Have you had dreams about babies and are you curious to know what it means? When you have dreams about babies you are getting the signal that you will soon experience changes that can vary their meaning depending on the types of dreams you are experiencing with babies.

Having dreams with babies symbolizes innocence, warmth, or new beginnings or plans. Babies represent inside the person who is very pure and quite vulnerable. That’s why today we want to clear your doubts and show you each of the meanings of dreaming about babies, depending on the type of dream you are experiencing.



It is common for our dreams to be generated from the memories and experience that we have accumulated throughout our daily day, even experts have managed to appreciate that one can dream of events that occurred a week before the dream. When you have dreams with babies, the most important thing is to know how you feel when you think about that dream.

Usually, many women have recurring dreams about babies when they are looking to become pregnant or even when they are not looking for it, but someone close to them is in or has recently given birth. Many of the dreams with babies relate to the immediate future and are almost always interpreted as receiving next good news.

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Dream of a newborn baby

When you have dreams with newborn babies or dream giving birth can make you aware of the desire to be a mother, however, it may also indicate that a project or goal you are working on may be demanding more attention than you expected.

Dream of having a baby

If you repeatedly dream of having a baby but don’t find yourself expecting one and don’t want to have it either, you are likely to find yourself in the middle of a period of great creativity, search for new ideas or the beginning of something new in our lives.

Dream of a baby in arms

Dreaming of a baby in our arms is quite common when suddenly a baby appears in our dreams. If the baby is known, it has to do with the ties you feel for your family or close to whom you love. Holding a baby you don’t know is related to being lost in conscious life. You’re probably not happy with the direction your life is taking and the things you’re doing with it, whether it relates to your profession, your family life or even love.

Dream of a dead baby

Certainly dreaming of a dead baby is something completely tragic, this can relate to the end of a relationship whether friendly, familiar or sentimental, or of a stage that has had great relevance in our lives. It can also focus on a future project that will not succeed.

Dream that you have a baby

This is the kind of dream that women who want to become mothers often have. There are cases where women do not appreciate their need to be mothers but do so through their dreams. In the same way you can relate to a project in which you have invested time, money and effort but which you have not paid the corresponding attention lately. You need to turn your creativity one hundred and eighty degrees, take strength again, and continue with this project or goal. You’ll get good results.

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Dream of a baby girl

If you have had dreams with a baby girl that means you are looking for protection, without leaving aside that whenever you have dreams with a baby this means joy, achievements and happiness.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby

The dream interpretation of breastfeeding is that in a very short time you will be disappointed by the person you have placed all your trust in. However, other experts indicate that this reflects your maternal instinct and your desire to have a baby.

Dream of carrying a baby

If in addition to dreaming about a baby in your arms you also measure it, it means that you want to protect it, this is not only your family but also the achievements made in all areas of personal or professional life. If you don’t know the baby in your arms, then you’re not being happy with your kind of life and so the baby is a reflection of what happiness means to you. If the baby in your hands is completely unknown to you, then the dream means the opposite.


  • Dreaming of seeing someone else with a baby reflects that you long for an extreme turn in your life, but it looks very far away.
  • To dream that you are a baby indicates the need for protection and feel protected, pampered and cared for just like a baby. It is the desire to return to that stage where problems do not exist and security was provided by others.
  • When you have dreams with a crying baby, it means that things are not going right on this new path that you are going on and that there are difficulties to continue successfully. In the same way it has to do with suffering and sad, difficult and hard times.
  • If you’ve had dreams about forgetting a baby, it means you’re looking to hide your vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and fears.
  • When you dream of a crying baby it’s because you’re probably needing more care and attention from others. It can also lean toward unreached goals or a disease, a great impact, a disappointment.
  • If you have had dreams with a beautiful and caring baby this means happiness, joy and good omens. It also relates to reciprocated love, good friends who make you feel cared for, protected and loved.
  • Dreaming of a baby in a pram symbolizes a great friend of high esteem, with whom a high quality relationship is maintained. This will produce in those who dream, moments of great joy, happiness and pleasant surprises.
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