The events that happen to us on a daily basis are usually the origin of the experiences that occur when we sleep. For many years, those who do dream interpretations have discussed this topic a lot. How memories, the activities we do, places and even what we feel, come to the outside through dreams. They usually occur so spontaneously that we cannot determine how or when they will appear. There are many options that become apparent when dreaming of umbrellas, which we will explain specifically below.

The meaning of dreams with umbrellas is quite peculiar since it makes an allusion to protection and to feeling safe or not. Those people who dream of umbrellas are generally those who need to be protected by various factors. Not only from the rain and the sun, but also from themselves and what is inside and outside. People dream of umbrellas, they do it because in their lives it is necessary to open up or take a moment to recognize their feelings.


To see an umbrella in a dream symbolizes emotional security. You are putting up a shield against your emotions and trying to avoid them. Just as we use this object to protect us from the rain or the sun, so the subconscious uses it as a protector of feelings. It is possible that you are blocking feelings for some reason. This is because you do not want to suffer, or even feel compassion for another person who may not deserve it. The point is, first of all you should analyze what are the events or individuals around you that are making you feel intense emotions.

If you have dreamed of an umbrella, we can also associate it with archetypes of power and dignity. Let us remember that the umbrella protects us from the sun, while the umbrella protects us from the rain. This is how light and shadow mix to balance each other in the dream as such. For that reason, other meanings of dreams with umbrellas are interpreted as the protection we have against life’s problems thanks to our inner strength.

Dreaming of a black umbrella

To dream of a black umbrella, announces the manifestation of problems due to the consequences of bad habits in the hands of the dreamer. For this reason, the dreamer should intervene in this complication as soon as possible, before he gets involved in much more demanding and conflictive situations. Emotions must be kept stable. Doing nothing about the various unwanted scenarios in your life can result in a devastating end result on the earthly and spiritual plane.

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To see a black umbrella in your dream symbolizes that you are putting up a shield against your emotions or events. Because it is specifically the color black, it reflects that bad changes are going to occur in the future and for that reason, you feel some fears that must be taken into account. That is, it is a warning about potential dangers that may arise. However, you need to significantly overcome your worries and fears in order to succeed.

Dreams with broken umbrella.

The meaning of dreaming of a broken umbrella is that there will be difficult times ahead at work or in business. Also, that on a personal scale you will be used by people since at that moment they are in a stage of vulnerability. For this reason, these dreamers always tend to be on the defensive in their daily lives. Since deep down, they are going through sad times or austerity.

Having a dream vision with a broken umbrella has to do with economic losses. It is here where the money factor plays a fundamental role. For this reason, you should be attentive and avoid starting a business, changing jobs or accepting a promotion that does not meet your expectations. A broken umbrella on an emotional level indicates the possibility of being betrayed by someone close to you. You need to be careful and do not trust people who claim to be your friends.

Dreaming of an umbrella

To interpret the meaning of dreaming about an umbrella, we must first start by describing the type of use we give to this element in our daily life. In that sense, the umbrella symbolizes a certain condition of guard or protection, which we use to try to prevent evil from taking hold of us. To dream of an umbrella can happen frequently, when conflicting situations arise. Also, when the dreamer feels threatened by the fear of losing something valuable to him, such as family, friendship, or work.

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Dreams with rain and umbrella

If you dream that it rains and you have an umbrella, it means that you are prepared for what is to come. The rain symbolizes the difficulties that may arise in the future, and the umbrella symbolizes the person’s ability to defend himself from them and overcome them. Freud associated dreaming of rain and umbrella, to the protection of your emotions. It is important to take into account if there is something negative from the past that you feel threatened or vulnerable. To interpret this type of dream you must feel confident in yourself and face the situation.

Dreaming of large umbrellas

Dreams with large umbrellas usually indicate that we need excessive protection. To achieve this, we must take a greater distance from the environment around us. For this reason, people who dream of this type of umbrellas, present difficulties in interpersonal relationships. They tend to be individuals who lack defenses, so they are prone to suffer distancing. They are also loners, and in many cases they break ties with friends or family members.

Dreams with closed umbrellas

If you dreamed of closed umbrellas, it means that you are a person with a great capacity for decision making. You are intuitive and with great perception, and the symbol of the closed umbrella is in case you need it at some point. So it happens in real life, you are very cautious, because you know that problems or conflicts can occur at any time. You feel calm and prepared, waiting for such an event to occur, knowing that you have everything you need to solve it in peace and harmony.

To dream of open umbrellas

To dream of open umbrellas denotes positivity and romanticism. As we know, buying an umbrella requires time and decision. The English use it as it gives them a touch of elegance. Also, women are very cautious about its use. They are prepared to open their umbrellas in case of an unforeseen situation in terms of climate change. According to popular beliefs, when we dream of open umbrellas in an enclosed space, we attract bad luck. However, this dream is more associated with us being overprotective people.

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Dreams with colorful umbrellas

To determine the exact meaning of dreaming with colored umbrellas, we must pay attention to the shades it presents. For example, warm tones such as red, orange, yellow and green, portend that you are going to have a loving relationship and enjoy a beautiful vacation. On the other hand, cold colors such as blue, brown, gray, symbolize that you will enjoy the support of a close person. Persian tradition states that seeing a combination of both types of colors on the umbrella represents money.

Dreaming of a red umbrella

The meaning of dreaming of a red umbrella is related to energy, activity and action. But it is important to take into account that this action can derive as much in love as in hate. Some scholars emphasize that having dreams with red umbrellas is related to conquest and surrender. As well as passion and depending on the context of the dream, it can have an undertone that links it directly to the term sexuality.

Dreams with yellow umbrella

To see a yellow umbrella in our dreams, is indicative of protection and many positive things in our future. Since it indicates that we are placing a barrier or shield against different negative emotions or unexpected events. The colors associated with an umbrella, acquire a transcendental meaning in the dream world. This dream is also related to prosperity for the dreamer, and therefore always tends to be an indication of very good luck.

Dreaming of a blue umbrella

The interpretation of dreams where a blue umbrella appears is directly linked to the emotional balance that people need. It is also related to the escape from the pressures of life, your spirituality or the purity of the soul of your friends. It is a symbolic premonition that links life with heaven and spiritual cleansing with the heart. Some philosophers have concluded that this type of symbol is synonymous with intelligence, dedication and divinity.