaining stagnant.


Dreams with elevator portend financial changes and movements. This dream takes family responsibility, emotions and feelings as a way of interpreting what is around you. If your emotions on a daily basis are positive, you will achieve positive things. Although it seems like a basic and unfounded interpretation, elevator dreams precisely detail the need to understand your own environment in a more basic way.

Worrying, exaggerating a situation or being constantly impatient will not solve any problems. However, the intelligent and calm search will awaken the interest of some people who will help you in this process. To understand the meaning of dreaming about an elevator, we will describe the most common dreams.

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Dreaming of an elevator

To dream of an elevator portends important movements in your life. The direction, the state of the elevator and the possible concern are the details that impact during the dream. If you are someone who is in a bad stage in your life and you dream of an elevator with music and tranquility, it means that the bad streak has come to an end.

If you have dreamed of a noisy or very fast elevator, it means that you are nervous about an upcoming event. This situation is uncertain for you, not understanding what may actually happen but with the feeling that your future is uncertain.

If you dream of an elevator in a basement it means that you are hiding important things and it may affect you in the future. Now, if you dream of an elevator stuck at the bottom of a building, it means that other people are the ones hiding something from you. In both dreams, it is time to uncover possible threats.

Dreams with elevator going up

Did you dream of an elevator going up? Then you feel a great fear for your future, even though you are not willing to wait timidly. You want new challenges for yourself, challenges and teachings, yet you worry as anyone would about a change in your life. In this case you must remain calm and wait for things to change positively.

Dreaming of falling elevator

A dream of a falling elevator is interpreted depending on your current life. If you are someone worried about your finances, this dream indicates all those debts you accumulate. If your thoughts are on your partner, it means that you are losing control over those around you. If your current quest is spiritual, then to dream of a falling elevator indicates that you are traveling deeper and deeper into your mind to know yourself.

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Crystal Elevator Dreams

Have you dreamed of a glass elevator? Important changes are coming, which require your attention. You can’t let time and luck take care of things, you need to devote time to resolving conflicts in your life. Being a glass elevator, it means that you have the power to see everything from above, but you do not use this advantage for your own purposes.

To dream of elevators and stairs

A dream with elevators and stairs involves the attitudes you are taking towards your economic and social situation. In this dream you should analyze your current behavior regarding the results you are getting. Whether they are positive or negative, it is time to change your perspective and to terminate some projects.

Dreams with horizontal elevator

Did you dream of a horizontal elevator? Just as its movement is strange and unnatural, your goals march in the same way. You do not have a clear horizon, you are going back and forth and your energies are negative. Until you channel and analyze your goals properly, you will not be able to change the negative results you get every day.

Dreaming of falling elevator

If you dream of a falling elevator, you are concerned about your financial stability. You identified the dangers of the market, as well as recognize your weaknesses in your job. It is a way of warning you that at any moment everything can end and that you must be ready for this. Generally, this dream turns into a nightmare, so you are likely to wake up feeling that you dream of elevator falling.

Dreams with damaged elevator

A dream vision with damaged elevator portends indecision and lack of motivation. Ideas for you are not yet clear, so you ask for more time for yourself, even if the decision must be made very soon. You are someone who cannot find the horizon, but it is clear to you that you must get somewhere at some point. For the time being, clarify your ideas, emotions and do not take anything in your life in an exaggerated or hurried manner.

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To dream of an old elevator

When you dream of an old elevator be prepared for financial problems. You had your expectations too high in front of something that was important to you, but you ended up disappointed by the result. Now you must get up again and start planning your goals, as you must make up for lost money and especially lost time.


  • If you dreamt of a closed elevator it means that you are worried about your emotions and you do not find a clear way to express them. If you continue like this, you will end up drowning in your own feelings.
  • If you dream of a blocked elevator it means concern in your work environment. You are a professional committed to your work, but you feel blocked and do not find a way to clarify your future.
  • To dream of a busy elevator means that your life is a constant competition and that this situation only generates emotional stress in you. Try to relax a little and always show yourself competitive if you will really get something positive in return.
  • Dreams in an elevator with a beautiful woman means that the dreamer wishes to have a new love relationship. However, going up in the elevator with her indicates that you will soon get partners, while going down means that you are missing the opportunity with someone important.
  • If you have dreamed in an elevator with your ex-partner it means that you are forgetting that person and that very soon you will get over the situation. This dream is special when the breakup is recent.