Dreaming about bathrooms only shows that you are a very conservative person. Being the bathroom a very intimate place, dreams with this type of room are usually very revealing and deep, so much so, that sometimes they are related to the feelings of a person.

Usually dreams with bathrooms show that people are going through unpleasant stages in their love life or that there is something that disturbs them and they need to overcome that obstacle or get rid of it. Although the dream vision with baths is not really very common, nevertheless it is necessary to clarify how important these dreams are, since the life of a person can change if you pay attention to them.


To dream of bathrooms can mean privacy, that a person demands privacy is normal, we all have a weak point that makes us vulnerable, and we want to protect it. On the other hand to dream of bathrooms can also mean embarrassment, there is something that you do not want others to know because you feel that this could give you a hard time.

To dream of bathrooms can mean either good or bad things, this depends on the state of the bathroom, yes! dreams can change, if the bathroom is dirty, busy, without walls, if there are a lot of people in it, and even if its dimensions are very large.

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Dreaming of a dirty bathroom

To dream of dirty bathrooms can only mean that you do not feel at peace with yourself, there is something that worries you, some act of the past that does not let you sleep in peace, and, if we add to this the stress to which you are exposed, the dreams are even more aggravated.

The dream vision with dirty toilets only reflects the state of your consciousness. Bad vices can also produce dreams with dirty toilets. When you have this type of dream, you need to evaluate the things you have done, as your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to release pressure and get rid of the guilt you are carrying.

A person who dreams of dirty toilets is not happy, his personality is deteriorated and will always give the impression that he is hiding something, creating distrust in others, which will generate that his circle of friends will diminish, he will feel alone, and will not know what to do, the guilt will finish with him, if he does not act quickly.

Dreams with public toilets

Dreaming about public toilets is more interesting than you imagine, this type of dream has three meanings, dreams with public toilets show that you prefer to keep certain things just for yourself.

You are aware that you may do or say things that harm others and you prefer to keep them. This is very common when we talk about feelings, if you believe that your emotions towards one person can harm another, the most common thing is that you have this type of dream.

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This type of dream can also mean that there are many bad vibes around you and you have to get away from them. Now, if you dream of public toilets and there are also people watching, this dream experience will indicate that someone very close to you is envious of everything you have achieved.

Dreaming of clean bathrooms

This is one of the best dreams you can have, dreaming of clean bathrooms indicates that you are in the best stage of your life, that everything you propose will be fulfilled or that your plans will be very successful.

These dreams are synonymous that very good things are approaching, whether in the work, family or sentimental ambit. If you want a sign that you are on the right path, these dreams will give it to you. You may even be doing well even if you haven’t noticed it.

Dreams with bathrooms without doors

People who are very insecure often dream of bathrooms without doors. If you have this type of dream it means that you are a very conservative person especially with your feelings, you are afraid of being judged.

You do not want others to find out about your love situation (in case you have one), or that you are interested in someone and you do not want that person or those closest to you to find out. This dream can also mean that you feel that others are too close to you, and that you need some privacy. It is very common to dream of bathrooms without doors when you feel overwhelmed in your workplace.

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Dreaming of many bathrooms

The dream vision with many bathrooms shows that you are a person who feels a bit lonely and needs your circle of friendship to increase in a fast way. Usually these people feel abandoned and believe that friendship is measured by the number of friends they have. They believe it is necessary to establish relationships with almost anyone, regardless of their intentions.

Dreams about washing toilets

This type of dream can mean two things, the first is that you need attention from other people. You want to stop being invisible to be integrated into a new group of friends. And on the other hand, dreaming of washing toilets can mean that you are eliminating everything you consider negative in your life, you are doing a cleaning that although it will take time, the results will favor you.