It’s very probable that at some point you have dreamed to swim in a lake or a pool, but didn’t pay attention to at least try to understand the meaning that this dream has presented to you. You should know that the experiences of dream, including the dream of bathing in a hide large amount of interpretations and meanings, however, their interpretation may vary according to the development of the dream and the current situation that you live in.

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Video about Dreaming of bathing

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It is rare to dream of bathing, but there is no doubt that at some point you can see you taking a bath in your dreams. Your interpretation will vary considerably if water where bathing is is clean or dirty. Similarly, the temperature of the water will have a completely different meaning as it is not the same dream of bathing with frozen water that you dream of bathing with hot water.

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Day to day we repeat it and form part of our routine, it can even be extremely relaxing, and that is the bathing relaxes the muscles in our body, cleanses the pores of our skin and makes us feel more comfortable. Swimming helps us to have a better health and body aesthetic much more enjoyable. It is a fundamental part of personal hygiene, and for these reasons we will analyze what it means to dream of bathing.



Interpretations dream are completely dependent of the details that you see in the dream, so I remember every thing that you could notice. The dream that bathing is related to the need of wanting to cleanse or get rid of certain impurities that are in you or in your attitude. It may be negative feelings such as hatred, anger, or envy. But if you try to hide something you did probably means that you try to rid yourself of that guilt.

It is no secret that water is one of the natural elements has always been closely linked to magic, and in dreams can have a variety of meanings, but the common factor of dream water is that most of these talk about the mood or attitude of the soñante.

To dream of bathing and see you

This probably indicates that it is time to “clean” your reputation, end up with each one of those impurities that you have up in front of people, this is why you have dreams with bathe and they look at you. It can also mean that there is a person violating your privacy, you should analyse the context and decide which situation represents you.

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To dream of bathing in a river

To dream that you are bathing in a river, your brain tries to send you a message for you to relax a little and know that you’ll be able to go through any problem that comes, but don’t go down the guard, if in your dream the current of the river is very strong, and could mean that a problem is about, pay attention to the details.

To dream of bathing in the sea

When you have this dream you have to take into account your attitude to him as the “attitude” of the sea. If you’re in a calm sea, and you feel in complete harmony bode well for success in your work and in your economy as well as happiness. On the contrary, if the dream of bathing in the sea the waves are choppy you can predict family fights or setbacks.

The dream shower we are having a dream vision which means that great changes are coming or that you are already experiencing these changes, take it easy, remember that changes are always a new start, and are typically for good, just try to make the right decisions.

To dream of bathing in a swimming pool

When you have dreams of bathing in a pool of your subconscious sends you an encrypted message saying that it is time to dig deeper into your problems, to discuss and seek a solution because it is recommended that you remove the top immediately. It can also mean that you have very good friends.