The blood is a vital liquid that circulates through the veins of all vertebrates, and its importance is such that it is one of the main symbols associated to health, to life, to the passion and the force. Dreaming of blood is based on events assimilated into our brain as extremes, such as injuries caused by accidents or intentionally by other people, or serious illnesses.

However, blood also comes out when a tooth falls, when a knee is scraped, when we cut ourselves when we cook, which are everyday situations of little gravity. It is even an important part of women’s lives, due to the menstrual cycle, the main indicator of sexual maturity and fertility.

These and other situations often appear in dreams with a certain frequency, which could give them an alarming, tragic and creepy connotation, however, the presence of blood should not necessarily be interpreted as negative.

It is more likely that the subconscious uses elements captured by our brain through the senses, and in this case, especially the vision (due to the characteristic color of the fluid) and the touch (since its appearance is usually accompanied by pain caused by objects that have contact with the body); in order to project feelings that we do not yet notice, or recreate situations already experienced, or near to happening.

As blood is so natural and out of the ordinary at the same time, it is important to pay attention to the dreams in which it is present. In the real world it is found within the body, a dream in which the blood appears may indicate little observed traits of the individual’s personality and latent feelings. However, it can also come out of the body, and in a dream this can reveal unrecognized details of lived situations.

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Dreaming of blood can have a wide variety of interpretations depending on the context in which it appears in the dream, the way it is perceived by the individual (as some people cannot bear to see it or smell it) and according to the current situation in the Dreamer’s life.

Usually the interpretation of dreams with blood covers bodily, mental and spiritual aspects. Thus, if we see blood of red color and with vital aspect in the dream, but it does not belong to us, and we do not have direct contact with it, this is interpreted as contexts of strength and vitality, in which we count on the emotional and physical conditions (referring to its duality: internal and external) to bear what comes.

Similarly, its red color also provides positive interpretations in the loving, sexual and fertility spheres, depending on the intensity of these in the real life of the individual.

However, if the blood emanates from our body or we are stained with it, the meaning may be more murky, as this scene is associated with pain and loss of vitality, so it should be interpreted as a warning from the subconscious to attitudes not favorable to our life and health.

Dreaming of menstrual blood

Menstruation is related to weakness in women, however, it is a representative symbol of virginity and fertility. However, dreaming of live red menstruation blood can also be interpreted as vitality and strength, or a simple sign of the female body to the proximity of the period.

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Dream that you vomit blood

Vomiting blood is a symptom of much body weakness, and very rare, so a dream that includes this situation can be interpreted as a sign of body discomfort, consciously evaded by the individual perhaps. This is an unusual dream, so it wouldn’t hurt to go to the doctor.

Dream of blood on the nose

Blood in the nose is related to health problems, however, it can also be the result of a blow in a fight or against an object. Dreams with blood in the nose can represent all the effort being put into overcoming a complex situation in real life.

Dream of urinating blood

The presence of blood in the urine is a sign of health problems, so this sleep can be a projection of the body in reference to some discomfort that affects it, of which the individual may have some suspicion, since it is usually related to kidney problems. This sleep may also be due to the build-up of fluid during sleep.

Dream of hands full of blood

Dreaming with hands full of blood could indicate a fear of a bad streak that is being aroused, since this image is commonly related in the human mind to crimes (to which it follows persecution, imprisonment), feelings of guilt and also to health problems. It can also be interpreted as fear of an operation.

Dream of donating blood

Blood donation is a voluntary act for salvation to others. It can be interpreted positively, as the willingness we have to help others. However, depending on the situation, it can also mean that we are giving much of our life to others, which is not always recommended.

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Dream of crying blood

The act of crying is closely related to emotions, especially sadness and joy. Dreaming of crying blood can translate into emotional pain that you feel because of a disease, loss of a loved one, or depression. However, it may also be due to visual stimuli regarding news of blood-wining virgins.


  • Dreams with dark red blood and low-life appearance: related to lack of vitality and disease.
  • If you dream of drinking blood: even if it seems quite disgusting and horrifying, it is a sign of strength and vitality, as ingesting it is bringing more life into the body.
  • The dream of cutting us off and that blood emanates from us: it is a reference to the sacrifice that the individual makes voluntarily to someone or something, leaving emotional (since it is not healthy to self-use) and physical (scars on the body) traces.