Dreaming of apples is a very common dream. Surely, this fruit is a nutritious food, rich in vitamins and minerals. The apple has been linked to symbolism in the dream world for many centuries. It is the forbidden fruit in the fairy tale of Snow White and Adam’s Eden.

If apples appear in dreams, perhaps you have had an experience with them, either with a movie or you have eaten this tasty fruit. It is likely that it manifests itself in dreams as a subconscious memory that does not necessarily have to have a special meaning. They are usually associated with passion, desires, wisdom. If you have had a dream with fruits, surely you are wondering what it means.

But if you do not remember any event related to apples or it is not your favorite fruit, you should know what is the interpretation of dreams with apples. Like the vast majority of all the dreams we have will depend on the characteristics that are present. To know what they hide it will be necessary to study every detail that is presented.


Dreams with apples reveal great secrets. Some experts indicate that the appearance of this fruit indicates the desire to achieve and better in the important ambit of life. It is also represented in the dream world as perfection and harmony. It is therefore related to the constant search for control and balance.

Expert analysts in the interpretation of dreams relate it to the pleasures of life, learning, desire to enjoy and meet the needs. It speaks of the desires and temptation we will face when choosing the right path.

As we have mentioned, dreaming of apples has varied interpretations. For this reason it is convenient that you analyze the circumstances you are going through and remember carefully that dreaming of a rotten apple is not the same as dreaming of a red one. To help you find the most appropriate meaning, we show you what it symbolizes according to the context.

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Dreaming of red apples

Red apples represent desire, passion, sexual character, if you have dreamed of this fruit it indicates a state of denial of problems. But what situation has you distressed? Perhaps future events to hold firm a situation of sexual aspect. If you are a committed or married person on the emotional side, you must be attentive and not get carried away by passions.

If you dream that you are biting the red apple and you can not avoid it in the interpretation of dreams indicate that you will fall into temptation. If the red apple is in your hands but you can’t bite it, it is a sign of deep repressed desires in your being. Other dream analysts reveal that you will receive a reward for your work. If you have thought of starting a project, the time has come to do it, you will succeed in what you do.

Dreaming with an apple tree

If you see a lush apple tree in your dream, it symbolizes success and prosperity. Also, you will realize the project that will change the status at work and economic level. On the other hand, if this fruit is on the top, it reveals that you must carry out the projects you propose.

To dream of rotten apples

Sin is the word that symbolizes dreaming of apples. If in your dreams you see healthy apples begin to rot, your actions that are guided by instinct will end up altering the environment and healthy relationships you have already established.

Passion is the feeling that is necessary for life, but sometimes when we let it control us, it can transcend to the limits of sin. The consequences to which you will be subjected come to light.

Dreams with apples with worms

In the interpretation of dreams indicates to us that there is a problem that disturbs you and you have not managed to overcome. So be attentive, since you will receive visits from the past that will alter the order that you have established in your life. If the worms eat your apple, you will face a family conflict associated with the distribution of land or an inheritance. Surely you have acted incorrectly and you feel bad about it. These actions are related to mistakes or infidelities. It also represents failure and guilt. Therefore, you should think about the things you regret, try to amend the mistake so that your conscience is clean. Learn to accept things so that you will always succeed.

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Dreaming of bitten apples

This is a sign that someone is attracted to you. He is trying to seduce you and you want to achieve a passionate desire with you. But in the meaning of dreams not only represents a personal situation, but you are involved with the person. And it is not certain that you will establish a formal relationship. If you do not have to go through certain uncertainties, it is better not to get involved with third parties.

Dreams with big apples

There is an issue that you have not resolved and it is associated with repressed desires and passions. If the apple knocks you to the ground, that problem you are involved in will come to the surface. It is possible that a sexual affair or dalliance will bring consequences to your personal environment. If you approach the big apple and it changes size. In the meaning of the dream indicates that you are living moments of confusion, but your sanity will be in charge of keeping calm.

Dreaming of many apples

If you observe in the dream many of these fruits in a bowl, the dream reveals you of the attitude of leaving things unimportant in your life can turn into moments of distress. Those events that you do not solve are stored in the subconscious altering your reactions. If these apples are scattered on the counter, it indicates that subsequent events will lead you to face the things you ignored.

Dreams with yellow apples

It is a clear warning within the meaning of dreams that the coming days your relationship with the environment will be tested. You could develop hostile attitude with some person or event. On the other hand, it indicates that you are living in a fantasy world, making you susceptible to suffer traumas. If you eat the yellow apple it represents that you will be subjected to deception. If you are biting into a yellow apple it means that you have not made a good decision. Therefore, the situation will affect you. Henceforth, you should analyze the matter you have been involved in.

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Dreaming of green apples

Dreams with green apples can have several meanings. It is related to good desires to achieve something you want. In addition, you will have to strive to achieve what you long for. It also represents a time of hope and prosperity. You should pay attention to the various opportunities that present themselves before making the right decisions.

Dreams of eating apples

If you dream of eating apples and it is not ripe. It reveals that the material things you want to get will be difficult to achieve. Likewise, if you dream of a juicy apple it means that the interest is focused on the spiritual. It may be related to success. You may receive the reward you deserve for your hard work and effort. You will finally be able to enjoy the taste of your success. On the other hand, in dream interpretation it tells us that our life is full of problems and mistakes. It symbolizes dangers that you must face. If you have dreamed a poisoned apple, it tells us that you are taking unnecessary risks. It also warns you that a very close person is planning to betray you. Pay attention and do not let them deceive you.

Dreaming of many apples

If you have dreamed of many apples in your dream meaning, it reveals that issues in your life have had to be put off. Your attitude will become a problem for you. If the apples are scattered on the table, it tells us that you will have to face what you have put off. And something will happen that will make you look at life differently.