To dream of being run over indicates an unexpected circumstance, that is, a moment in your life that suffers a drastic change as a result of something that was not foreseen. In this dream, injustice is highlighted as the main meaning, but it can be caused by you or received from someone else.

Dreams with roadkill are not common, especially if you do not have any kind of vehicle. In this case, the dream takes on a greater meaning, although sometimes they are influenced by shocking news about an accident you saw or heard about during the day. If you have a vehicle such as a motorcycle or car, it is likely that you will have dreams with different types of accidents, but it must be differentiated from the fear of getting into an accident or being in an accident.

When the above is not your case, then dreaming of being run over predicts an upcoming event, but it is not related to having a traffic accident, although it is always better to prevent and take precautions the following days. It should be clarified that it rarely ends in illness, death or accident of family members, since it is a dream that usually involves you as the first person.


The meaning of dreams about being run over is variable and ominous. It is an episode where you are really hurt and the dreamers warn that after the accident they do not take long to get up, which means describing this dream as a real nightmare. However, it describes a series of events that will come into your life in the following days.

But not all dreams with roadkill are the same, in some cases the type of vehicle or even a train, can mean something different, even if you end up injured or hurt at the end of it all. To better understand this type of dream, we will describe the different meanings of dreaming of being run over.

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Dreaming of being run over by a train

To dream of being run over by a train indicates economic difficulties. Trains represent the birth of the economy throughout history. Trains running today move the economy of any country and especially its transportation. So, if you dream of a train crash it warns of economic dangers.

It should be noted that if you are running away from the train it symbolizes that you detected the threats around you and you try to escape. Meanwhile, if you dream of almost being run over by a train, it warns that you made a bad decision, but there is still time to change it.

Dreams of being run over by a bus

To dream that you were run over by a bus warns of injustices received from other people. You are someone who is aware of your reality, but you are upset by what other people think of you. Nevertheless, you try to avoid conflictive situations and this makes others take advantage of your humility and patience. If you dream of being run over by a bus, try to become someone prudent, but with character and a healthy ego.

To dream of being hit by a car

To dream of being hit by a car is very common and indicates the problems in your life that you are trying to solve and have not succeeded. If the dream becomes frequent it warns you that you are filling yourself with new problems and even acquiring responsibilities that are not yours. Now, if during the dream of being hit by a car you were afraid of dying, it means that you are interested in escaping from the problems, but you need external help to achieve it.

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Dreams about children being run over

A dream vision of children being run over is not pleasant and warns of difficulties in your life, especially in relationships and work. It is the best time to keep calm, proceed to dialogue and not get carried away by emotions. Do not fall into the game of responding unconsciously, as some people are waiting for a mistake from you to end your relationship or status as a worker.

Dreams of being run over by a stranger

If you dream of being run over by a stranger it means that you are a person who is unfair to others, impulsive and you are judging rather than being a reasonable person. This can start to generate problems, you should measure your words and understand the lives of other people as someone with the same problems as you and just trying to survive on a daily basis.

Dreaming of being run over by a dog

If you dreamed of being run over by a dog, you are trying to nourish your spiritual side. You recently lost someone important in your life, whom you held in high esteem and may even represent the absence of someone who has died. This dream with running over a dog indicates that you feel that your spirit lost something important, but you want to help that person to reach their destination, so it is believed that you should meditate and ask your God to guide the soul of the deceased. If the above is not your case, then it indicates that you feel that you are losing material things in your life and that your self-esteem is getting lower and lower.

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Dreams with roadkill and blood

To dream of a run over and blood means unachieved goals, failures and postponed objectives. It is a time that seems unlucky and with its meaning perhaps convinces you that you are on a negative streak. However, having this dream means that you should wake up with a different kind of attitude to change the course of your life. You do not have the facility to achieve things if you continue to do the same, moreover, you are aware of the problems, you just try to avoid them for fear of failure.


  • To dream that you run over a relative indicates regret for a bad action or remorse for comments made without being cautious. It is time to apologize or invite dialogue.
  • To dream of being run over by an acquaintance indicates that you are someone who does not take advice and does not allow yourself to be helped. Whether it is your behavior or your lifestyle, remember that other people care about you and they only want to help you.
  • To dream of being hit by an airplane means that your ideas are not becoming real or are not clear. If you are a boss or leader of a company, be careful in your next decisions.
  • To dream of being hit by a motorcycle signifies fear and insecurity about being in public. You will probably have to present a project soon or be accountable, if you have this dream it only represents your fear. Prepare yourself adequately and remain calm.