There are some objects that just seeing them invade us with fear. It is no secret that syringes represent fear for many people. Dreaming of an injection, then, does not have to have a negative meaning. Since in real life, they are in charge of preventing diseases, they are used for blood tests, etc.

To have a dream vision with injection, can denote certain aspects or characteristics of our personality that we must improve. We must give priority to our dreams, goals and any other type of desire for improvement that we have in life.

For some people, injection dreams can be frightening, to the point of becoming nightmares. Even seeing someone with this object in their hands is immediately a symbol of fear, since we think that they may use it on us. However, there is no need to be afraid of them at all.


Generally, dream specialists affirm that those who dream of injection are revealing certain discontents. It is then, that it can symbolize external agents that are hindering in a certain way in our life.

However, there are many interpretations for dream visions of syringes. We can find them as varied in the market, as well as colors and styles depending on their use. For that reason, this image can be interpreted in different ways, according to the analysis of other elements that we will do next.

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Dreaming that you get an injection

If you have dreamed that you get an injection, it predicts that you will go through difficult economic times. Expenses will exceed income, and your savings may be seriously affected. To see when someone pricks us with a syringe, denotes danger, mismanagement of resources and finances, and struggle.

If you see a family member or friend giving you the injection, it means that the people around you are unconditional. They will be with you through thick and thin. You have enough friends to feel supported when you are in trouble. If, on the other hand, it is a doctor or nurse who gives you the syringe, someone will betray you.

Dreaming of an injection

If you dreamed of an injection, it means that you will soon experience family problems. These conflicts will be the fault of third parties or those close to the inner circle, who will seek to harm you. Such problems will not be easy to solve, but you will not be alone and you will receive support.

To dream of injection needles

To dream of injection needles speaks of love or relationship issues. If we are married or with someone, it symbolizes that we love that person very much and we want the relationship to remain on good terms. If on the contrary we are single, it predicts that someone will invite us to go out and enjoy a good time.

Dreaming of lethal injection

Those who dream of a lethal injection, will have big changes in life. These changes can be positive or negative, depending on the substance in the syringe. If it is a deadly poison, the changes will be negative and drastic. If it is a less dangerous substance, the changes will be positive and permanent.

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Dreaming of injections in the body

When we dream of injections in the body, it is because in some way our health is affecting us. It is important to analyze the part of the body where the syringes were stuck. That is, if they were focused or not. However, it may also be the case that they were scattered all over the body, which denotes general discomfort.

Dreaming of injection and blood

The meaning of dreaming of injection and blood foretells mistakes, failures and errors. For some time now, we have been behaving differently than usual. A kind of defense mechanism, of which we are not very proud. We want to clear our conscience and forgive ourselves.

Dreaming of injection in the face

The meaning of dreams with injections in the face, can be interpreted as a metaphor of feelings. This image tells us that we should be more enthusiastic, optimistic and determined in life. It is also important to consider what was inside the syringe, since the rest of the interpretation depends on this.

Dreaming of injection in the foot

The analysis of a dream vision with injection in the foot, refers to difficulties in labor issues. Soon we will experience difficulties at work, due to some misunderstandings. It is possible that we are overcome with sadness, because everything was going wonderfully. But, it was a necessary evil to solve other situations.

Dreaming of injection in the hand

To dream of injection in the hand means wandering aimlessly through life. You still don’t know what you want to do, where you want to go. You don’t even plan goals or aspirations for the future. You live in a kind of day-to-day inertia. You hold in your hands a syringe that symbolizes the guilt for living that way. But only you are responsible for changing your destiny.

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Dreaming of injection in the back

Having a dream vision with injection in the back symbolizes that you live with stress around you. You are a machine for work, busyness and obligations, and you find it hard to take a break. You’re watching life go by so fast, you’ve missed out on the simple things. It’s all very well to want to be in control, but you also need to rest.

Dreaming of an injection in the stomach

While it is true that as children we may have been afraid of syringes, even as adults just thinking about getting an injection in the stomach is a terrifying experience. If this has been your case but in dreams, it means that you have a trauma that you have been carrying since childhood. This fear has turned into anxiety, and it is affecting you more than it should.

Dreaming of an injection in the head

To dream of an injection in the head speaks to us of thinking too much. These dreamers are usually people who worry excessively about everything and everyone. They can easily suffer from depression and anxiety in clinical state, so it is necessary to visit the psychologist as soon as possible.

Dreaming of an injection in the chest

If you have dreamed of a syringe in the chest, it is because you are still affected by a love breakup. The chest is a place in the body related to love, emotions and feelings. We feel this and we have it stored in our heart, without being able to express it.