To dream of injury means that a person to whom a favor was done is scheming to disturb the dreamer. Generally, to dream that you are wounded, is symbolized as envy, grudges and in different occasions, a protector against malicious attacks. To dream that you are being hurt also means that the environment in which you are living is not appropriate, this could lead to problems in your relationships and material losses.

Having this type of dream is a message that is coming to correct you, this can be concluded in that, dreaming of a wound can clearly mean that you feel in a lot of danger; as humans, it makes you afraid or nostalgic to see how a loved one is suffering.

Normally, this type of dream usually happens to a tiny group of people, such as hypochondriacs, although it does not have to be them. It can also happen in a person who has been in a risky situation and the fact of dreaming about an injury appears.


It is necessary that in order to know how to interpret with certainty what it really means to dream of a wound, you must remember the details of the same, since this in itself, could help you to interpret what you consider important or necessary in your life, whatever the situation you are going through.

Among the emotions that you can interpret are sadness, panic, pain; disappointment, hopelessness or similar, negative emotions mixed with pessimistic thoughts and future actions, all this encompasses what it means to dream of a wound.

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Dreaming of a head injury

The meaning of a dream with a head wound represents negativity, bad friendships and that your self-esteem is low. This implies that it reflects our state of mind, especially those concerns that you need to fix personally, both physically and emotionally.

This does not really imply a premonition, but a message that is warning you to improve the way you behave. If you dream of a head injury, it may mean that you are feeling restless and aimless about life itself. On the other hand, this signals that it is a good time for you to recover your self-esteem.

That is why dreaming about a head injury would also talk about your friendships, likewise about those negative people who cross your daily life, consuming your energy and making you feel bad, feeling exhausted and without enough encouragement.

Dreams with an injury in the hand

This dream depends on the wound on the hand you have, either on the right or left hand, we can better interpret the message you are receiving, this means the relationship you have with your family and also the way we relate, in short, it is a way to communicate.

For example, to dream that you have a wound on your right hand, foretells that you are going to earn a lot of money in a family business or a job that awaits us in the future, or the one we are having at this very moment.

Similarly, to dream of a wound on the left hand, means that a family member within our circle will make us earn a lot of money, and if it is a woman who is reflected it is a good sign, interpreting it as abundance.

To dream of an injury and blood

To dream of an injury and blood can be interpreted as a bad prediction, this can be that we are approaching some betrayal, problems in our business or that you want to get rid of some bad situation you are going through.

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Generally, dreaming of injury and blood is also associated with the feeling of having done something wrong, probably feeling a huge burden of shame. Looking at it from the most logical point of view, it does not mean that you have hurt because you wanted to, but it can also be another kind of pain.

Dreams with an injury

People who dream of a wound, usually dream that people they know happen to them this type of events, in short, it is usually quite common for this to happen, especially towards that friend you have.

This type of dream is not very common, but there are people who have hypochondriac problems, affecting their lives, since, by the simple fact of seeing blood they usually get sick. These people do not tolerate seeing a single drop of blood, as they are more sensitive to having visions with wounds.

Dreaming of a leg injury

It is quite uncomfortable to have this type of dream, but, the main reason and relationship that is interpreted when dreaming of a leg wound, is the consequences of your actions, the truth is that it has its positive appearance, since it invites you to analyze your behavior to understand the consequences that you are causing.

A dream vision with a leg wound has to do with the path you are taking, your decisions and your transformation. By transformation, it is understood that you must change the direction of your path, that air that carries us like a leaf, but that you must learn to manage.

Dreams with open injury without blood

The simple fact of dreaming with an open wound, but without blood, means that the problems you currently have are disappearing, although you may feel that they are still present, little by little they will flee and relieve us.

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To dream of a bleeding wound

In this case, to dream of a bleeding wound, means that you have some current unresolved problem, some damage that you have not overcome and continues to affect you, especially on an emotional level. You must break that chain.

Dreams with a wound with maggots

The simple fact of having a dream with wound with worms, could make us remember this event in the day and reject them as human beings that we are, there are species that are poisonous, causing serious damage to your reasoning. Normally, this is interpreted to damage your situation, because it is usually associated in a negative way.


  • If you have dreamed healing your wounds it symbolizes energy and your economy, within Christianity healing is a symbol; energy for the soul. This can be beneficial and powerful, on the other hand, if a woman dreams healing a wound in her womb, she could be pregnant.
  • To dream healing wounds on other people symbolizes mainly that you have self-confidence, your self-esteem is regenerated in a positive way, but, to dream that you can’t heal other people’s wounds, it means that you are with discouragement and unwilling to do anything.
  • If you dreamed of wax wounds, it means that you are currently moving in your life, or it can also be interpreted as leading a disastrous life, you should take things more calmly from now on.
  • To dream of healing wounds with water or rain means that you are soon to feel free of your current problems. It symbolizes abundance and cleansing of your spiritual being, so, we must prepare you for this positive radical change.
  • To dream of wounds that do not heal means that you should ask for forgiveness from the people you hurt and you need to reconsider changing your radical behavior towards others.