To dream of birthdays is interpreted as a long life and that on your way you will find friends as well as enemies. Many times, this is interpreted as good news that you will receive. However, in other cases it is also interpreted as dissatisfaction, desire for a change and envy of those who see you happy.

You have engraved in your memory the birthdays you experienced in childhood, because you are noble at heart. If you dreamed of birthdays, it describes you as someone who does not lose the illusion, with the idea of being happy and enjoying the small details that life prepares for you, because of it.

Similarly, a dream with birthdays, means generosity and fortune as a person. Its meaning would also reflect that you will suffer new goals in life, so you should strive to achieve them and get what you want so much. It also represents family affection, friendship and work. It is a good sign of your advancement.



The meaning of dreaming of birthdays, is to pretend to tell the world that you are alive, that you have more experience and that you are approaching the age of majority, you are not an innocent child or unstable young man. If you dream of birthdays it would also reflect being at a party, with friends and family, and if these include balloons and joy, it means joy.

In the dream with birthdays manifests that you are moving forward in life. A dream vision with birthdays can mean that you are getting older and moving further and further away from your memories that you keep in your childhood memory. Another meaning refers to joyful memories of parents, cousins and aunts and uncles.

Dreaming of birthday party

When we dream of birthday party, it indicates that we will receive good news soon, it is the omen to happiness. Although, if we dream that this birthday party is beautiful, it conveys joy, it will also show that you have a prosperous family life. But, if that party is boring, it means that you will do something that will disappoint your friends.

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A good sign of birthday party dreams also means that you will generate good capital and your money will grow. Another meaning is a desire that you long for in your inner self and it manifests itself, to indicate that this dream is about to happen to you. Staying positive and euphoric will help this money flow into reality.

In general, a dream of a birthday party is also a sign of victory and celebration, optimism and joy. In addition, it could also mean to announce to us that dangerous relationships are approaching, sending us warning. But, it will always mean good sign, of leading an excellent life.

Dreaming of birthday cake

If you dream of birthday cake, it is a sign that you may have several questions revolving around your life. It will mean that you are a loving person, that you love your family and friends very much. Also, you need them and to have them in your life, especially for the things that make you happy to be with them.

To dream of birthday cake also represents that you love to eat cake very much. However, cake bakers because they work with this, usually have frequent dreams, and so they are perfectly linked to it.

A dream with birthday cake, indicates that we are highly generous people and that you like to share with others. However, it depends on the context, because also dreaming of birthday cake will mean some negative aspect, if it had a bad taste or presentation.

Dreaming of birthday cake

When we dream of birthday cake, it is usually a good and excellent sign, because your feelings will bloom, your closest ones will value you and the love they bestow on you will be quite reciprocated. Although, sometimes when we have this kind of dreams, it is that we are being soft with people who should not receive that comfort.

To dream of birthday cake, indicates in a nutshell that it is a celebration, but, a fun celebration and planned for an upcoming date. Sometimes, on rare occasions, depending on the dream, it could mean a feeling of loneliness in your life and that you long for companionship.

If you dreamed of birthday cake, but in this case it is quite sweet when you eat it, it manifests itself as that soon you will have to assume some responsibility, but a delicate responsibility and it will be soon. This would be a good opportunity to evolve as people and our growth

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Dreaming of my birthday

To dream of my birthday, of our own day, is a positive sign, because it means that we will receive gifts, feeling full happiness and optimism in our life. In addition, if we dream that we are with a relative or friend, it will indicate that we will be invited to someone else’s birthday in real life.

To dream of my birthday implies an evolution of every day, of prosperity and tranquility, adding that the cake may represent the goals and dreams we have achieved. This dream indicates that you are a few steps away from achieving a goal, being an unmistakable sign that we are in full harmony.

Dreaming of children’s birthdays

When we dream of children’s birthdays, it effectively implies new opportunities that are about to come into your life and give us that door that will open. After a dream with children’s birthdays, new things will begin to arrive with the great responsibility of that full life that is about to begin. However, these opportunities cannot be missed or postponed.

Couples who wish to have children often have such dreams with children’s birthdays. This is due to the enormous anxieties of wanting to be parents soon, although, when we dream of children’s birthdays, specifically without adults, this will imply the innocence that the dreamer has.

Dreaming of someone else’s birthday

When we dream of another person’s birthday, this may be due to several things. It is related to some situation that we have pending to resolve, in short, there are things that we overlook, but for the subconscious have not passed under the table.

If you dream of another person’s birthday, we are present and we have greeted that person, especially congratulating him/her, it will mean a huge opportunity for us to sit down and analyze ourselves. If you are on a bad streak, it indicates that there are factors that are not going well in your life and you will have to fix it.

Dreaming of birthday presents

When we dream of birthday gifts, it is a sign that you will go through a productivity regarding the things you desire. This will mean that you can feel in prosperity and gratefulness about things, so you will learn to make everything possible in your life, feeling the glory of it.

Dreaming of someone’s birthday

To dream of someone’s gift, it is because good progress will soon be coming in your economy, both personal and family. It is time for you to look for a better job or ask for a promotion, especially if you are currently unemployed, so you will soon receive news of a new project.

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To dream of birthday celebration

To dream of birthday celebration, this dream is very symbolic, representing spirituality, conveying love and growth in emotions, maturity. Sometimes this dream can be related as a feeling of abandonment and not belonging that the dreamer may experience.

Dreaming of birthday cake

If we dream of birthday cake is because we are in a rather sweet stage, and this is likely and because a huge stage full of tranquility and positivity is approaching. This usually symbolizes strong and perfect family ties, the family values we currently have.

To dream of celebrating birthdays

To dream celebrating birthdays, represents that we will be soon to receive enormous news, which means a racial change in our life that we will be soon to see, that illusion and details with which we should prepare ourselves. Although let’s remember that it could also mean rancor or rivalry.

Dreaming of surprise birthdays

Generally, when we dream of surprise birthdays it is mainly related to personal recognition and probably repressed distrust. They are usually associated with news or pleasant events, therefore, just hearing that word, supposes an enormous happiness in us; joy and enormous emotion.

To dream of a friend’s birthday

If we dream of a friend’s birthday, it will mean the relationship with the aspect of his personality, that is to say, it will also mean that he has been rejected, and he wants you to see that rejection he received. This symbolizes happiness, depending on the context of the dream with that friend, because it can mean misfortune.

Dreaming of a son’s birthday

To dream of a son’s birthday, will demonstrate the high possibilities, the experience that our son has with family attachment, as well as the importance it plays in his life, In addition, it indicates nostalgia for the past in our youth and adulthood soon to come.


  • To dream of a mother’s birthday, signifies an enriching aspect, since, in general, mothers offer shelter, guidance and protection. It also means the affection and warmth that our mother gives us, that love without limits.
  • To dream of father’s birthday, symbolizes authority and protection, indicating that you need to be more self-sufficient. To dream of father’s birthday is one of the best dreams you could have and appreciate. Symbolize affection and love.