In almost all fields and cultures, birds are the strongest symbol of freedom, peace and teaching. However, they are sometimes associated with predation and death. As such, the Masters Of Heaven usually have many positive meanings, however, in the dream world these can have different meanings according to the dream that is experienced. Dreaming of birds is more common than you imagine and here we will show you what it means.

Dream experiences with birds often occur in different contexts and situations. These are almost always very pleasant and peaceful. However, you can lead to dreams with birds that have an unfriendly interpretation. An important feature that you should take into account when searching for its meaning is that, although sometimes it is not relevant, the type of bird you dream of can give a different meaning.

It’s not like you dream of a white dove to dream of a crow or an eagle. That is why you must pay attention to the facts and details that are presented in your dream in order to be able to come up with a much more specific interpretation.

The subconscious usually gives us messages through dreams. These messages are revealed through quite everyday objects, so in the beginning it may seem normal and without apparent meaning. To know the meaning of dreaming about birds, you must pay attention, you have probably been having the same dream for several days and have not paid attention. Maybe if you’ve been paying attention and worried about what it might mean. Whatever the case, you must be very thoughtful about everything that happens during sleep to achieve a more precise meaning.



The meaning of dreaming about birds is closely related to freedom. As we have already said, humans tend to associate the concept of freedom with the ability to fly and fly across the skies. This possibility of being able to open the wings and disappear among the clouds in seconds makes many live this experience in the dream world. In principle, this desire is what can lead you to dream of birds, however, depending on the context of your dream, the meaning may vary.

You probably have very authoritarian parents at home, so you tend to dream about birds often. You feel identified with the figure of the bird as you long to live with more freedom. In adults, bird-dreaming usually occurs as a desire to overcome stress or escape daily routine. Always keep in mind that dream meanings of birds are often very subjective. On the other hand, experts in onirology indicate that dreaming of birds foreshadows the arrival of good news that will be very exciting for you. It is very likely that this news will make important changes in your life.

Dream of colored birds

Dreaming of colored birds can have different meanings as each color has an interpretation. Birds with bright colors usually attract attention than black or grey birds. You should know that bright colors tend to relate to good news and positive changes in your life. Dreams with fresh colored birds indicate that you have a cheerful life and are an enthusiastic person. Instead, if the color is dark, then prepare to receive bad news or suffer a temporary slump.

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Dreaming of dead birds

Dreaming of dead birds speaks of a bad omen. Announce the arrival of bad news in the near future. It can also be a sign of bad omen, you may soon lose a significant amount of money, or you may have an emotional breakdown in your life that affects you.

Dream of birds flying

Dreaming of birds flying is a good omen. Your subconscious tells you prosperity will come to you. The higher the flight, the bigger you get. On the other hand, it also talks about the sense of freedom. You will feel free from the weight of responsibility. Any problems that may arise you’ll know how to fix them and do them on the side of the road. Do not let it become an annoying matter.

Dreaming of black birds is a sign of bad omen. Soon you will receive bad news and you must get ready for it. If black birds come in Flock, it means a bad season is coming and you have to take precautions. Dreaming of black birds can also indicate a possible sentimental break. If you are in a delicate moment in your loving relationship and have this dream experience, it is certainly a bad sign.

Dream of many birds

Dreaming of many birds reveals that a season will soon come into your life that will fill you with much joy. You will see a remarkable improvement in your situation and you will have the possibility to allow yourself much enjoyment.

Dream of small birds

Dreaming of small birds reveals a certain fear of flying. You feel like a person unable to cope with the effort of taking the first step. You’re probably afraid of finding a job, interviewing, finding a partner, borrowing a loan, or many other cases where shame and insecurity are the protagonists. The best thing you can do is to start developing your own security so that you can move ideas and get them to the facts. Like small birds, it is time to build courage so that we can jump into the void and open our wings to fly.

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Dream birds blue

Dreaming of blue birds is the way your subconscious tells you that you are a very arrogant and self-confident person. You must analyze your actions well because they may be harmful to others. You don’t want to cause hypocrisy or division.

Dream of Yellow Birds

Dreaming of yellow birds is a sign of happiness, balance and peace. Likewise, this is an oneiric experience that reveals happiness in your relationship. You live in a moment of emotional stability. Enjoy it.

Dream of white birds

Dreaming of white birds speaks about your desire to overcome all the negative in your life. That’s a good omen. It also reveals that you are a harmonious person, full of innocence and peace. White birds are a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. If these white birds build a nest in your dreams, then your family life will be filled with tranquility and love.

Dream with birds in cage

Dreaming of caged birds is the way your subconscious reveals to you that you are a person who is somehow being controlled. You want to have some more freedom to make your own decisions. In many cases you have been forced or conditioned by the people around you. Maybe the circumstances around you may not be giving you a lot of options, and that’s why you’re exhausted.