It is normal that at some point in our lives we are forced to argue with another person, either because of differences in thoughts or opinions, or to defend a point of view. But what can it mean to dream of arguing? It is normal that, after having had a rough day, your brain codifies stress in a negative way, reflecting this way in your dreams; however, if you dream that you are in the middle of an argument, it can be a warning from within to let you know that something is happening.

First of all, you must understand one thing: dreams are the point where inner ambitions, memories and what we do not recognize are intertwined and form a single idea that, if well interpreted, you can know a part of yourself that otherwise would not be possible. Even so, despite the negativity and bad vibes that can generate discussions within your dreams, it is entirely up to you how these will affect your life.

Taking into account the magnitude of the discussion and the people who participate in it, the interpretation of dreaming of discussing can vary, so it is normal to generate restlessness and apprehension in you. No one wants to lead a life in the midst of negative situations that affect our inner peace, so it is necessary to know how to properly channel these dark energies.

If it’s your case, don’t worry. That you dream of arguments is not synonymous with being a negative person, or that you are going to be in the future. These kind of dreams are closely related to oppressed desires within you, and the one you dream of is nothing more than an escape valve to your subconscious. However, it is necessary that you analyze every detail of the discussion that takes place in your dream stage, so that you can correctly interpret what your internality tries to express.



If you are dreaming of constant discussions, it can mean that a part within you feels repressed, so it needs to be heard as it happens. These feelings can be translated as anger, resentment, anger, and mainly frustration. The discussions come when you try to express a way of thinking forcefully, so accumulating this whole series of feelings brings negative repercussions reflected in your dream stage.

Also, depending on the context of the situation, the dreams in which you discuss also represent the existence of something that is upsetting you, but which you do not want to admit to or which you do not finish dealing with, so your subconscious sees itself in the obligation to create mechanisms that alleviate that pressure, since these feelings prevent you from being happy at all, in which the decisions you make based on their interpretation will imply a turning point in your life.

Dream of arguing with someone

To dream that you are arguing with an unknown person, shows that you are in danger because you predict that situations will come that will take you out of your comfort zone. It may also be a sign that there is something in your environment that bothers you, but because there is no specific person to generate this sensation, your brain forges a graphic representation of your discomfort, because having a face is much easier to channel that feeling.

On the contrary, if in the dream you are arguing with someone you know, there may be some scuffle between you over a succession of little accumulated details, and you do not get the right place or words to express it, so you unconsciously find yourself creating scenarios to ponder what would be the most appropriate way to address it.

Dream of arguing with your partner

In dreaming that you argue with your partner, you are externalizing that there are certain differences between you, which in turn has generated an emotional instability that, by not taking action on the matter, is affecting you at levels that go beyond the subconscious. It is important that in every relationship there is a reciprocal communication, and that those things that generate a certain disgust be discussed, in order to avoid possible ruptures or quarrels that pass from the dream plane to the real world.

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Dream of arguing with your father

To dream that you argue with your father can be interpreted in different ways. First of all, it should be considered that she is the head of the household, who usually takes the reins in most decisions and with whom we usually carry a more formal and tacit communication. Therefore, there is a certain apprehension to engage in a conversation. On the other hand, the father figure is the one that is usually absent in the family nucleus, so, if it is your case, you have accumulated feelings of frustration within you.


Dream of arguing with your mother

Unlike dreaming about your father, if you dream that you argue with your mother, it may be due to certain limitations imposed by your mother, since the female figure in the home is the one who is used to analyzing situations better and therefore most often oppose certain actions or decisions that we make. There may also be a dispute within your subconscious over the concepts you perceive of the female psyche, in which physical affection prevails.

Dream of arguing with family

It is common in our general family nucleus that there are certain friction between the members, so the one you dream you are discussing with a relative, is usually the product of a family tension that has been haunting your head for some time. Likewise, these kinds of dreams commonly indicate that your subconscious has noticed details that your lucid self is not able to grasp, in which you have noticed attitudes that make you doubt the good judgment of the family member who stars in your dreams.


  • To dream that you argue with yourself is a clear sign that you are aware of certain actions that you have committed and do not bring any benefit to your life, but that in the same way you seek to evade to such an extent that that concern that should be present for your person passes to the background, being then a pinch of consciousness that your sensible part tries to make you see through that dream connection. In these cases, it is recommended to perform an analysis of how you find yourself, in order to find that point that disturbs your soul and to be able to make peace with your internality.
  • If in your dreams an argument develops with your boss, you may feel inferior to his mandate, and therefore you are fed up with the relationship you are forced to maintain with him. It is common for you to have this kind of Dream, as much of your day to day is developed in the working environment, as well as any complaint or discontent with the company is usually associated with the immediate boss, so this becomes the image of all the aspects that we reject from our workplace.
  • If you dream that you lost an argument or fight, it is synonymous that within your environment there are a number of factors that make you feel a high threat, as well as little faith in yourself. Losing a discussion brings with it harmful feelings such as humiliation and frustration, so dreaming of these kinds of situations, despite not happening on the Lucid plane, generate a feeling of discomfort, which is intensified by doubts and low self-esteem due to being at a disadvantage.
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To dream that you saw a fight, but you were not part of it, can be interpreted as the frustration you feel at an injustice and yet you can do nothing about it. This means that you are a sympathetic person, who seeks to put himself in the shoes of the people around you to understand what your neighbor may be feeling in the face of an injury